Wyrd: Guild Sergeant Preview



Guild Sergeant art

Wyrd shows off a preview of the latest addition to the Guild for Malifaux – Here comes the Guild Sergeant!

via Wyrd Games, Gamewire

This week’s Monday Preview is a look at one of the renders for the Guild Sergeant. Guild Sergeants make other Guardsman models stronger while bringing solid attacks to the table. All this comes at a low cost of only 6 Soulstones. Come discuss on the Malifaux forum!

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wyrd monday preview 1 wyrd monday preview 2

Personally, I like the simple design of this model. It’s not the most dynamic pose, but not every one is a ninja and doesn’t need to be posed as one. I think he looks like a distinguished old soldier with an epic beard and an absurdly large hand cannon! I’m not 100% sure if that’s supposed to be a Calvary Saber or an over sized Cutlass – still…I’d hate to be on the other end of that blade.

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Well Wyrdos – what do you think? What’s your take on the Guild Sergeant? Is he up to snuff for your crew or do you find him lacking?

  • Simon Chatterley

    What I love about Wyrd is the model will actually look exactly like the render.

    As you say, not the most dynamic of poses but I too like the simplicity of him.

    • euansmith

      It is odd that it is so different to the art work though.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, that guy looks awesome.

  • kensaix

    option for the non-beared head would be nice

  • Richard Mitchell

    Reminds me of the colonel from black hawk down. Calm and collected in the face of danger.