The All-Father of Forge World Deals?

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IT’S BACK! If you love getting deals on Forge World AND Games Workshop, come see the latest amazing hobby deal, just in time for the holidays!

In the words of the 90’s band SNAP it’s getting, it’s getting, it’s getting kinda hectic!

Today we’re debuting the last round of FORGE WORLD MYSTERY BOX, that’s stocked full of ONLY Games Workshop and Forge World product, at a great discount!  But whatever you do, don’t wait. We only made 15 of them, and after this round we have no more product to ship!



(example box that someone will receive)

Each Forge World Mystery Box will contain AT LEAST $225 retail value in both Games Workshop Product, AND Forge World product, PLUS a Spikey Bits Fat Sack for a total of $500 MINIMUM retail value.

However most boxes I’m seeing have $525-$550 in value though as we loaded up all the “left overs” across all of the boxes.

PLUS remember that Forge World price increase a few weeks back? Well we didn’t even take that into account as we have made all the bags already, so you can be getting close to $600 in total retail value in each box!

These boxes are on sale NOW for only $300, BUT there are only 15 for sale.

That’s about a 40% discount off retail value for both GW and Forge World, two brands that NEVER go on sale!

These new Forge World mystery boxes are a personal hand selected mix of kits and assembled models, from an EXTENSIVE private collection of a friend who has fallen on hard times this holiday season and must sell off a portion of his collection to make ends meet.

Each box has been made with a theme to all the kits, so you can buy with confidence that you wont be stuck with a bunch of useless parts from kits that do not go together or anything like that.

These bags are a 100% randomly themed mix of Forge World and GW Model Kits. Checkout the video below for more information!

Every box is filled with as many kits as we could cram in there to make the numbers work and makes a great mix out to add to any collection!  Each one is different and it would be very hard to find anything like it on the market today!
It’s like buying a small army of Games Workshop kits, and is the ultimate way to upgrade your collection, and kick-start a new hobby project or two at the same time.
Plus think about all the holiday gifts you could make from just one box!




(cat not included, but may stow-away inside a box…)

  • One box will contain a complete Warhound Titan Body in addition to the standard $500 of product in the box as well.

  • 3 boxes will come with a Horus Heresy Character Primarch miniature; Fulgrim, Mortarion, and Horus.

  • We Only Made 15 Boxes

If you purchase a box before 5pm EST  Friday Night Dec 18th we will ship your box on Saturday the 19th, in a effort to get it to you by Christmas.

Checkout out the video unboxing for our Forge World Mystery Boxes

We ship worldwide, but order now as these are extremely limited, and judging by past sales they will sell out FAST!


  • Zingbaby

    Well I’m not gonna lie it’s tempting. Though 300 bones and an already insurmountable pile of unpainted gives me pause.

    • ChubToad

      I know you can hear that distant voice in the back of your brain crying “Moar!!!”. 🙂

  • MarcoT

    I recall something similar before thanksgiving, but that was a far suckier deal. This one actually sounds like fun!

    But a sudden 300 dollars at this time of year? No chance.

  • Cergorach

    Is someone selling his private unassembled FW collection or did someone just finish casting a ton of FW stuff? If it’s the first, better make that clear in the post, to many folks have been burned by FW recasts being sold as the original thing…

    • “These new Forge World mystery boxes are a personal hand selected mix of kits and assembled models, from an EXTENSIVE private collection of a friend who has fallen on hard times this holiday season and must sell off a portion of his collection to make ends meet.”

      • Severius_Tolluck

        That’s harsh, that makes me want to get one just to help, had i not spent a bunch already maybe. Good luck to them!

  • CMAngelos

    I guess if you like gambling or whatever, but 300 bucks is a lot to dump on something that could be awesome or completely useless to me..

    • Emprah

      Yeah. Afraid so its a lot of money.

  • PsychicAvenues

    We need more Billy Mays in this article…

    • PsychicAvenues

      Actually we don’t, all I can hear when I read it is his voice,

  • gunsniper24x

    to bad I spent that kind of money on Dropfleet Commander

  • Rupert Ebery

    Still waiting for my last one in the mail. Not even going to consider this one until first one rocks up at my door.

    • kato kaelin

      This comment needs to be at the top.

  • Something is fishy… Someone’s not being honest….

    In November, this person ‘recently fell on hard times’ and had this same deal:

    Those kits all sold out.

    In the last month, that same individual purchased literally $10k in forge world products, and is scalping them off again?

    Stop us… Come on, either admit their recasts, or don’t play the ‘help the guy on hard times’ card if they are just left over Spikeybits bits merchandise that hasn’t sold well.

  • Mateo Gonzalez

    To anyone who buys one. Please do an unboxing video and post it to youtube. We’re all very interested.

  • RekoHunter

    Of course they are sold out by the time I check BOLS 😛

  • Spiderpope

    No sob story this time?

  • ChubToad

    Well beats buying a 400 bucks boardgame, with creepy plastic dudes…