Curse of the Wulfen Contents & Characters – CONFIRMED



Curse of the Wulfen is out there – and here’s your first glimpse inside the covers. Come see exactly what’s in the campaign!

images via Captain Citadel 2-10-2016


Back of the sliipcover


The characters involved – that’s a LOT of Dark Angels…


The full contents

Ok, now we know – this looks to have the same layout and format as the Kauyon and Mont’Ka books.  There is a whole lot of awesome stuff in there. Those are the exact pagecounts as the previous slipcovered campaign books.  It looks like GW likes thier formula and is sticking with it.

I’m surprised to see more than a token force of Dark Angels in the book.  They look to play a major role.

We have the Saga of the Wolf Narrative book at 120pp.


We have the “The Rules” scenario and unit book at 88pp.


Full Curse of the Wulfen Roundup


~Final reveal – it ends is HUGE CLIFFHANGER – so look for part 2 coming soon!

  • crazyredpraetorian

    Thanks for this first look.

  • georgelabour

    From the events that take place in the novella I imagine we’re going to see things get even crazier in the second book.

    SPOILER: The Rock ends up in the fenris system along with a force of just about everything the Imperium can muster including Ultramarines, and Knights. And they’re not there to help.

    2nd SPOILER: Someone is Alpharius.

    • Jonathan B.

      I am Alpharius.

    • Christie Bryden

      so not magnus…… the one with the actual…. you know I should stop giving a damn about the lore, its clear GW dont.

      • Matthew Perry

        Magnus doesn’t care, it is explained in the battle of the fang. Many of Magnus’s sons do care and they are the ones he let die during the battle.

        • Jared van Kell

          Magnus pretty much sacrificed was what left of his legion to destroy any chance of the Space Wolves overcoming the negative effects of the Canis Helix and thereby being able to create successor chapters.

          • Matthew Perry

            I wouldn’t say what was left, though in fairness they were never a large legion in before Prospero

          • Jared van Kell

            They were even smaller after it. By the end of the Battle of the Fang the Thousand Sons ceased to exist as a Legion and became a collective of warbands.

      • georgelabour

        And who has been the focal point of all but one major plot against the wolve’s homeworld in every bit of fluff written about them.

        And since one of the major ‘critiques’ the angryhammer players were spewing before this book was more than a rumor was, ‘OH look more magnuzz attacking Fenris how originalz’ it looks like GW outsmarted the crybaby crowd. Though that never takes much.

        Oh and let us not forget that this tale is far from over. Just because we only see Alpharius and Daemons does not mean we won’t see the angsty dust bins elsewhere.

        After all, the other campaigns have had surprise cameos. Exterminatus had Necrons. Red Waagh had Daemons, and Damocles had Mechanicus and Farsight.

        So…plenty of room for the obvious and cliche option to hop into the fun.

    • Dan Wilson

      Everyone is Alpharius.

    • Honourblade

      FINALLY, The ROCK has come BACK… To the Fenris System…
      The Rock is back to lay the smacketh down on ALL your furry a$$es!
      If you SMELL… What The Rock… is… cookin’

      • georgelabour

        One up vote for being brave enough to use that joke.

        But one down vote for inferring that Dwayne Johnson would be a lame Dark Angel.

        Everyone knows he’s more Space Wolf than emo sissy monk.

        • Honourblade

          I don’t think he’d turn down either role to be honest dude, he did star in a movie called ‘The Tooth Fairy’.

          • georgelabour

            True. However he also did an adequate job as both a psycho space marine, and as a demi-god sporting an animal hide head dress.

          • Honourblade

            True, but it was a LION head. 0.o

          • georgelabour

            Which GW would change for copyright purposes. Problem solved!

  • Byungwook Kim

    I was under the impression civil war would never be the real fluff..

    Though I’ll believe it when I see it, it sounds great.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Civil War is being kind. It’s the Imperium bearing down on what looks like a chapter that has fallen to chaos. You exterminate them like all the other chapters that have fallen in the past (or, you know, let them flee and establish themselves in the Eye of the Maelstrom).

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    My friends and I all decided – independently of one another – to create Space Wolf armies. Once we started chatting about our plans amongst ourselves, we decided to each take a different Wolf Lord.

    So far we have:

    And one more (he’s undecided).

    That’s half of the non-Wulfen Great Companies!