GEEKERY: Destroying the Lego Star Wars Universe

star destroyer lego

What happens when you hit a Lego Death Star with a baseball bat?

Or drop an imperial Star Destroyer on its nose?

The folks over at Wired have had way too much fun destroying their promo copies of the Lego Star Wars models…


Awesome or does the destruction make you sad?

  • Siph

    Awesome fun.

  • Mattias Ciavarella

    As a big fan of miniature wargames, this is very irrelevant to my interests…

    • Ruadhan

      I can only assume it’s tangentially related to the X-Wing tabletop game 😛

    • Cergorach

      Adults playing with toys?

      ps. I would find it a shame if the actual LEGO pieces were destroyed/damaged, otherwise someone else may destroy toys for our amusement…

  • Yellow Sigmarine

    What happens when you hit something with a baseball bat? IT BREAKS.