GEEKERY: Short Film – Singularity

singularity title

A Delta Force team battles a dangerous andriod enemy to complete this rescue mission… check it out!

Action doesn’t have to be paired with a big screen and a huge budget to be great. This short film is directed by Samuel Jorgensen and produced by Jeremy Pronk of the CGBros

For more work out of the CGBros Studio go here.

  • Dave

    That’s a great short. Would love to see more.

  • dinodoc


  • BloodAngel


  • euansmith

    That was super slick and cool. I’m off to CGBros to see what else they have to offer. It looks like an extra site to follow along with Corridor Digital and Rockjump Studio.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Very clever title when you take in the ending.

  • petrow84

    Two most dangerous sentences of the world: We’re Delta Force. We’re here to save you.

    Amazing job.