40K: 6 NEW Army Formations Imminent!


Latest word says each 40K “Start Collecting XX” set comes with an enclosed Formation with rules. Here’s the details:


via Fen on Warseer 1-6-2015

-pick a unit from the formation close to the captain,that unit can fire in the movement phase instead of moving (and then can still fire in the shooting phase)Mechanicus
-pick an enemy unit within 18″ of the dominus and within his LoS at the start of the shooting phase,all units from the formation repeat to hit against that unit for that phase

-if the gargoyle are close to the Tyrant during the movement phase,you can immediatly remove them from the game and place them back in the same turn coming from deep strike.If they DS close to the warrior unit from the formation,they dont scatter

-when the scarabs and warrior units from the formation are destroyed,you place them back in game close to the overlord at the start of the next turn

-All infantry has 4+ cover while standing near the LR

-Pick a unit close to the ethereal,remove all the models of that unit save for one,then redeply all those models keeping cohesion with the model you left on the field.Not sure how often/when you can do it”

There are also matching Warscroll Battalions for the Age of Sigmar “Start Collecting” sets.  More on these as we get it.
~Have at it folks.
  • plasmaspam

    No CSM 😢

    • moonshadow101

      Optimists think the lack of CSM is because there’s a wide-ranging model reboot on the way, which the line could really use.

      Pessimists think North Korea is going to nuke Britain before any of this releases so it doesn’t matter anyway.

      • IF the new models are to look like the one from Dark Vengeance, I need to buy some “old ones” and stock up, because those won’t do for all armies. especially Iron Warriors. that was my main beef against that box. the marines in it are too “black legion-like” as in, full of mutations, for my taste.

        • Malisteen

          If you want old looking chaos marines with no chaos in, there’s the 30k line, getting it’s own plastics even. IMO, that more than frees up 40k chaos models to look like they’ve actually been exposed to the warping influence of the eye for longer than a Tuesday afternoon.

          • Tesq

            indeed i looking for more ornaments on my csm, those chosen were awsome sadly not customable.

          • That’s the problem. Not all legion are affected the same way, and not all are going all mutated like the black legion. What works for one legion might not work for all. DV minis are perfect in their style for Black legion, Word bearer or other heavily “physically” corrupted marines. Not for Iron Warriors, Alpha legion or Night Lords. Iron Warriors, for exemple, amputate limb when they start to mutate. And I’m not sure they’re too keen on tentacles and mouths happening at random on the armors. What I hope is a “relatively” normal kit that give an older feel to the standard chaos marines, and at long last a real kit for Chosens.

          • Malisteen

            Again, for that look there’s the 30k line, so the 40k chaos line is free to go all chaosy, and those who just want to look archaic still have models available.

            Honestly, though, sometimes when there’s a disconnect between the fluff and the models, it’s the fluff that’s at fault and should be changed, and I’d argue that’s the case for Iron Warriors. After a millennium in the eye, if Iron Warriors really did amputate anything that showed the taint of chaos, there wouldn’t be anything left. That’s fine for an initial reaction when first arriving, but doesn’t work for a group that supposed lives in a nightmare realm of constant warp exposure. For those that live in the Eye of Terror, they eventually either embrace chaos and are changed, strengthened, and perfected by it, or they refuse, and waste away as they make war against the very air around them. That’s not a war that can be won, especially for those who reject the only source of strength available.

            Again, you want non-chaosy iron warrior, 30k’s got you covered for rules and models, both a considerable sight better than GW’s offerings. And since those models and rules ARE already covered plenty well, I don’t think it’s at all fair to hold 40k chaos marines back, to say they have to look and act like nothing more than spikey loyalists

          • Models should never go against the fluff. never. players I know don’t really like those DV minis because they, visually speaking, not versatile enough. they represent perfectly Khornate marines, according to the fluff. But not Slaanesh, Tzeentch or Nurgle’s followers. What I want is a basic chaos kit, that does for chaos marines what the recent space marines kits did for the chapters (An upgrade instead of a complete do-over), and then cult-specialized kits, with bits for cult termies.

      • That got dark quick

        • Necro Alienerd


      • Drpx

        They keep trying but Dennis Rodman can’t throw across the English Channel.

        • Chris Stratton

          To be fair, Rodman was always a defensive player.

      • Shiwan8

        Pessimist is more likely right.

      • Dave Bacon

        As grim as it is, this comment made my day.

      • Spacefrisian

        Fallout Brittain…confirmed

        • euansmith

          A post-apocalyptic 1950’s inspired wasteland? We’re already there…

  • Splicer

    I want all of these sets. I have been looking to make small armys to introduce people to the game. These look perfect.

    • Marky

      I want to want something, but I don’t. Maybe Bloodbowl will help me waste cash on toys.

  • Aeonic

    Latest word? This was in the WD leaks last week and even says so on the WD article that they all come with exclusive formations.

    Still, props for the rumors of what they may be; hoping they aren’t true as they all seem uninspired and similar-ish to each other.

    • Erik Setzer

      Eh… the rules might not be “ERMAHGERD AMAZING” but you’re also not paying extra points for those extra rules, and the more important point here is that, being formations, they’re legal as an army without needing anything else added, so playable out of the box.

      • David Leimbach

        In other words “game balance? we don’t need no stinkin game balance!”

      • Shiwan8

        Yeah but look at the rules. They are so badly out of balance it’s almost hilarious.

        • Erik Setzer

          As compared to things like:

          1. The Ork, CSM, and Dark Eldar codices versus everyone else?
          2. A special WD-only formation giving free upgrades to every model if you buy pretty one of every new AdMech kit and a Knight?
          3. Free transport vehicles for ten (or more) units?
          4. A formation that lets units assault from Deep Strike *and* makes squads with Heavy weapons temporarily Relentless so they can fire after landing from Deep Strike with no penalty?

          I’m sure I could list more, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

          Balance went out the window a long time ago.

          • Shiwan8

            Compare nids to necrons, for example. Just those new formations.

          • Chris Stratton

            Orks don’t need fancy rulz. Just more boyz! That said some shiney new rules would be nice.

  • BonesoftheDesert

    I’ve heard from..a source..GW’s doing a big CSM release this quarter, sometime in the next month, though they’re being (internally) hush hush about it.

    • Orodruin

      Be sure to disappear when it inevitably turns out you were making that up to troll us.

      • BonesoftheDesert

        No trolling, just can’t reveal the source.
        …wait a minute, Rod O Ruin? Were you a CS player? Specifically SoF?

        • Orodruin

          I don’t know what any of that means. :/

          • Lol. That’s awesome

    • Mr.Gold

      also dont forget to post this again in a new article in two days time…

    • Shiwan8

      “This just in! Something may or may not happen in some time in the future!”

      • euansmith

        I’ll take that with a large grain of salt!

        • Shiwan8

          Y U NO BILIIV?

  • BaronSnakPak

    What’s the tactical application of the Tau formation? To redeploy the close unit as bubble wrap for the ethereal?

    That Necron formation doesn’t sound fun for their opponents, hoo boy.

    • tau4eva

      Sounds as much fun as every Necron formation I have faced.

    • trevorwatson

      If they can do it out of combat, it’s huge. “ahhhh, locked with Khorne berzerkers”, redeploy, shoot the bejeezus out of them or board a transport and run away.

      (I don’t know what’s in the box BTW :P). If it’s suits, detach from combat, shoot, jump over the terrain.

      Or an extra bit of movement that might be needed. Didn’t quite make it into the objective you wanted? Voila.

      Also, think of the conga line potential. 10 guys, 1″ apart. , remove everything but the guy on the far right, reset guys off of him. Voila, that firewarrior on the far left moved 20″.

      • David Leimbach

        That would be great if a unit of firewarriors could survive a round of combat against more than a stiff breeze. 🙂

  • Cam Rajewski

    The rumours on this website suck. In general suck. Not even worth ‘taking with a grain if salt.’ Cant wait for that CSM codex and Nidz updates

    • Spacefrisian

      Or Dark Eldar (i want to use my official GW Vect model again) or…wait not mentioning that one, dont want it delayed for another 2 years.

      • Sebastien Bazinet

        Can’t you use it as a regular Archon?

        • Spacefrisian

          I could, but he would look even more annoyed while sitting in that chair than, being downgraded to a lower ranking Archon anf all, i think he will mis any kind of attack he makes than.