WoK: Wrath of Kings House Goritsi


From a dark, cold place you don’t want to be anyway, here come some Wrath of Kings House Goritsi to gnaw on your bones!


Hello BoLS readers!  In thiss article I bring you a recent commission for Ccoool Mini or Not – a demo army of House Goritsi from their game Wrath of Kings. Overall quite enjoyable to paint, and very nice, detailed sculpts.  The dark horror element inspired me to make a new backdrop for me as well.  The church is made from very intricate laser cut mdf designed by Ironheart Artisans specially for this project.

For more images and information:



– Enjoy, and see you next time for more!





  • Sythica

    Sweet stuff!

    More articles like this, please.

  • Those look fantastic. Where are the bases from?

  • euansmith

    I wish people wouldn’t mention Wrath of Kings… I went for the Ancient King Pledge on the Kickstarter… plus extra Pigmen… and I’ve not painted any of them :'(

  • Richard Mitchell

    I am really digging this game. I saw on discount games I could get the book and two starter forced for 90 bucks. Everything I read says the rule system on this intuitive and tight.