40k Tactical Review: AWESOME Leviathan Dreadnought



BBF swinging through your neighborhood to talk about the new dreadnaught recently released by Forgeworld – the Leviathan !

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Here are its stats for Horus Heresy 30k:

The Basics


There are also rules for fielding the Leviathan in 40k armies for Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Marines and Space Wolves – note the stats are the same. The Leviathan is a heavy support choice. I’m going to focus on the rules for 30k in this article.

Wargear & Special Rules

Here is the rules for its wargear, special rules and dedicated transport options:


LeviathanPatternSiegeDrillClawBundle01SNIP SNIP -DRILL DRILL

Weapon Upgrades



There is no such thing as TOO-MUCH firepower

Weapon Rules

Here are the rules for its weapon selections:


Tactical Thoughts

I’m planning to kit mine with a Grav-flux bombard (GFB), siege claw and armored ceramite. I’ll swap out the GFB for a storm cannon for 40k. The siege claw has inbuilt meltagun and its torso has two heavy flamers to thin down hordes so it won’t be getting tar pitted any time soon. The GFB is quite nasty and can easily deal with 2+ armor saves at range. If you’ve got 15 points to spare the Phosphex discharger (PD) will help soften them up as well. Both the GFB and PD are unique to 30k and have a maximum range of 18″ so using a dreadnaught drop pod to deploy them is a good investment if you select these blast weapons.

I have discussed in-depth in the Dreadnought 101 article the strengths of dreadnoughts and the Leviathan is truly a heavy metal beast that can go toe to toe with Super Heavy Walkers (SHW), Monstrous Creatures (MC) and even Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures (GMC). This is mainly due to the special rule for its siege claw…

Severing Cut:

Each time a non-vehicle model suffers an unsaved wound from this weapon, roll a D6. On a 4+, the model suffers an additional D3 wounds which must be saved separately using the weapon’s profile (note that these wounds do not themselves generate more additional wounds).

The Leviathan has assault grenades and +1 initiative when it charges. It also inflicts two S8 Hammer of Wrath attacks.

As discussed in the previous article MC have serious problems when facing a dreadnaught with front AV13 since their base strength is typically S6 and they must smash to inflict any damage which is only one attack. The Leviathan has a 4++ invulnerable save as well plus four hull points so it can tank damage.

If you’re mainly fighting SHW then a siege drill is your best option for melee since it has the Armorbane special rule.

It’s not cheap points wise but as I often say you get what you pay for and the Leviathan is truly an arsenal! I am planning to use a dreadnaught drop pod to deploy mine and there is also an option for the Kyhbardis assault claw as well.

My advice Heresy gamers is step into a Leviathan !!!

  • Blight

    Now it just needs chaos rules.

    • Spacefrisian

      And options to carry leman Russ cannons, i could totally see this big Dreadnought running around with a Vanquisher cannon (or 2)

      • Muninwing

        mounted on the lower front?

        • euansmith

          “Engage groinal cannon!”

          • “Mounting the Viagara shells sir “

        • Spacefrisian

          Instead of arms. (try Ring of Red, old ps2 game)

        • Mr_Pickles

          Astartes pattern Belly Gun

      • Benderisgreat

        And two twin-linked Punisher cannons, and a Vortex missile, and….

  • Yellow Sigmarine

    If I was entombed into a Dreadnought in M31 I’d be seriously jealous if it wan’t a Contemptor or a Leviathan

    • Hedwerx

      You awaken in your new metal shell, only to find it’s a dustbin with a laspistol mounted on each side.

      • JP

        So, an Ork deffdread?

        • Hedwerx

          Not Dakka enough. Maybe a deffdread built by a Snotling.

          • Mr.Gold

            killa kan…

          • Hedwerx

            Still too big. Is there a smaller version? Like an owie tin?

  • OolonColluphid

    The Deredeo and Leviathan are great for when you’re playing a Legion that restricts the number of tanks you can take. With these guy who needs them except as the occasional DT.

    • Muninwing

      they’re great for Iron Hands… especially if you’ve got a mix of armor marks.

  • euansmith

    That actually looks quite cool… like some sort of monstrous creature…

    • Shhhh. Theyll hear you!

  • Thatroubleshootah

    And all for the low low price of $103. I’ll take them all

  • Jason

    Curious to see what the upcoming melta arm for them does…

  • I just want it because it fuels my dreadnaught boner!! Love me some dreadnaughts, have sooooo many lol. I also like that it can actually do some damage. The hard part is the fact that it costs the same as a wraithknight….but then again a wraithknight is like 100+ points undercosted so there is that…

  • Brad Watson

    For the 40k side of things would like to see a death company variant.

  • Harukae

    My only problem with the article is that he’s going on the assumption that walkers and super heavy walkers are not vehicles, which they are in fact vehicles, so siege claws aren’t quite so good against them.

    • Drill drill

    • “If you’re mainly fighting SHW then a siege drill is your best option for melee since it has the Armorbane special rule.”