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Come see the new elite of Archaon’s Chaos Everchosen faction! The Varanguard are here, and cavalry models have never looked so good!

The new Knights of ruin are here, and man these models are everything Chaos should be.

Nearly all multi-part kits with 3 different weapon and head options each these models will clearly help focus the attention of your Chaos army!

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Warlords of incredible power and menace in their own right, the Varanguard have grown into creatures of immense cruelty over many lifetimes of merciless slaughter and conquest. Each individual Varanguard has led countless campaigns across numberless centuries, having risen through the ranks of Chaos upon a fountain of blood – they command the respect of mortal lords and kings, Daemon Princes and Daemon Kings, for when they ride into battle, it is at the bidding of the Everchosen alone. Their allegiance lies solely with Archaon, and the Three-Eyed King understands perfectly how to use their massive killing capacity. Where the Varanguard ride, subjugation follows.




This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble three Varanguard Knights, sinister champions of Archaon. Each knight rides a daemonic steed – a barely-recognisable, twisted mutation of a horse covered in brutal armour. The kit comes with a hammer, an axe, a sword, three spears and three shields, six heads (three bare, three helmeted) and six shoulder pads – your emissaries of Archaon will look exactly as harsh as you want them to!

111 components in total, with three included Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases.

Chaos Varanguard Unboxing – New Age of Sigmar Warhammer 

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  • euansmith

    The Three Eyed King? Is Archaon actually Patrick Moore?

  • TweetleBeetle

    The kit is bonkers good; the best calvary miniatures in existence from any company. Based on the bits, size of each model, detail, ease of assembly/conversion options, etc, it’s a better value than anything from the sinking PP at the moment.

    In-game these guys are super killy with the standard weapons. Good to see the new units coming up to par with the classic ones, in terms of rules.

    • LordRao

      Dunno if I should get into this conversation, but is PP really sinking?

      • Xodis

        They are branching their IPs out to different forms of media (Novels, Video Games, Board Games, RPGs) so I DOUBT PP is sinking. Will their new investments be as successful as Warmahordes? That’s the real question. Warmahordes took off pretty fast and strong, even before Kickstarter started launching IPs left and right, so I would bet they are doing pretty well even with X-Wing and the likes.

  • I got a box. It was phenomenal. I want another box just because of all the options. Its still crazy expensive though at $100.

  • Xodis

    They look awesome, can’t wait to get some of these. With the current release of $40 single models *Gaunt Summoner* Makes these almost seem like a steal.

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    “Everything Chaos should be”… There’s a distinct lack of mutations going on here!