Warmachine/Hordes: December Circle & Ret. Units Unboxed

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 000

Let’s look at these two brand new units hitting the battlefields of Imorren this December Circle and Retribution fans.


Hello Springfield! We are the Death Wolves, and we came here to rock!

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 001

Finally there’s a three man character unit for Circle Orboros.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 002

So I think this is Caleb. Not the most metal name for a member of the Death Wolves but he has a skull on his head and those claws rock pretty hard. As far as the quality of the cast I don’t think it’s as good as some of the other metals Privateer has done recently. The stitching on the cloak in particular  seems to be somewhat soft, but it will be mostly hidden in the shadow of the cloak.

The sculpt appears to be a mix of digital and traditional sculpting with the fur on the collar done the old fashioned way with putty. I don’t actually have any way to prove this, but looking at it I feel confident this is how it was done. Privateer has similar things on other models like the Vessel of Judgment.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 003

The other side looks much more crisp overall.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 004

Tala, has some of the same stitching issues but she’s still a cool looking model with a lot of style.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 005

Here’s the back.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 006

Skoll! Now that’s a metal name!

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 007

No doubt ready to chop your head off.


Now it’s time for the elves to get some fun toys.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 008

I don’t play Ret so these things are completely off my radar. Do people love their rules? Hate them?

They look pretty cool.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 009

I like the leaders cool mask. And all the straps and detail seem pretty crisp.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 010

Here’s a shot from the other side. The end of the staff almost looks like it could be a cool little robot or something. Cast it a little bigger and give it a flying base like those Cyriss doodads get.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 011

Here’s one of the grunts.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 012

And a shot from the back.

Death Wolves Electromancers Unboxing 013

Here’s the other grunt. Oh wait – the head’s different but otherwise he’s the same as the last guy. Well that’s bound to drive some people crazy. Runeshapers, Arcanist Corps, Ovelords, Ternion… All these three man units get three unique sculpts. What gives Electromancers?

~Hope you enjoyed the article. Who’s looking forward to these new units?

  • Agent OfBolas

    awesome minis.

  • Mikey_V

    Metal models… really PP? Really? 😞

    • zeno666

      Of course, its good stuff 🙂
      Just look at Corvis Belli, they make some, imho, of the best looking miniatures out there. And they’re sticking to metal, they even have metal miniatures in their big box.

      • Mikey_V

        I don’t doubt the quality of the sculpts. Their designs are good. But metal is so dated. It’s hard to work with, both in building and in painting. I bash their bad plastic a lot, but I’d rather work with the worst plastic than the best metal.

        • Cergorach

          Actually, while I hate on the metal, the quality of the PVC PP has been using is abhorrent in some cases (too many cases), the metals are actually better to work with… I’m happy that they are releasing more kits in the model plastic we’re used to from GW.

    • Joe D. Foster

      I hate metal too – but I’m OK with it for Casters/solos/tiny character units. I mean – resin would be better – but I understand.
      But when stuff like the Croak Raiders come out in metal – I just think “what is this – 1997?”

  • zeno666

    Damn hockey elves 😉

  • ChubToad

    Yey! Death wolves, a year too late, oh and no one uses them, so yeah great.