Behold the Glory of the Fyreslayer Heroes & Review!



The Fyreslayer Grimwrath Berzerker and Battlesmith are here, ready to bring fiery death to their foes! Come see them in the round

This week we get to see a release of TWO new Fyreslayer kits from GW: The Grimwrath Berzerker and the Battlesmith.

Hearthguard Berzerkers & Auric Runemaster

Grimwrath Berzerker

The Fyreslayers known as Grimwrath Berzerkers are the deadliest of their kind, extraordinary warriors who have survived the Test of Wrath to become the paragons of Grimnir’s war fury on the battlefield.


The Battlesmiths are those among the Fyreslayers who are both great warriors and artisans. For this, they are permitted to forge the Runefather’s icon, and then carry it into battle. This great honour brings even greater prestige.



Now this is more like it.


I think both of these minis work well.  The Fyreslayers in general tend to look better with more bling and do-dads.  Both of these minis are loaded up to the gills with ornate beards, braids, fancy weapons, dragon motifs and appropriate poses.  The Berzerker is the stronger of the two and has a great sense of motion. The Battlesmith looks like he’d rather die than move from his position (unless you think he’s trying to hail a taxi).

These two avoided the pitfalls of the rank and file Berzerkers who had little detailing and equipment and such large ares of bare skin that it looked like the sculptors had issues defining a strong sense of movement and purpose.

No such issues here – well done GW!

4 stars out of 5

And again +100 Internets for not wearing striped (flammable) pants into combat.

dragonslayerOld School Dwarf Slayer



New Battlesmith

~What do you think of the new minis?  Better, worse, or about the same as the Old World Dwarfs?

  • Commissar Molotov

    Just say “no” to Mr. Nekkid Prancy-Toes

  • reynor

    The old Berzerker wore pants because he wasn’t running around in fire like the new ones. The new AoS models are so over the top I feel like I’m looking at He-Man figures.

    • zeno666

      Agree, the last few years GW has gone with a very Hasbro kind of design.

  • benn grimm

    Put it this way; AoS now has its very own chapter in the great book of grudges…

  • Actually I think the Fyreslayer release is one of the better releases in a while. The novel is also keeping me engaged.

    • vlad78

      With all due respect:


      Were other releases so bad? ;p

      • DeadlyYellow

        Compared to say, the Stormcast Eternals? Felt like the same model with a new weapon, week after week.

  • edendil

    I like the old slayer better. He is one sweet looking mini. And I like the Obelix pants. Although i never liked the idea of minis that jumped around on their own ever-present bit of scenery. That didnt seem right when they were moving around on the tabletop. But as a display-piece, he is very nice.
    Yeah, the new one is encrusted with detail. But he just doesnt look as good. He’s just standing there presenting his oversized and overly ornate standard and axe, and there’s more bling than dwarf. How can you capture the essence of dwarf when there is more bling than dwarf?

    • Erber

      Everything with aos is overdesigned in a sad attempt at making “the collest and best miniatures ever” when a toned down tasteful approach would have been a far better choice.

  • Agent OfBolas

    maybe I’m an ignorant, but they all looks the same for me.

  • mrbleak

    They could´ve just brought back Doomseekers, now there was an awesome lory model with amazing rules and fun gameplay, but niiioooooo, let´s make a skipping, prancing, halve naked Heidi with a big metal axe

  • Draconian

    All these new AoS minis are gorgeous in a sense, but many feel like they would be better if they were less cluttered and complicated.