BoLS Unboxing: Blightbringer

blightbringer 1

Join us as we take a quick look inside the Box of the Legion of Everblight’s Gargantuan: The Blightbringer!

Hello again BoLS Readers, AdamHarry here and I got to crack open the MASSIVE new Gargantuan from Privateer Press: The Blightbringer! This new Legion of Everblight baddie is a very impressive kit! But I don’t have to just tell you that – let me SHOW it to you:

Overall, I was very impressed with this kit. It’s a combo kit of both Resin and Metal, so you’re going to want to make sure you bring the super glue and not plastic glue on this one. I also noted in the video you will probably need to do a little bit of clean-up, but that’s typical with a resin kit. The details are super crisp so it’s worth it to take that extra step of cleaning the resin with some warm, soapy water. The metal bits were relatively small, and the resin felt solid but not super heavy. I’m not sure you would need to pin the kit together – but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

As for the cards & gameplay – Well I’ll let them speak for themselves:

everblight cards

The Blightbringer is no slouch! So check out the video for the rest. The Blightbringer release date is set for January 31st, 2016!

Blightbringer $124.99


via Privateer Press

Shrouded by a cloud of blighted ash, the Blightbringer burns with an inner fire like that of the dragons themselves. Hails of gunfire disappear in the billowing haze, and the dragonspawn’s overwhelming emissions smother the talents of enemy spellcasters. So hot are the fires burning within that the very blood pumping through its veins remains at a perpetual boil. The Blightbringer is the flame around which the legion gathers, while the empires of men and dragons tremble at their approach.


That is one mean Maw, chompin at the bit to rip your face off!

  • zeno666

    I love it, its like a giant shredder/stinger.
    Makes me want to start Legion 😉

  • Thokt

    Great looking Tyranid model.

    • Deacon Ix

      Don’t know the scale, but it would make an awesome carnifex

      • Talos2

        The gargantuans are a bit big for a carnifex. Tyranofex maybe.

        • DeadlyYellow

          A maleceptor might be more appropriate– neither would probably be seen on a table for 40k.

      • Grafton Is Dust

        An expensive one, too.

    • Richard Mitchell

      Ya, only difference is Legion can win games.

    • Richard Mitchell

      Or when you look at a Tyranid model you could always say, great Aliens model.

      • zeno666

        Except they’re not that great 😉

  • DeadlyYellow

    That thing is nasty and grotesque. Everything I could want from Everblight. Love that inset second jaw.

  • Richard Mitchell

    I like the shredder/stinger mix as well. I think it is pretty cool how it is just teeth and dragon radiation. Dragon Fallout in the Iron Kingdoms.