40K: Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth SELLING OUT?


A retailer in the UK is claiming GW has a “limited stock” left for Betrayal at Calth – You’re going to want to see this!


via Bits and Kits Newsletter 2-18-2016

Just a quick email to let you know we have restocked Betrayal at Calth Kits.

We have found out that GW now has limited stock left of the box set so we
may not be able to get these for much longer or sell them in this form

so to avoid disappointment get them while you can.

That’s a bold claim! The Betrayal at Calth Boxed Set is still up for order direct from Games Workshop. There hasn’t been any announcement that this set was limited. A rumor we reported back in October of last year mentioned some confusion as to how long this set would be available. But other than that we’ve seen no indications that Betrayal at Calth is going away anytime soon. Perhaps this is just the end of the first run and it will need to be reprinted. Or is it…


So what do you think? High Pressure Sales Tactic to push for more sales or is Betrayal at Calth really a “limited stock” item? You make the call!

  • Talys

    My vote is for “High Pressure Tactic” 🙂 Giving the company the benefit of the doubt, it could be a high pressure tactic AND GW running out of the first printing. But no more Calth ever? Nahhhh.

  • nurglitch

    I’d say that it saves on warehouse space to print what you can sell, and make sure you sell out.

  • benn grimm

    Quick everybody, before ebay sellers get ’em all!….saps…

    • MPSwift

      I’ve already found a copy on Amazon for £297… Was more than a little disgusted.

      • Muninwing

        funny, because my local store has an extra hanging out, next to a dusty copy of Space Hulk (and they have another still shrink-wrapped in the back).

        and they sell at 10-15% off

  • WellSpokenMan

    Hurry and buy them now before Obama bans Space Marines! They can have my unpainted plastic when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!

    • JJ

      Stop…I just heard the price of 556 ammo going up just by making this joke! Stupid Reactionaries!

  • evansn79 .

    Honestly they might just not be able to keep up with the current demand. I can’t count the amount of these we sell in the shop i work at. It’s a big shop and we’ve had to restock calth by a heavy amount with every new order.

    • JJ

      More than likely they are just moving it over to website only!

  • WellSpokenMan


  • Mandragola

    I was told by Dark Sphere in London that it’s a limited release, not a permanent addition. The person I spoke to there said that was what he’d been told by GW.

  • Ben_S

    Maybe the rumoured new HH box is a replacement, rather than addition. Perhaps they intend to have one box available at a time, so they’re somewhat limited, albeit not crazily so.

    • euansmith

      That sounds sensible. That way they can make the move to individual squad boxes for the Tactical and Terminator Marines and get a better mark up.

  • Hazamelistan

    Based on the three shops in my area selling this game is more “standing around” instead of “selling out”. Local Warhammer Shop has at least three copies standing around not moving for weeks.

  • John Bower

    A GW store manager told me it will run out, but there will be reprints. So nope, not going anywhere. He said he’s just laughing at all the mugs that bought it on ebay for greatly inflated prices.

  • I spoke to someone in my local GW about the box when it came out; he said the plan was to sell out each print run and judge the size of the next production run based on how quickly each one sold, until it wasn’t turning a profit. I guess it’s to prevent dud stock from having it overproduced.

  • My FLGS has had 3 copies sitting on the shelf since it came out.