SHOWCASE: MUST SEE 1:6 Ultramarine by Snow Corporation!


HOLY SMOKES! You NEED to see this amazing bespoke 12″ Captain Titus of the Ultramarines by the Snow Corporation.

First of all, go here and scroll through the Snow Corporation’s Facebook page for some shockingly good 1/6 scale custom made figures:

images via Snow Corporation (facebook)

And take a good look at a recently finished project – a 1:6 scale Captain Titus of the Ultramarines!

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Here ‘s some basics on the Snow Corporation:

“Just a plastic Junkie……

‘The Warhammer figures are not part of any Games Workshop productions. They are bespoke handmade one off figures and has no affiliation to GW. They are not to be re-cast or re-sold’

 Snow Homepage


Then get ready to pick up your jaw and look at the:

Snow Warhammer 40,000 Gallery:


~That is about the most amazing body of work I’ve seen in a while.  Such a visionary artist!




  • SacTownBrian

    That is a beautiful model at that scale. Is it just me or do the proportions look more off than the 28mm scale? Like he would be a thin man from Xcom out of the armor…

  • euansmith

    The close ups looks excellent (except for the wax bits on the purity seals). The full body shots do highlight how poorly the Heroic 28mm Table Top design scales up to a more realistic size.

  • Richard Mitchell

    I feel you, beautiful model, but the proportions do look a little thin for someone wearing power armor, especially the legs.

    • euansmith

      Someone skipped leg day at the gym.

      • Richard Mitchell

        That’s great, you made me lose it at work man. Missed leg day…such a joker.

  • LordRao

    The legs are too short in proportion to the body. I do like the rendering of the head/face and the ageing of the armour.

  • ZeeLobby

    I wish there was some script/text on his loin cloth. It looks like a towel quarterbacks use.

  • Melchior

    Is it just me, or does the left hand when holding the bolt pistol look like he has the extended pinky pose appropriate when sipping tea?

    • ColonelFazackerley

      exactly what i thought. he should be holding bone china, not a bolt pistol.

  • nurglespuss

    The face and hair are cast very well, but not painted as well as the rest of the model. I think it’s hip placement thatmakes him look tall and thin, his groin is too high and his hips too low

  • Mike Douglas

    Shouldn’t that be 1/8th scale? A 1/6th scale would mean a 6 foot tall space marine.

  • Marco Paroli

    Or it’s unfinished or is the worst of the 1/6 serie.

  • PiotrekEtoo

    Not impressed, but reminds me of a better example I’ve seen: