SHOWCASE: The Thunderbelch Tribe – Pt 5 – Wild Things


From the great white north, I bring you a massive Ogre Kingdoms army!


Hello BoLS!

For this last entry in the Thunderbelch Tribe commission series, I am going to cover the wild beasts of the army.  The beasts had an extremely specific color scheme – different from the Ogres but important to make it cohesive.  I am very happy with how this army turned out, but I feel my biggest achievement and hardest challenge was making the beasts cohesive, fine tuning the colors and at the same time keeping the crosshairs on exactly what the client wanted the fur and skin to look like in color.

Overall this army will be a hallmark of my gallery for a long time, and the client was surprised how close to his original mental vision it was.  Time to start the next one!

For all 100 images of the army, and more information on my services:



– Enjoy, and see you next time for more!







  • LordRao

    These look very, very cool. 🙂

    Also, are those stand-ins for Yhetees? They look much better than the GW ones imo.

    • KingThrogg

      +1 to that, perfect for Frostgrave Werewolves.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Look like Wendigos from Crocodile Games.

      • LordRao

        Yup, they are, I just checked. Thx for that, I didn’t even know of that manufacturer and they sell some sweet stuff.

    • LordRao

      Also, can somebody please say “I see what you did there” for my reply that an ice themed army looks really cool? It would SO make my week. :p

  • generalian

    GORGEOUS MINIS love the ice theme and blue skin. not a big fan of the dark brown beards though, but I understand the bear idea

  • Captain Raptor

    Amazing! Love the blue skin, makes me want to do an ogre force for KoW.

    • DeadlyYellow

      I do love GW’s Ogres. Massive, fat humanoids with a Central Asian feel. Then there are the Maneaters with their varied themes.

      Mantic’s ogres just feel like big orcs.

      • LordRao

        Mantic’s what?
        So yes, I agree.

  • Emprah

    Best part is the name!

  • Agent OfBolas

    Why you are showing so many miniatures that could be used for … dead system?

    I’m really sorry for someone who spent so much time on perfecting those minis, just to hear that game he loved to play is dead.

    • LordRao

      You can still play it, there is immense support online for the homebrew ‘9th ed.’, and you can use the minis for other systems, like Mantic’s Kings of War. But you probably knew that already.

      • Agent OfBolas

        Yes I know, I love 9th Age ruleset and currently I’m testing Warthrone from Avatars of War – and I love it.