Kromlech: New Gravity Cannons!


Kromlech shows off some brand new Gravity Cannons – Come check out these great alternates for your “Legionary” Forces!

If you’re looking for some great looking 3rd Party Bits for your Space Legionary Sci-Fi Forces (wink wink) then you should check out Kromlech’s new line of Gravity Weapons!

via Kromlech, Gamewire


today we have for you the most potent of all gravity weapons!
Legionary Gravity Cannons

Here you can watch visualization:

You can find all Kromlech gravity weapons here



KRCB145gravcannon2 KRCB145gravcannon5





If I’m honest – I’m not typically a fan of 3rd party bits. Sometimes the scale is slightly off or the look just isn’t quite what I’m wanting. But if you’re needed/wanting some alternate Gravity Weapons then I’d recommend these new Kromlech ones because they did a great job of skirting that line. You know the one I’m talking about…The one that is between “looks really good” and “we’re gonna get sued” – yeah…that line. Anyhow – Go check them out!

Legionary Gravity Cannons


If I had a thousand of those Sons of the Scarab Space Legionaries I could conquer this entire system!

  • Bernard Jackson II

    AAAAANNNNDDDD….ordered 4 sets

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      12 Grav cannons, you must really hate your opponent!

  • Shawn Pero

    Most of their Ork stuff is great, if s bit cartoony – the heads are the biggest offenders as they look like something from a claymation Christmas movie

    • DeadlyYellow

      Ork greatcoats! Yeah the heads are a little more caricature than GWs, though I enjoy the look.

      Shame GW doesn’t love Orks more. The army has a great personality.

      • Me

        Greenskins have been one of my favorite opponents since 2nd edition. My first game I remember lots of shenanigans like one of my units dying to a giant protoplasmic foot, several exploding jetpacks, and some weapon that was like two giant steel spheres connected to a chain that ended up smashing into both of our armies. To be honest, I do even remember who won, but that was one entertaining game (for both sides).

  • Kromlech is a great company to buy from, pretty ballsy tho to make something so close to the real deal.

    • georgelabour

      Yeah. As someone who’s quite disdainful of counterfeiters and those who buy from them that ‘not marine’ is almost to close…

      BUT it is an original sculpt of sorts and not just a counterfeit of another artist’s work. It also likely passes any trademark and copytright laws due to the changes in design and naming.

      So I think if someone showed up with these I’d not mind one bit.

      • Eric Buchanan

        Why do you care about the legitimacy of someone’s army? As long as its valid in game (points, FOC compliant, etc). It sounds a bit elitist to infer you’d poo poo playing someone for having alternative bits you have deemed are too close to the real ones.

        Does this also apply to someone press molding copies of GW bits? What is the line for you?

        • georgelabour

          As I said. I’d be fine with someone using third party works, conversions, etc, etc.

          And again. I LIKE that kromlech model and wouldn’t mind seeing it used
          in a game. It may not be an original idea but it IS the product of their
          own efforts instead of plagiarizing the entirety of another artist’s

          However shoplifters, counterfeiters, and all that petty nonsense are not kosher. From personal experience I’ve learned that it’s best not to leave one’s models unattended around people who have yet to grow out of such a greedy mental state.

          • Me

            I 99.999% agree with you. The only time I can deal with any of the shadier side of the hobby is if the stuff is no longer sold by GW or FW. I still do not like it, but I can deal with it.

        • Drathmere

          Fitting into the points/rules, is not enough for me to want to play an opponents army. This is a personal preference, but I wouldn’t want to play against the G.I. Joe themed army if the chance ver arose. Despite it being the product of a lot of work, it does not fit within GW’s 40k universe. I suspect there are quite a lot of people who play 40k because of the ambiance. I think that can get ruined when people mix and match IP from other series. I love seeing conversions so long as they fit within the 40k universe.

          • Eric Buchanan

            Drathmere, I think you’ve misunderstood me. This discussion was about using bits or figures that are either counterfeit or so close to GW designs they infringe on IP. Which is the exact opposite of what you are talking about.

          • Drathmere

            Sorry, I misunderstood. I stand corrected!

  • Ryan Hupp

    Presumably that’s a Legionary of the Million Children fighting under the command of his Primogenitor, Magnor the Crimson?

    • Jeff Daniels

      I believe you are correct.

      It was such a shame when the Spatial Wolves razed the Million Children’s beautiful home world of Prosperia.

      • Captain Raptor

        Unfortunately the Spatial Wolves had been tricked by the evil Primogenitor Boris the Warmaster.

        • nurglitch

          Ah, the Boris Blasphemy, when sibling fought sibling, and the universe scorched.

          • petrow84

            Absolutely. In the ghastly obscurity of the distant time to come, there’s only quarrel.

          • Me

            Not only is all of this hilarious, but it reminds me of a bad video game translation into English.

          • Muninwing

            it reminds me of what would happen if this was written as a Shakespeare comedy…

      • petrow84

        According to their latest fluff, the Spatial’s greatest demise will be the warfleets of the Obscured Cherubs, who bombard their homeworld, Funrice, from their flying fortress “The Stone”.

  • Madlants

    Geez. I know Kromlech gets a lot of their business by making 40k stuff with the serial numbers filed off, but… geez. The barrel is identical to the 40k grav cannon. This sort of thing seems like it must be on thin legal ice.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      you can’t copyright a 3D design, just ask the people who make no-name car parts.

      • LordKrungharr

        Sure you can, if it’s different enough to not be confused with something else already copyrighted.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          no, you can patent something if it involves a novel process or invention, you can legally protect text and musical compositions or the likeness of a person or character, you can protect a trademark which denote services or goods from a particular source, but 3D objects themselves cannot be protected. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to go to a reputable garage and buy a replacement camshaft or indicator cluster for your car, made by a third party, not by the car manufacturer. This is why GW ultimately couldn’t protect much aside from the names against Chapter House.

          My brother in law is a copyright lawyer and I’ve had some interesting conversations with him about this.

          • Azrell

            he must not be a very good one, because the case was mostly a wash for both sides with about 1/3 ruled in GWs favor and 1/3 in CHs favor and 1/3 left as grey area.

            you absolutely can copyright a design. though a company can make a replacement part they cant just copy a design and start making money off it. patents are something something different.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation
          • LordKrungharr

            I have two trademarks myself. Copyrights protect artistic representation and a three dimensional sculpture for example is an artistic design. It’s not the same deal as with getting car parts as those designs were originally patented and by now I imagine the patents have expired on many, or the manufacturers of said parts have been licensed to reproduce them. Ultimately with copyrights it’s how much one can afford to enforce their protection.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            case law has said that many 3D shapes you would think are artistic designs have been judged not to be. The most famous being the Star Wars stormtrooper helmet. Bits of a Space Marine for example are pretty likely to also be judged not to be artistic work.

    • Doesn’t change the fact that you still need to buy a GW marine to put the bits on.

      • Captain Raptor

        Actually both Kromlech and Anvil industries sell bits to make your own Space Marines without touching GW parts. The Marine in the picture in the article is purely Kromlech bits.

        • Yes, I know that. However I was talking about for most people who will be putting it on a GW model.

        • Muninwing

          spellcrow too…

    • adamharry

      Actually…I looked at the barrels before I wrote this. They are technically different. You can view the GW ones on their site but the kromlech barrels are “off” by a well placed line or two.
      The “body” of the guns are also different – basically if the GW took them to court they’d probably lose that round too – looking at the Chapterhouse case as precedent. (of course that was in an American court and Kromlech is in Poland and I’m no lawyer!)

  • Scissorheart

    How about making some blasters and some haywire blasters for dark
    Eldar papa kromlech? 🙂

    • Ryan Hupp

      Oh man, yeah. I honestly don’t like the idea of patronizing these guys, and am generally willing to throw a few bucks at bitz sites like Hobby Titan or Hoard o’ Bitz, but those are genuinely impossible to get for reasonable amounts of money. Every player needs them since they’re clearly the best option for Trueborn and Scourges respectively, but the DE sprues predate GW’s getting relatively sane on the issue by including two of everything, so two boxes would get you a full squad each of two weapons (Devastators and a couple others) or what I hope is a new trend of including all the options for every model (the Betrayal at Calth Cataphractii).

  • DeadlyYellow

    No energy pack, but hey still saves me from having to buy a newer dev squad for them.

  • Byungwook Kim

    Im sure the quality is outstanding. But you know… Recast grav-cannons are cheaper, and almost indistinguishable to naked eye.

    • Captain Raptor

      A good point. Recast bits tend to be something like $0.50-$1.00 each and most are completely indistinguishable from the original. I do like third party bits sometimes because they often offer a interesting take on the look of a bit. Another plus is you don’t have to wait for shipping from China, which is sluggish at best.

  • nurglespuss

    A sigh, originality is not desired I guess.

  • Ben

    And people wonder why GW is all about IP protection… Beautiful sculpts, however.

  • nurglitch

    The irony here is that Bits and Kits sells GW Grav-Cannons from the Devastator Squad box for 6 british pounds, and Kromlech is selling their gravity cannons for 6.99 euros, or 5.42 british pounds. It’s not even cheaper.

    • Adam Elleston

      I read it like that at first but the Kromlech is a 3 pack.

      • nurglitch

        Good catch!

  • davepak

    Personally, I feel they are bit too close to the GW design.

    However, I also feel GW is a bunch of jerks toward their customers in that I have to spend an insane amount if I want to get four of them from GW.

    Does one justify the other? No.
    But just another example of how it feels like GW you have to want to play 40k in-spite of how the company treats you as a customer.

    • Captain Raptor

      That last sentence is very true. I think there’s a lot of the community that plays the game despite GW. They’ve certainly showed a disdain for their customers for years.

      • Azrell

        You haven’t seen nothing yet! get ready to wish you still had the GW from 2015.