Behold the Glory of Corvus Corax!

Corax Character Series

Forge World has put out another video for the Primarch of the Raven Guard – Corvus Corax!

Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard £70


Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard is part of The Horus Heresy Character Series. His panoply of weapons includes an archaeotech pistol and a pair of unique lightning claws, with a holstered archaeotech pistol and a coiled whip at his belt. His unique armour and flight pack are extensively detailed. Corax is depicted landing among battlefield ruins and his detachable scenic base features an enemy Legionnaire being executed by the Raven Lord.

This is a complete, multi-part resin kit. It includes a 40mm gaming base and 60mm scenic base. It is presented in a black Horus Heresy Character Series box.

Corax Review

What can you say – it’s like an old master painting, it’s beautiful, it’s graceful, it’s full of action, it’s like seeing the mortal and the divine worlds touch. But it’s also has a serious flaw – one that Forgeworld just keeps making…

Let’s talk about all the things that are fantastic with Corax.  EVERYTHING except the head.  He’s got perhaps the best set of wings in the game – WOW are they impressive.  The scenic base is solid and his one legged landing/launching pose is pretty spiffy.

Then (again) you get to the head.  The face is really, harsh distorted and oddly proportioned.  It’s like a small 28mm head just got scaled up to the Primarch’s dimensions.  Then you reach the hair OH MY, the less said about that the better, but Corax has clearly been spending some time in the Fulgrim Styling Salon.


I’m unsure of what happened, but take a look at the serious steely heads and expressions on earlier Primarch models such as Horus and Ferrus Manus:

Horus1-2 ferrus-manus1


These guys look like leaders of men.  You don’t want to mess with these dudes. Now look at the heads of more recent Primarchs such as Corax (above) and Kurze:


For the sky high prices Forge World is charging for Primarchs, this recent level of work on faces (the emotional heart of a figure) is just not up to snuff.  If at all possible, I would suggest future Primarchs ship with alternative Helmet bits, or perhaps a later sprue of alternative head bits. Forge World has got to get on top of this issue fast.

4 out of 5 stars a bit of hair styling, or a helmet would do the trick…

~What do you think?


  • Wigand

    Lion El’Jonson better have his helmet as an option. That said, I think Corax looks amazing, so good in fact that he is the first Primarch I ordered.

    • Yellow Sigmarine

      When I’ve got £70 to drop, I’m with you on that, along with his Dark Fury Crew.

    • Robomummy

      since none of the other primarchs had a helmet option I wouldn’t hold my breath but you never know.

      • Wigand

        Pretty sure he is the only one to have a helmet as a relic too. The Lion Helm is quite important, but I might be wrong about other primarchs also having special helmets.

        • euansmith

          Special helmet? I bet he told all the ladies that.

          • m3g4tr0n

            “Don’t worry, baby. The Emperor protects.”

        • TweetleBeetle

          He won’t be wearing it, I can promise you that, and there won’t be an alternative head packaged in the kit. Maybe he’ll be holding his helmet at his side, but that’s about it.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Russ has a relic helmet in the wolf codex.
          Actually wait a sec, before I look like a fool, was it one of the characters from RT days they since removed?

  • Yellow Sigmarine

    You know Fulgrim was one of the earliest sculpts, right?

    Don’t understand the hair hate – isn’t that what happens when long hair is moving through the air at high speed?
    Having said that, I am bald, so maybe I don’t understand these things…?

    • TweetleBeetle

      Fulgrim was also supposed to be in that moment where his demonic essence was slowly being revealed. It isn’t that the sculptors are inexperienced.

      And you’re right about the hair, but people don’t seem to understand movement.

      • An_Enemy

        The hair’s badly sculpted. Has nothing to do with movement and everything to do with looking like playdough slapped on a nearly $100 model.

        “Fulgrim was also supposed to be in that moment where his demonic essence was slowly being revealed. It isn’t that the sculptors are inexperienced.”


        You ever get tired of shilling? Or out of breath from blowing so much smoke into tiny holes?

  • OolonColluphid

    Corax doesn’t look angry enough. I want to see a scowl on that face. Also do I have to find a spare Heavy Bolter for his Deadly Prey/ Victory is Vengeance version?
    Because Hatred, Infiltrate and Scout can be quite useful in helping a Seeker or Mor Deythan squad snipe/table other units. Like his brothers and other HQs.

  • TweetleBeetle

    They probably shouldn’t be proportioned with symmetry. I mean, these are genetically engineered super beings among super beings. A 14-foot tall half-celestial on PED’s would probably look a little goofy in the proportions department.

    Also, Corvax’s hair is fine. It’s because he’s descending from the freaking sky. It isn’t styled upwards.

    • euansmith

      I just wonder what conditioner he uses to stop it getting tied in knots by the suction of the jump pack.

      • nurglitch

        It’s one of the unlisted special rules that all Primarchs have: “Good hair.”

  • zeno666

    Haha, it actually looks like the Whatever Marine spooked him!
    So his hair went up and he is about to flee 🙂

  • What, no “GLORY” anymore?

  • mark hearne

    Not a fan of Corax, I think the pose is quite undecided, is he landing or taking off. the ground suggests landing, his hips and shoulders suggest taking off. Still better than Lorgar

  • Jooster

    While I agree that Corax looks weird, why the Fulgrim and Kurze hate?

    Kurze especially, he looks exactly as unhealthy and skeletal as I would’ve expected him to.

    • Billy_mx

      After Horus he was my second Primarch, so amazing and tje reason why I am collecting tjem all and soketime start a Night Lords Army!

  • nurglespuss

    0/5 for me. Cannot stand it. The pose makes him look like a slightly large assault marine. The 2d wing veins look like Venetian blinds, the pack turbines are out of proportion (way too small), the archeotech gun looks like a super soaker, the hair and face give the model a really ‘my head is detached from my body’ look, first hand its even more pronounced, the armour detail looks like press moulded Scribor stuff… the list is endless.. I hate how poor this compared to Ferrus in particular.

  • Agent OfBolas

    nothing AS that special if I can be honest ….

  • Emdee

    A real let down. I expected my favorite Primarch to look much better. Shame on you GW…..

  • Omnia Incendent

    other than a slightly weird face, he’s pretty awesome.