Marvel HeroClix: Here Comes Magneto!



WizKids points you to a glimpse of the latest version of Magneto from the upcoming Uncanny X-Men expansion.

Today we take a look at one big antagonist – Magneto! He is coming to HeroClix in the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men series.  this will be the first HeroClix series tranalted into Spanish and it looks like HeroclixSpain was the first to tease him.  Take a look.

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Here’s the basics on Magneto: (translated from Spanish)

“Magneto is a character with five clicks of life, value range 6 ability Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Brotherhood of Mutants). Your keywords are again Brotherhood of Mutants and Detective. All this will accompany acceptable numeric values. All the pack by just 50 points.

With the feature I Can Still Fly, but it Takes a Lot out of Me can be used once per game shot in career free action. This gives us a very good tactical advantage because we can shoot before returning to the rear, or put us to dive into the skirmish. In addition, having the ability of flight will not have many obstacles on the board to prevent us from carrying out the attack. Curiously, this is the second Magneto HeroClix base that has the symbol of flying. The previous version was the Days of Future Past.

SideStep Magneto be used throughout the dial, although the three intermediate clicks also has Stealth. With this tactical advantage granted first to have a figure that can appear from nowhere and a surprise. Hidden then use his special ability and attack with Pulse Wave attack can be a very interesting support wait. And we say support because Magneto does not have a very high value damage.

Magneto offensive options are based on the wave pulses. The first two clicks are supported with the use of telekinesis. If we seek a figure that send our allies to the first line it may not be worth the least points, 50 points Magneto but offers much more than a simple positioning advantage.

Magneto defense is reinforced at all times thanks to Energy Shield / Deflection, and in the first three clicks also has Willpower, that an action token not afraid: the Lord of Magnetism.”

Original Spanish Text Here

We have no word on the timing of the Marvel Heroclix:Uncanny X-men series as of now, but if it’s being teased, it won’t be long.

Have at it HEROCLIX fans – What do you think of Magneto?

  • Geoff Engelstein

    May want to change the headline to Marvel Heroclix, from DC.

    • My bad – all fixed.

      The hard time I had was how to describe Magneto. He’s really neither hero nor villain. Which is why I like his character so much.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        It really depends on the direction that the writer takes with Magneto.

        He can be a full hero, a full villain or an anti-Hero.

        Which is why he is such a great character.

  • Sebastien Bazinet

    Is Heroclix any fun?

    • dinodoc


    • It’s crazy popular here in Austin. You can grab the free rules PDF from WizKids here:

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Yes and no.

      It was huuuuuge in Reno for a few years but the ultra competitive crowd basically scared everyone away. Now it is dead.

      The game itself is fun an dynamic. I quite liked it.

  • Heinz Fiction

    So… how to magnetize this guy? 😉

  • dinodoc

    I gotta say the quality of the sculpts appear to have improved drastically from when I used to play. Thumbs up, Wizkids!

    • Severius_Tolluck

      The sculpts more or less have usually been fairly good depending on the sculptor. However, what has improved is the painting! Many are atrocious. In fact often the ones they show on the box are hand painted, and do not look like what you get in the boxes 🙁 However I am a long time wargamer, so i learned I can always paint over!