Age of Sigmar Battle Report – Stormcast vs Chaos


Get in here Age of Sigmar fans and check out our latest clash as Stormcast Eternals take on the Chaos horde!

Stormcast Eternals clash with the mighty forces under the control of Korghus Khul outside the gates to a huge Dreadhold. Can the Chaos defend their mighty fortification or will they be crushed by the light of Sigmar! Join us to find out!


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Thanks for watching!

Which comp system are you guys using if any for balancing lists?

  • TweetleBeetle

    Gosh this game is fun. I wish the close minded, archaic vets who never spent money on Fantasy, complained about it all the time, but then cried when it went away like it was somehow worth it anymore, would give this a legitimate shot. We have two leagues going in out flgs and it’s bringing new and old players in.

    • Slite

      How do you determine army sizes in your league? What constitutes a fair game? Did you assign points, or do you use wound count, model count, what method of balance do you use?

      • Khornate 2589

        In my place we use the SDK point system and we use the normal suddent death rules.

    • Gridloc

      We have a few players in the area that play, but none at any stores, too difficult i guess to organize games. So its not dead here, just isn’t growing. Other games have been picking up steam lately, which is great.

      Love how you slide in a jab at all the old fantasy players yet asked for them to come to the new game. Isn’t there enough new players for ya?

  • Azyr. But I’m partial to that since – I wrote it 😉