FW: Horus Heresy Book Six – Retribution Out “Now”


Forge World has the presses going overtime with Horus Heresy Book VI – Retribution. And we may have a release date confirmation!

It looks like that crazy Scanner has got more pics and if they are from the upcoming White Dwarf, Heresy Fans, get ready to rush the Forge World site this weekend…

via Scanner 2-9-2015

HH Book 6 WD 2 HH Book 6 WD

If case you missed it, the bottom reads “AVAILABLE: NOW!” Only we’ve looked at Forge World Site and Book Six is not out…yet. This, of course, is the “problem” with leaks – if this was scheduled to come out on Saturday then this advertisement makes more sense. Unfortunately with out a written date we have no other point of reference besides, “NOW!”

However, assuming that it’s from the White Dwarf scheduled to come out Feb 13, 2016 – and that Forge World has a habit of doing their new releases on Fridays – It’s a pretty safe bet that Book Six is going to be up for order this weekend.

HH Book 6 WD 3


Heresy Era Fans – get your wallets ready! We’re going to be off to the races for Book Six: Retribution!

  • Zingbaby

    Can someone explain the Red books to me? …so if this (book 6) has some Legion rules for Dark/Blood Angels – will those rules also come in a cheaper ‘red book’ later?

    • TweetleBeetle

      No one knows yet.

      The problem with Forgeworld is, once a series becomes successful, they spread it out over as many books as possible. Like their novel series, they are now doing it with rules.

      GW had started doing that in 6th and early 7th, but are now turning to a more concentrated movement (Grand Alliances, Mechanicus consolidating to 1 book, etc).

      • aka_mythos

        FW, they’ve never really done this. FW’s designer said at the beginning they planned HH to be 10-12 book series. As of book 5 we are chronologically half way so they’re presently on track.

        Black Library, they never stated how much they were going to do, but they’re their own office and neither dictates the pacing of the other.

        • Chardun

          As someone who owned the first 10 or so Imperial Armour books, I can attest that Forge World will screw you over given time. To put it in perspective, they used to put out FAQs and Errata to update those books to keep up with the current 40K ruleset. Then, they stopped and issued out 2nd Edition versions. Apparently, I’m supposed to pay an additional $80 to get rules to the $100ish model with no new fluff to be gained for it.

          In short, their business practices lost at least one paying customer of their rule book series. Luckily, we have this thing called the internet and I can just “preview” the book that comes out… as long as you know where to look.

          • majorwesjanson

            Of course those 2nd Edition books do tend to come out after several editions of the game and the codex have gone by, each time needing a new set of FAQs to update.

            It’s more an issue with how fast GW has dropped new editions than with Forge World.

            Personally, I’d rather a new book with all the updates than a book written for 3rd/4th edition and then 3 sets of FAQs just to use it.

          • Chardun

            Well, first you’d only need one FAQ; the FAQ bringing the book from 4th/5th to current. Second, you’re more than welcome to spend an additional $1000 or so to upgrade your entire collection.

            How about this novel idea. A FAQ for those that own the first editions, and newer print editions for people new to the Forgeworld product line. Radical idea…

    • benn grimm

      The red books are like the old black codex, just the army lists. All the nice pictures, fluff and oversized leatherbound awesomeness is in the big books. i would say it is fairly likely those rules will make it to a red book at some point, which will, most likely, be cheaper.

    • aka_mythos

      FW plans on having all the Legions covered in the “red books.” They haven’t said when Dark Angels and Blood Angels will be, but with FW updating the Crusade Army list book I have to imagine they’ll be thinking about either updating the book with the Legion specific rules or creating a second marine book with the remaining Legions. No one knows when.

    • Mike Tooze

      http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/The-Forge-World-Bulletin/2016/02/03/The-Horus-Heresy-Weekender-is-almost-here has the latest red book and what legions will be in it. this book is possibly out on friday, but either way it wont be long. neither blood angels or dark angels are in it though, presumably so people will actually buy book 6 for those rules

      • Terminus

        The reprinted red book has all the content up to book 5 and updates various Legion unique traits and units.

        Book 6 has the three new legions, all the new rites, errants, Blackshields, shattered legions, dark compliance, some dark mech stuff, etc.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    looks sweet. Shame FW books and products are not normally sold in stores state side!

    • Syra

      Or anywhere other than Nottingham

  • majorwesjanson

    Please say that the Warlord titan weapons will be up as well, or at the worst, then next week!