Age of Sigmar Battle Report – Chaos vs Duardin


Duardin Iron meets with Chaos steel in this Age of Sigmar game using the Clash comp and 10 pool choices.

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What do you think of Clash comp?

  • generalian


    no really
    I’ll even take dead games like Mordheim.

    • TweetleBeetle

      People are interested in AoS. People actually play this game. You come in here to complain every time, but are in the minority.

      That said, Mordheim will likely come back in some form anyway.

      • generalian

        The problem is that people are interested in AoS. Games Workshop is not. The rules are ridiculous and unplayable. The only way the game is anyway balanced, is through community made systems which are not standardized in anyway. Its why games like X-Wing and Warmahordes have exploded. Even heroclix has gained players.
        I will stick to my guns everytime until GW fixes their game or hands it to a company that actually cares about the game.

        I actually like AoS and I like the lore. I like the models and have even bought the dwarves, but I cannot stand the rules and it is main reason why nowhere in VA or MD i can find a game that is not in a GW store. Most stores don’t even stock it.

        If 40k does it… the game or company might be dead. After all, the company saw a huge decrease in their stock ever since AoS came out.


          sticking to your guns is fine, but p***ing on other peoples enjoyment of a game they enjoy, and its bat reports etc constantly really isnt. just because you cant see how playable and enjoyable the rules are, and the scope that they widen for many, does not mean everyone that likes the rules are wrong, the rules are ‘ridivulous/unplayable’, in need of fixing or whatever. you have to think outside the whfb/equalised armies/points box. our area has a flourishing aos community in store, and at independent clubs and home groups, im sorry that you cant find a game, but in all honesty it seems your comments arent even indicative of someone that wants to find a game. have fun with warmahordes, kow or whatever is your flavour- wish you well in your hobby- but please, please stop trying to spoil other’s.


          this utter myth of decrease in gw stock since aos needs busting- stock value has risen over the last year. can people please stop spreading opinion as fact?


        our local store has been running an aos mordhiem campaign made by a few gw store managers in the uk, its going quite well, multiple games every day in store. theres hopes the ruleset will be going to games devs attention soon.

        • Sebastien Bazinet


          Actually this could be cool lol

  • Slite

    The AoS combat just seems so boring. Not the way these guys are doing it, but the rules for combat itself. When a model hits on 2s, and wounds on 3s, without consequence of what the opponent’s stats are, the combat looks/feels like each model is attacking a training dummy.

    The Weapon Skill vs Weapon Skill combat, and Strength vs Toughness, made it seem like the warriors were fighting each other, not themselves. Yes, the weapons of a unit can affect the armor saves of the opponent, but it doesn’t seem to be because of the warrior, just the weapon itself.


      there are far more intricacies to it than at first glance, though the stats are similar to whfb the mechanism with which they interact with an opposing models stats works very differently- admittedly it takes a while to start understanding the difference from whfb!. many units own rules alter stuff when fighting different types of opponents, and the striking order system is far less predictable and involves more player thought than initiative order striking. model placement and reach are really important. bear in mind that the old ws vs ws chart only went from 3+ to 5+ anyway.
      where you say ‘the weapons of a unit can affect the armour saves of the opponent, but it doesnt seem to because of the warrior but the weapon itself’, thats not quite right- the weapons to wound is also based on the units strength with it, a sword wielded by one model may wound on a 4+ but on a weaker model a 5+. wounds stats are different in aos- think of them as a combined ‘t’ and ‘w’.

  • Gomtar17

    I thing AOS is more for people who enjoy collecting and to play with their minis from time to time. If you like playing the game then warmahordes is much better.

    • SundaySilence

      This. This statement 100%. As someone who prefers collecting and painting without the ball ache of staying in touch with the current meta or can only commit to one or two games of anything during the week; AoS is perfect. It’s not rules intensive and you can play a couple of games in a few hours. Collectors seem able to just role with the lack of points where as hardcore players can’t because they need the percieved balance (whether it’s there or not) for pick up games and tournaments.

    • We have events that run months and we play weekly. While your statement is close, I feel that AOS is more for people that don’t want to take the game so seriously, and if they want to take the game super seriously that games like warmahordes would suit them better.

      • Gomtar17

        Indeed a better wording of my thoughts. Low entry cost, pleasure rather than competition oriented: nothing like WFB. For people without a strong community around them, AOS somewhat makes sense.

        • In our case, we have a strong community. It requires a community of people that are ok with casual gaming over competitive gaming though. That is often not found in most places that I know about, and takes some time building up because its not the normal default state of most FLGS gaming communities. At least from my experience its not the normal state. (most FLGS that I know about are usually dominated by tournament style play which AOS is not actively hooked in, unless you are in the UK where it seems to be catching on quite well as a tournament game)


          what many dont seem to realise is that wfb used to be ‘pleasure rather than competition oriented’. for many that was still the case even in later editions, though was always seeming to becoming more and more a competitive thing as years went on- much more so after 6th. aos’s general metagame and emphasis on fun and story over lists and ‘balance’ (whatever that meant) takes me back to my early days playing out scenarios with whfb 3rd ed- but without the tome of rules.

          • Gomtar17

            A shared feeling indeed!

          • standardleft

            I was definitely a pleasure WHFB player and I am really enjoying Age of Sigmar.

            Its got a great positive community and I’ve had quite many quality competitive and narrative games.

            After reading most of the new fluff, the old world is starting to fade into memory.


    not a fan of clashcomp or any of those types of comps personally, but you guys enjoyed your game and your reports are watched by many, please ignore the haters and keep posting them up, tabletop minis 🙂

  • Grumpy Scot

    I don’t like AoS but enjoy these battle reports. The guys have a lot of fun and paint beautifully. However, the battle itself was really boring?

    Like, one player got two turns in a row and charged. Also, how unrealistic is taking Archaon, a Bloodthirster, 2 heroes and 25 normal guys? There’s no immersion at all. 🙁

    Hell, the mundane troops never even came into it. I’d love to get into AoS, but I just can’t get over this stuff.

    • Axis Mundi

      Well, they chose to leave the mundane troops on the objectives to get the VPs, which was down to the scenario and how they chose to play it. Chaos was probably right, as with the Bloodthirster and Archaon he could project force quickly into the Dwarves. The Dwarves also didn’t anticipate the double turn issue, and had their war machines and general too far forward – if you get caught out like that in AoS then it can be quite one sided. If they’d chosen to shoot the Bloodthirster at the start though, it could have turned out quite differently.

      I’m also a grumpy scot, but have managed to play in a couple of AoS tournaments now, and it’s really changed my opinion of the game – they’ve been the most fun and competitive I’ve attended in all my time with Warhammer. So it’s worth giving it a try!