New Forge World Dreadnought Weapons SPOTTED!

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Remember that Iron Leviathan from yesterday? Turns out there was something special about how it was armed. Come see the new weapons for the Leviathan!

Via Forge World 12-14-2015

Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnoughts are just awesome! They’re huge and massively destructive, who wouldn’t want one in their collection? This week I caught sight of a new Leviathan in the Forge World Studio painted by Keith Robertson. It’s a perfect addition to an Iron Warriors Legion…

Checkout that combination of arms folks, they’re not one of the sets currently available for purchase from Forge World.







From the looks of it, it may be some sort of Melta arm that Andy Hoare was talking about on his Facebook Page recently.

“Nice work! Mine has the yet to be released melta arm, so I’ll show when its available.”


Here is a link to the current rules for the Leviathan and all the weapons listed are accounted for – so it is certainly something new.

What do you think it is?


  • Benderisgreat

    It’s a bigger, fatter version of what we’ve had for years.

    I’m waiting to be impressed.

    • Jonathon West

      Looks pretty cool to me.

    • euansmith

      “Wha thank you, sir, Ah p’fer t’ think of myself as more majestic…”

      • Sputnikwriter

        Ah yes, but can Fat Elvis drill his way through the side of a Land Raider?

  • Pete McGwire

    A six barrelled melta gun option it appears. Could be interesting… 3x TL melta guns, or six melta shots? Or maybe a Melta Destroyer like the Laser Destroyer? I would love to see a 6 shot Multi-Melta on this BS5 model. That would give it great firepower vs. terminators and vehicles. Of course in 30K most vehicles have ceramite armor making this already expensive points unit still unlikely to be worth the points.

  • Victor Hartmann

    In the second and third pictures, it would appear the dreadnought is wearing a nice puffy life preserver.

    • Wally

      Don’t want your dreadnoughts to drown right?

  • Shiwan8

    This is just awesome. Last article with the same exact pictures the writer did not notice or just did not want to mention the new gun. Then someone in the audience spots it and now we have a new article with no new info….


  • Edouard Decaen

    Kikoolol liking it with bigga weeponz and biggar hull. Centurion and Nemesis were dumb but now there just increasing the size of perfectly nice concepts/models. Ridiculous