GEEKERY: CubeStormer3 proves LEGOS > Rubik’s Cube


This bot can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 4 seconds – and it’s made of LEGO. You HAVE to see it in action!

The CubeStormer series of puzzle solving bots built by David Gilday (a safety systems engineer by day) and Mike Dobson over 2 years. Main components on this puzzle solving wiz: ARM architecture, a Samsung Galaxy S4, and a bunch of Lego Mindstorm components. It takes this bad boy 3.253 seconds to solve a cube…

Their previous project, CubeStormer2, was able to solve in 5.270 seconds:

And the original with an older open body design back in 2010:


Anyone out there build with Mindstorm? Show off your projects in the comments!