New Minis & Artwork: Battletome Fyreslayers

Come feast your eyes on some upcoming new minis and amazing artwork revealed within Battletome Fyreslayer.

Images via GW, Black Library & Apple iTunes


First the artwork – top notch as usual from GW:


Dragons, dragons everywhere…

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New Minis

Now look at some of these closeups for all the Fyreslayer characters:



Note the new characters on the upper right : Battlesmith, Runemaster, Runesmiter, Grimwrath Berzerker

Now you know what to look for in the following pics:


Front center: Left – Grimwrath Berzerker (bluish double handed axe), and Right- Runemaster (burning brazier)


Extreme lower left: Battlesmith (golden standard)

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Battletome: Fyreslayers $49.50

The 128-page hardback Battletome: Fyreslayers contains:

– a wealth of background information and stories about the Fyreslayers and their lodges, including history, organisation and important characters;
– three Battleplans – new ways to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with special rules and situations;
– a collection of Warscrolls – rules and descriptions for all the Fyreslayer miniatures;
– uniform guides and markings for a selection of Fyreslayer lodges
– an incredible showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures
– the full rules for Warhammer Age of Sigmar – play right away!

~What do you think so far? -Starting with Archaon this is week 5 of non-stop Age of Sigmar folks.

  • generalian

    Awesome! More models I can use for 9th Age.

    • Agent OfBolas

      hehehee, 9th Age is simply awesome- but slayers from Avatars of War are cheaper and looks much better. And you don’t need to buy square bases 😉

    • versuscorp

      i considered to use them in 9th age either but are we sure that they won’t be taller or bigger then classic sizes…? I think they will be like monster size dwarfs when considering them with old models..

      I wanted to compare these models with old models but i couldn’t find any reference in the internet or on youtube. No one cares about these miniatures i understand..:) ( of course because aos is a garbage)

      Maybe we can use some as hold guardians i think..

  • That artwork…Holy crap…Especially the one with the Magmadroth

    • euansmith

      Holy crap, “good” or holy crap, “not good”? Personally I’d like to see illustrations that don’t follow the mini designs so slavishly. I’d like to see a picture of a wave of Fyre Slayers leaping through the air like Chibi Ninjas.

  • Xodis

    That art really is awesome, I only wanted to pick up a Magmadroth or two, but damn! Might need this book too lol

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  • Slayers have been terrible in every warhammer edition for a long time. Now they destroy warhammer and then finally bring dwarves in the AOS world and they are slayers. They could have made Giant siege engines and dwarven mining robots. But instead they make an awkward looking honey toad for them to ride. MEH!

    • Hold your horses, them Duradin will show…There was a rumor of a Duradin Golem showing later in the year so we’ll get our Cannons, Gyrocopters and Organ Guns.

      • Xodis

        Yeah, I think its neat they are spreading dwarves out to be more diverse rather than just “DWARVES”. 3 different types of Elves already, its about time Dwarves get some variants.

        • Barimbino

          I know right. When these models first showed up I was a bit under whelmed. But over the weekend I bought the new book about the fyreslayers from black library, and wow now I want to start a fyreslayer army. I’m really starting to “warm-up” to them. 🙂

      • Agent OfBolas

        in Warhammer 9th Age we already gave Golems. Few players made rules for GW minnis solving 99% that GW failed to solve for 10 years.

        • Hmm…Mind if I ask where I can find rules for the forementioned Golems for 9th Edition then?

        • standardleft

          How do they play with a mostly static army?

          Are they like artillery platforms or do they act independently from the main force?

          • Agent OfBolas

            they are Monstrous Infantry with heavy armor, magic (runic) attacks, multiple wounds and high S attacks. The rules are made for Scibor’s miniatures of Dwarves in Steam Armor, or for golems from Mantic.

            9th Age is a free set of rules from gamers for gamers – this is the thing that reanimated WHFB in my city…. now a lot of guys are playing it and we really have fun with this edition. What’s more – you can use all miniatures you like, no matter who is a manufacturer.
            Find more here:

            And Dwarvs are not static army. Remeber that the charge range is just 1″ less than humans. I had best results with my Dwarf army when I pressed at opponent and play agressively.

      • euansmith

        “Organ Guns” really should be the name of a Nurgle Warmachine.

      • There has been a rumor for a dwarf Golem for the better part of 15 years. I won’t hold my breath.


      this is but one of the *possibly* 4 duardin factions we will see (chaos, clan, steamhead and fyreslayer).

  • Niraco

    why anyone want to buy miniatures that look more porn than Kingdom death most twisted miniatures?

    • frank

      what kind of weird pornography are you watching?

      • Niraco

        the one from above…uglies miniatures from GW in teh last years

        • standardleft

          Oh I don’t know, there have been plenty of uglies. High elf spear men are pretty gross.

          • “in teh last years”.

            The High elf spearmen released when I was still buying WDs every month, I believe. And I stopped back in 2009.

          • standardleft

            Seems to be 2002, so 14 years. My mistake.

            Edit: Even more of a mistake. I assume last ten years.

            no idea what “in teh last years” is.

    • Dave

      I don’t like the lack of variety in the AOS stuff. Half naked Dwarves wouldn’t bother me so much if the entire faction didn’t look the same. Same with SE. It would get boring painting basically the same thing over and over. Although I love marines….weird.

  • euansmith

    I rather like their icon-things; but how is that bloke supposed to swing that axe from that saddle. There is a reason my mounted troops favoured lances and spears and why “the Horseman’s Flail” is a shorter weapon than “the Footman’s Flail”.

    • standardleft

      I suppose you could argue that the heat from the thing is enough to do damage.

      He just sort of has to brush you with it to make to burn.

      • euansmith

        I love that image of the mad hairy dwarf on the huge lizard lightly wafting his foes and them exploding in to flames.

  • standardleft

    I might use my ogors and longdrong slayers to create the Lofnir Lodge.

    What you see as pistols are really super lava rock shooting flame throwers.