Are The Doom of Mymeara Eldar Corsair Rules OP?

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New Year, MORE NEW 40k! The Eldar are back on the scene with the new Corsair Raiders List. Come see how good it really is!

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In our latest podcast we talk about the new Eldar Corsair Raiders Army list from the Doom of Mymeara book.

The new Doom of Mymeara Second Edition came out recently to little fanfare, however it contains what may be the most game changing Eldar rules from 2015. Inside the book is not one but TWO Eldar rules sets that have breathed new life into the faction that has seemed to divide the 40k community since Codex: Craftworlds burst on to the scene last year.

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Which specializations are YOUR favorite?

Is The Doom of Mymeara OP? – The Long War Podcast Episode 34


  • manouel35

    ok fortunately it’s a forge world army
    but, congrats GW, you succeed to kill my enthusiasm for w40k
    I won’t accept to play against this army….

    I softy going to stop this game and put my interest in infinity and xwing

    • Cya

    • georgelabour

      In the grim darkness of internet wargaming cliques there exists only rants. To be an internet complainer in these ‘meh’ times is to be one rage filled poster amongst many (mostly bots), and of little consequence. And in the end one must live with the knowledge that after you have given token effort you will not be mourned, praised, or even missed.

      For in this nightmare posting space of the fairly comfortable present there is only….

      excessive effort put into mirth filled mockery. ^_^

      • Christopher Cant

        It’s so easy to lose perspective man, the internet is a drama train and we are all its howling passengers

        I completely agree with your sentiment though 😀

      • vlad78

        You’re mocking him but deep inside you, you know he’s perfectly right, don’t you?

        • georgelabour


    • Joseph Boyd

      Agreed, unfortunately GW seems to have no idea that they’ve seriously broken the game. I myself am going towards some Rogue Trader role playing clubs. Good luck!

      • Muninwing

        really? broken? sorry… there’s so much more broken than this. this isn’t even that nasty.

        • Joseph Boyd

          Yes Broken! Broke Broke Broke. I never said anything about other games. Nor do I care about other games.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Rararg! I Only like it when my army is teh brokered!

    • Chris. K Cook

      Bye, no one will miss you.

      • paddy alexander

        Keep saying that until you get to the point when you can’t find people to play 40k with you. This is a social hobby, for years the network effect kept gwgPLC as the largest game in town because nobody wanted to start a game that “nobody” played.

        Think about that the next time somebody states they are dropping the game you play or worse, leaving the table top hobby altogether because of legitimate problems with gwgPLCs’ practices.

      • Joseph Boyd

        Wont miss you or a childish people like you, that’s for sure. What kind of A Hole kicks a person when there down. “Such a child”

    • zeno666

      Congratulations on growing up 🙂

    • Chris. K Cook

      Rarg! Me no likey!

  • Luca Battisti

    How to play this army against Tau.
    1. Create a list with three coteries.
    2. Try to take the power pushing an unit 2d6 with each psyker, if you don’t then take the primaris.
    3. Select a unit good in CC and able to move 12″ in the movement phase.
    4. Cast push of 2d6 as many times as you can then the primaris power on that unit.
    5. First round assault threat of 48″.
    6. Take a moment to laugh while your Tau opponent watches in disbelief.

    7. Open your tray to start putting back the models before turn 4.

    • LordRao

      Just to be completely sure, you’re implying that the Corsairs will have beaten the crap out of the Tau by turn 4, right?

      • manouel35

        he’s right…

      • Luca Battisti

        I strongly suspect so. Against other armies this little trick could not be so dangerous. But Tau will have a tough time when they can get assaulted before shooting even once (you can do it also in the second round, you’re going to move more than the range of their fire warrior). A damn tough time I would say. I think this army is poorly balanced and is leaning on the OP side. How much? Only time will tell. Or someone with the book.

        • georgelabour

          What if the Tau bubble wrap ala the old fish of fury tactics and then make use of supporting fire? Especially if they make use of special rules provide by The Eight (potential 24″ supporting fire bubbles), and hunter cadre rules?

          • Luca Battisti

            Well, worst case scenario they shoot something like 200 shots hitting on 5+ (assuming the whole Tau army is in range to attack the assaulting unit, only flamer weapons don’t have to measure range when shooting overwatch).
            So on average almost 67 hits. Which will probably wound on 2+, turning in 56 wounds. Then it will turn in a matter of how many wounds can be saved.
            They can take the 2++ warger of dark eldar which would save on average 4 wound before turning useless on the fifth, then you can rely on 3+ armor so you wil lprobably cause 17 wounds. Just build a unit of 20 models and attach an independent character with that wargear, with some luck you will kill the unit you assaulted i nthe enemy assault phase and then repeat with another unit the next turn. In the Tau shooting phase you can stay 48″ away so he can’t shoot you. If you go first the second turn you’re assaulting his third unit and he missed a shooting phase almost completely.
            The best part? He probably won’t be able to dispel any of your powers. If Tau are scissors then this army looks like rock. Even if the Tau manages to kill the assaulting unit before it gets in CC you only need 6 assault units to prevent the Tau player from leaving his turtle formation. Oh, and the screen unit will give away a victory point because of “Hate Bringers”. By the way… Are you really going to use a screen units agains Eldar’s jetbikes? How do you hope to make the screen unit survive the Eldar’s shooting phase? It just seems so hard to play this army with Tau. The Eldar player can choose when to engage denying the Tau of the turn necessary to get close and then in CC (when the Tau would be stronger than the Eldar because of his superior firepower).

            Well good thing I don’t play Tau.

          • Perversor

            1 – unit moves 12″
            2- cast blink for 2d6″ extra
            3 – cast blink second time (meaning your unit have 2x void dreamers as range is 6″ for casting ) for extra 2d6″
            4 – charge 2d6″ again to reach the 48″ threat range

            There is a lot of fear for a unit that must roll on a basis 6xd6 and 2-3 different psy powers in order to pull this off.

          • Luca Battisti

            Err. Reread the primaris power and my initial post. I said 3 of those mini-formations because I wanted 3 void dreamers. I said 3. I know, a very focused army and I don’t even know which point level we would be at. But they seem to have decent powers anyway.
            And their primaris power allows one unit to always roll 6 when they move, charge or run (doesn’t work on the blink roll at least).
            And you can do a conga line to get a unit without a coid dreamer into the enemy, which is actually preferable because you will be less likely to kill all the unit you’re assaulting. Of course it doesn’t work as well against heavy reaction fire, but maybe you can send the first unit without the void dreamer, then the first unit with a void dreamer in it. Then you move further knowing that the enemy’s focus will be on killing the two units already on his border and assault with the remaining two in the third turn.
            You’d have to pull off the psy powers, yes. Well, it doesn’t seem so unlilkely because Tau effectively have no way to stop you.

            Possibly the Tau player had the chance to shoot at something in 48″ the shooting phase only once. The very idea that it is possible makes me wonder if it would be funny to play that game. I don’t think that the corsair army will become a top army. I just think that Tau will do a lot worse in the future big events if people start playing eldar corsairs.

          • Muninwing

            you’re counting on getting into pretty close range quickly, then hoping you get the right rolls on psychic powers.

            how many dice do you think you’re going to have? even with 12 dice, getting off three WC2 powers in a round is toeing statistical average.

            and if you fail late, you’re in range and LoS of an entire Tau army.

          • georgelabour

            Just remember that theory hammer has very little to say when compared to reality hammer.

            Though in theory it does look like you’re correct in saying it’s paper to the Tau rock. Now all that remains is to see if the tau know how to nap flint so they can turn their rock into a set of caveman scissors.

            Also…theory hammerists also said pure knight armies would be unstoppable due to all the D weapon and super heavy rules….something to keep in mind.

          • Luca Battisti

            Yeah, know. I’m just a bit concerned that the new army will be a big strain for the meta by simply moving some codices from competitive to garbage. But I hope it’s not that bad.

    • zeno666

      Oh my, you expected things to be balanced in THIS game?
      Sorry man

    • Jeff Biery

      This setup doesn’t work. The void dreamers are 0-1 choices per coterie. If you put them in separate detachments (that will all have to include their own prince since each detachment has to have one) you’ll end up with detachments that are desperate allies towards each other and can’t cast on one another.

      Even if it did, you just spent 375 points on the characters alone (without upgrades) to get a turn one assault. It will be another 150 minimum for the troop requirements, and you still don’t have a unit you’d actually want to charge anything with. If you really want a turn one charge, there are far more efficient and reliable ways of pulling it off without relying on the small chance of generating the spell multiple times, getting enough warp charges while not suffering perils (which can let the opponent retarget the spell or give other horrible effects), and rolling well enough that the 2d6 move is worthwhile.

    • Chris. K Cook

      “Try to take the power pushing an unit 2d6 with each psyker, if you don’t then take the primaris.”

      You can’t do that because if you take all 3 of your powers from the list yo get the primarais power as well.

      You do know this is 7th ed now right?

  • Crevab

    Having read none of the rules but full of snark I have to say; unless it’s significantly weaker than normal Eldar then yes, it’s OP


  • I’m not and since 3rd edition rhino rush have never been a fan of alpha strike or the ability to launch an assault against another player who cannot even retaliate.

    I think those “tactics” are garbage. Thats kind of to me like playing chess only I get to set up my board with a few queens all in position to kill important pieces in turn 1 and I go first always.

    • Drpx

      Alpha strike is so 2010, Beta strike is where it’s at now.

    • Muninwing

      it’s one of the tactics i loved with Dark Eldar back in 4th… if the terrain was sufficiently dense and i could block lanes to my important units, i’d let my opponent go first. they’d move forward. i’d move a Warp beast pack forward, run, charge 12″ right into them, and often eat the unit.

      it only worked when they stumbled into it, and usually only once or twice. after they’d count on the unit being dangerous, i’d use them as a decoy, count on them drawing fire like crazy, then i’d flank with something nastier (like wyches back when they were viable, or grotsques back when they were crazy).

      that’s when the real tactics started.

  • Dave Scammell

    Yes they are, but I’ve hung out long enough on BoLS now to know that that’s fine, because literally every other thing that ever comes ever out is also OP beyond control, supposedly.
    UNLESS the army has the words “chaos” “space” and “marines” in their name, in which case, I hear they need a new codex or something.

    • Andreas Noche

      Soooo, like in “all the time”? I´m sorry, can´t here you over the sound of the lash murdering infantry spam in it´s edition. Or how the “can´t touch me” prince killed whole armys without a save. Or how the dragon had a turret. Clearly: NEVER had the CSM anything REMOTELY broken. Like in NEVER. Why does GW hate ´em so much *sobs*

      • Dave Scammell

        It’s okay, it’s okay, now show us again on the doll where the naughty CSM player touched you…

        (as the joke appears to have gone over your head though, I shall reiterate, taking all the fun out of it: I was firstly referencing BoLS’ tendency to… overly exaggerate the power of a new rule [lots of panicked clicks from their readers that way], secondly I was referencing how a large chunk of the comments, whenever an army’s power is raised, highlight how outdated the CSM codex is. I don’t actually know/care how true that is though)

  • SprinkKnoT

    Other than Scatterbikes, I don’t really see how they would be considered OP. Aethermancy is interesting, but not overly powerful since all the good powers are WC2 or more and even then don’t just outright win the game like invisibility might. All of the infantry jetpack units are still only S3T3 with a 4+ save or worse. Their transports are somewhere slightly above DEldar transports, but even that isn’t a 1:1. Their offensive vehicles are pretty much standard Craftworld offensive vehicles, which most would agree aren’t really a big deal at all. Lastly, they have a pretty average armory that gives them lots of choices, but all of them are either “meh” or the OK stuff from the other Eldar codices.

    Their only real obvious Cheese as of now is the Scatterbikes, but why bother with Corsair jetbikes if you can just do that with Craftworld easier?

    • UberTek

      Indeed, but that internet says they are broken, so they must be…

  • joetwocrows

    Are they OP? I hope so.

  • Gabor Fazekas

    arent voiddreamers select and not generate powers? so they dont have to roll?

    • UberTek

      By Selecting, you need to refer to the BRB. Which says you must roll. Rules in isolation and all that.

  • Chris. K Cook

    Yeah and I was hoping that this new book would mean Corsair get added to ITC. Lets hope this crap doesn’t sway the vote to have them added.