Imperial Assault: Raiders & Smugglers Out


FFG just released two new minis for Imperial Assault – the Aliance Smuggler and Bantha Rider. Check em out!



bantha rider

Bantha Rider Villain Pack $19.95

Ride out of the desert atop a mighty bantha with the Bantha Rider Villain Pack for Imperial Assault! This massive beast can trample your enemies as the Tusken Raider rider takes potshots at more distant targets. Along with this sculpted plastic figure, you’ll encounter a new Agenda set that allows the Tusken Raiders to terrorize the Rebel heroes over the course of a campaign. Alternatively, you can hire the Bantha Rider to fight alongside your Tusken Raiders in a skirmish game. With six brand-new Command cards, the Bantha Rider Villain Pack offers new tactical surprises for every skirmish game.


Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack $9.95

The Rebellion may prefer not to deal with criminals, but the Rebels still need the services of dedicated smugglers. You gain a single Alliance Smuggler in the Alliance Smugger Ally Pack for Imperial Assault, alongside new missions and cards to enhance both campaigns and skirmishes. You can smuggle supplies past your opponents in a skirmish game to claim additional victory points or race to recover the cargo of a tramp freighter in a new campaign side mission. With the ability to slip past your opponents and hold his own in a fight, the Alliance Smuggler is a worthy addition to any strike team.

~These are in stores now. Go pick em up and add soem spice to your Imperial Assault Skirmish-mode games!


  • Xodis

    These things are awesome. Now I’m just waiting for a full model release for a Skirmish/Wargame. I can fight the Imperial in space combat, I can fight them with the RPG, now its time to go to WAR!

    • Badtucker

      yeah its pretty much one step away from being a war game…. like say 40k or somthing is . its only a matter of time…

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      Didn’t there used to be a SW Wargame?

      • Severius_Tolluck

        still is, but who knows with Disney’s lawyers about 😉 There was a skirmish game (wizards of the coast) that used d20’s we used those models mainly in rpgs instead. It had rules for both ships and infantry, but they were separate games as their scales didn’t match. Then we had amazing models done by some company, I think it was the same ones that do all the new Batman stuff. Had a droid army and clone troopers.

        • Sebastien Bazinet

          The WotC one got discontinued in 2010

      • zeno666

        There was an ancient one produced by West End Games. I still have the Mos Eisley expansion 😉

  • zeno666

    Are these models made out of the soft plastic that is common in board games?
    Or are they made out of the same plastic as the X-Wing ships?

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I think is slightly varied. The ships are resin for sure. The models are chunky but the box set i fiddled with so far was the semi soft plastic/resin that warlord and privateer press use.

      The At-ST is a very chunky block of plastic! *edit: also is slightly off scale

      • zeno666

        You mean the X-Wing ships are made out of resin?
        I don’t think so.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          they are certainly not soft plastic, they have the properties similar to fine cast. Some of them anyway. Had to glue a few back together :_: Not 100% sure though

      • Yeah, I keep seeing at-st’s and thinking “how could something so cool become so ugly”

  • How big is the Bantha. I want one just to paint