BREAKING – New Tau Book Pics!



Come see the spread of images from Forge World that line up with all the rumors of a new Tau Imperial Armor book in 2016!

It may have already been a forgone conclusion for some Tau players after the release of the T’aunar supremacy armor recently that Forge World would be putting out a whole book to go with it.

Rumors have been coming out of Warhammer World this weekend that seem to indicate just that, a new Imperial Armor book with not just Tau but also the rest of Forge World’s all-stars as well.


Via Amadeus Crimaxin 1-2-2016

Imperial Armour 16
Red Scorpions + Ad Mechanicus against Tau
Red Scorpions deploy lots of legions style equipment with 40k rules (Leviathans and Kharbydis especially)
30k vehicles for Ad Mechanicus with 40k rules
Possible Skitarii resin upgrades
Legio Gryphonicus is in
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via Penddraig on Heresy 30k 1-2-2016
Imperial Armour 16
This is Red Scorpions with Ad. Mech allies fighting Tau on an abandoned Forge World. The Red Scorpions will have lots of Legion equipment like Leviathans and Kharbydis Assault Claws with 40k rules while the Ad. Mech will have a lot of the 30k vehicles ported to 40k without Volkite or Battle-Automata. Mention was made of possible resin Skitarii upgrades.
So it would appear we’re in for an all NEW Imperial armor book in 2016, as the reboot of the Badab Wars Imperial Armor series is no where in sight now. Look for more about Codex Forge World All-Stars this February at the Heresy Weekender.
Checkout the rest of the new art and all the coverage out of Warhammer World from this weekend below!

Games Workshop’s 40th Birthday Celebration

  • And there I was for a moment hoping for a Tau novel.

  • Jared Swenson

    Way cool news. I am really looking forward to rules updates for the XV9’s, which I own some.

    • Tyris

      Sadly unlikely, given that their current rules (in IA3,2e) came out after the 6th edition codex did…

  • pokemastercube .

    16? there have only been 13 volumes for IA (not counting the things like 2nd edition or combined books like the seige of vraks) so this book would be 14

  • Ruadhan

    resin skitarii upgrades huh? that sounds encouraging! I’ve been wanting skitarii that I feel confident putting into my 30k armies for..well, as long as there’s been a 30k game

  • BloodPact

    I thought the Kharbydis pods fell out of style with the loyalists, especially when they started eating people…

    • Daniel Sundblad

      It’s the Dreadclaw that had the settings on its machine spirit stuck on “Evil”, and was dumped in deep space by the loyalists,

      The Karybdis is just rare for the normal reasons; wear and tear and lost knowledge. Guess the Red Scorpions have maintained one there.

      • nurglitch

        People laugh about knowledge being lost, but when you can’t find the Good/Evil switch for the Machine-Spirit, then who’s laughing now?

    • Old zogwort

      The mysterious red scorpions are too “pure” for that.

  • Nick1080

    That last picture of the colour plates is interesting – the Ghostkeel on the right definitely looks like it has new weapon arms. Not sure what the thing in the left plate is either, though that could just be me not being that familar with Tau.

    • SpartanWin

      Thats not the Ghostkeel, those battlesuits are (from left to right) the XV109 Y’VAHRA BATTLESUIT, the KX139 TA’UNAR SUPREMACY ARMOUR, and the XV107 R’VARNA BATTLESUIT

  • Orodruin

    Sounds like a cool book. Now if only they’d release some FAQs for their other content…

    • JP

      You know what I wish they’d do? In their model’s product descriptions it’d be great if they told you what book the latest rules for that model is in. You know, instead of us GUESSING.

      • Orodruin

        Yeah, with you on that one too.

  • Ironside_Online

    I notice that the crisis suit is carrying a weapon with three barrels. Could this be a crisis suit version of the pulse shotgun carried by Breacher teams? Or maybe an upgraded fusion blaster?

    • Fenriryan

      It’s a FW arm mounted missile pod. They sit vertically in the FW design.

      • Ironside_Online

        They do indeed. I stand corrected. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up.

  • David Leimbach

    Yah, official (non-experimental) Y’vara rules!

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Ad Mech with 40K rules! Skitarii stuff! Nerdgasm!

  • georgelabour

    Fingers crossed for new skitarii types. Maybe even something like the ones depicted supporting the titans in Titanicus.

    Though if all we get are the 30k to 40k ports and some Tau Stuff it’ll still be worth me picking up..eventually.

  • Andrew Thomas

    palette swaps FTW?!?!?!

    • Old zogwort

      Still keeping the old ones, and my own personal one

  • Old zogwort

    I love red scorpions 😀

  • Jimmy Rajden

    I hope they take the opportunity to adress options, points and stats for the unadressed Tau units in the “new” tau codex.
    Wouldn’t put any money on it happening though…

    • Grafton Is Dust

      I just want my XV9s to be not terrible.

  • Tox

    AdMech 30k tanks for 40k? Yes please!!!

  • Punk Rock Zoologist

    I hope we get some good variants on the new commander kit. An updated Shas’O’R’Myr would be great.

  • Cromer

    If its an 40k imperial armour, why are the red scorpions in heresy armour? Should’t they be in a later version? Are we sure all of these images are from the same book?