Mercenaries: Swamp Gobber River Raiders 101

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Yay more gobbos!  The only thing better then getting a new gobber solo is getting 3 gobo solos!  The gobber river raiders are out and they are pirates on top of it!

The Basics

Remember that they can benefit from sea dog buffers like Lord Rockbottom.

These guys have some cool abilities.  A reverse drag when they shoot models with their pistols.  Instead of dragging models to them the gobbo gets placed base with the model.  This can be annoying for your opponent since these models have a decent defensive value.  All of a sudden a gobbo is behind 3 pikemen.  They have to clear him or risk freestrikes on their models.

Don’t depend on these guys killing heavies or warcasters because they don’t hit hard.  They are support models that are great in getting annoying spots.

Getting the Most from Your River Raiders 

  • These guys have a high enough defense to make MAT6 troops removing them them.  Since they are solos you can run them in out of the way places and not worry about command.  Try running them 4″ close to the flag closer to the board edge.  Most warmachine players stay centralized so they might have issues getting to or removing a high defense solo.
  • These guys have a strength/defense debuff on living models.  This can be really useful when going for 1 handed throws on enemy warbeasts.  Not only does it lower the hit roll to a spot that you might not need to boost, it also lowers the chance the enemy warbeast from preventing you from throwing them.
  • Consider running or placing the river raiders behind enemy warbeasts.  If they want to move away they MAT9 free strikes that will lower their strength by 2 possibly keeping your heavies alive.
  • SPAM:  These guys are field allowance 3.  Meaning for 6 points you can have a bunch of these little gobbos running around.  They are mainly a jamming unit so only consider them if you need more scenario play or just want more wackiness in your games.

Who to Bring

The river raiders are not for everybody.  However they are sea dogs so things like lord rockbottom buffs, Hawk’s desire, Bog’s no knockdown can all help these guys along. If you are already bringing pirates these guys might as well come along.

Circle can get these guys shooting defense really high since they have camouflage.  EMorvhanna’s fog of war or druid clouds will make these guys incredibly hard to shoot down with normal means.

Since  Denny makes everyone better, Cryx can always use more models with guns.  Things like Mortality or crippling grasp make even the swamp gobber pistols a credible threat.

What do you think BoLS?  Have you seen the river raiders on a table near you?  Please share in the comments below.

  • Neal Laxman

    Possibly some of the only warma models I actually really like.

    • ZeeLobby

      A lot of their newer stuff is pretty boss. I’ve never been a fan of the warjack aesthetic, but a lot of the new minis look great, especially the minion ones.

      • Heinz Fiction

        I second that.

      • Chris. K Cook

        But giant shoulder pads are cool right?

        • ZeeLobby

          I’m confused. What does this have to do with anything I’ve said?

  • Noridaii

    Yeah, the idea of generating free strikes as a way to prevent enemy warjacks/warbeasts from moving away – not going to happen. The -2 Strength and Defense is annoying, but that’s all. The POW6 free-strike wont deter anyone. On average damage it wont ever break armour.
    As for the higher Defence, 14 is barely above average (13). Granted, MAT6 without any help may struggle (a little), but realistically, they aren’t hard to remove.
    With so many good 2 point solos available to Mercenaries, and even Minions has some options, I have no idea why you would ever take these guys. They are ‘cute’ as far as rules go, but don’t have a tonne of real utility when fighting for position during list selection. Maybe with Pirates they shine?
    IMO, if they offered a -2 MAT and -2 SPD, that would make a world of difference I think. STR and DEF? Who cares.

    • JN7

      I agree. No way I ever put these guys in a list over Pendrake or Gorman.

  • Chad Underdonk

    The field allowance is 3 Solos, not 3 sets of 3!

  • charlesthoss

    Actually, Lord Rockbottom cannot buff them as he only buffs units, not solos.

    Furthermore, they are only MAT7 on free strikes, not 9.

    • petrow84

      Possibly he added the +2 modifier for back strike, but you ain’t get that for free strikes either.

      • Noridaii

        You sort of do. The Freesrike Bonus ‘is’ because you are hitting them in the back as they move out of combat. So any way you look at it, they are MAT7 at best. Which will miss DEF14 50% of the time anyway.

  • Crevab

    “These guys have a high enough defense to make MAT6 troops removing them them.”

    I… think I know what you had planned here?

    • Noridaii

      Really, as I have no idea. 🙂

  • Richard Mitchell

    Maybe these guys and Wrong eye can be solid answer for using a Gators as an anti Hordes army and Pigs as an anti Warmachine army in the two list format.

    • Noridaii

      Eh, not really. They dont hit hard enough and dont provide enough deterrent. Pendrake knocking something down or giving an entire unit boosted attack dice vs. beasts for the same points is 1,000,000 x better.

      IMHO, Pigs are better Anti Trolls/Skorne/Menoth,COC, Legion while Gators are better everything else. Except Cryx, I dont know where Cryx fits on the scale. From where I stand its not a WM/H split. Its an Armour/Infantry split for Pigs/Gators.