40K Tactics: Daemons Murderhorde + Daemonic Incursion


Khârn can keep his Butcherhorde, the new Murderhorde is going to take over!


Hi guys! Dean from Blog for the Blood God here with a look at the newest flavour Khorne Formation… The Murderhorde!

The MurderHorde


1 Herald of Khorne

8 units in any combination taken from Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds or Bloodcrushers

Special Rules:

Escalating Bloodlust – units from this formation gain +1 attack when they are within 6″ of another unit in this formation.

This means bloodletters charge with 3 S5 Ap3 attacks each and flesh hounds charge with 4 S5 Ap – attacks! To gain the most benefit from this rule you want maximum units of Bloodletters as more bodies optimizes the +1 attack you gain.

Harbinger of Khorne – units from this formation within 12″ of the herald benefit from his locus, and can also benefit from a second locus!

This one is pretty epic, you can use it to give a 12″ bubble of Hatred letting all of your units re-roll all misses in the first round of combat or you could use it to give your units rage for yet another attack on the charge making a 10 point bloodletter hit with 4 S5 Ap3 attacks 🙂

The juicy part however is that this special rule allows units to benefit from multiple Loci! get an allied Herald of Khorne on a Blood Throne to make your units benefit from both loci!



A’rgath,king of swords: +1S, AP3, Specialist weapon, when fighting in a challenge always hits with 2+. 15 points

This one is a bargain for its points, Upgrading your weapon to have +1S and always hit on a 2+ is great! Just ask anyone who ever uses Kharn! Also great counter for invisibility 🙂

Lifetaker : AP2, Specialist weapong, 6 to wound are Instant Death, for every model killed, unit suffers 1D3 hits S3, AP4. 15 points

Another fantastic option, ap2 that is not unwieldy is always welcome and the bonus “splash damage” is a cool bonus

Crimson Crown; All Khorne Daemons at 8″ get +1A. 40 points

This is where it is at! It is expensive yes but combined with the above formation, some Loci Shenanigans etc you could have some serious damage output from your squads! It will be interesting to see the actual ruke to see if it is “units within 8” or “models within 8”

Skullcutter: AP2, Specialist weapon, 6 to hit are Strength Destroyer 30 points

Personal favourite of mine! Put on a herald in a unit of bloodletters so he is safe or a Juggernaut herald surrounded by hounds for fast hitting Destroyer funtimes

Khartoth, the blood thirsty: +1S, AP3, If a model suffers an unsaved wound remove it from the game. At the beginning of the model controller’s turn roll a D6. With 4+ the model comes back to play via Deep strike, at 12″ or less from the point it was removed from game.

The Ap3 really limits this ones use in my opinion. Most of the characters / units you want to do this to have a 2+ save. This one is best used on DPs or Bloodthirsters I suggest.

Armour of something: 3+ Armour save, Adamantium will, -1S to when attacking its bearer. This is kinda cool and coukd be useful on a Daemon Prince or Herald, I will reserve my judgement untill I get my hands on the full rules / points costs


The Daemonic Incursion

This formation on its own is very strong, but when combined with the command benefits of the Daemonic Incursion Detachment you have something very powerful indeed! On top of the above rules you also get the following command benefits:

Re-roll Daemonic instability tests, this is huge as sometimes the roll for instability can ruin your day, but with re-rolls you are much less likely to be banished and lose your entire unit!

Ability to +1 or -1 to rolls on the warp storm table, this is also extremely powerful as now a random annoying chart can be tweaked to be actually useful! This literally triples your chances of getting the result you want, geanted your chances still are not great… but it is much better.

Finally, the big one IMHO, the ability to hold an objective from afar! Objectives captured by units from this formation cound as holding it even if they move off, this lasts until an enemy scoring unit moves within 3″. So you can jump on the objective with hounds turn 1 then move along and still hold it in future turns! No more Khorne Daemons standing around objectives doing sweet F all!


Putting it All Together

Personally I am torn with this formation, when combined with the rules for the Daemonic Incursion you get a very strong set of rules, but it will definitely require a lot of support. This is where I feel the Khorne Daemonkin CAD is superior, it can add in Heldrakes and Maulerfiends with ease and also benefits from the Blood Tithe which can give you the +1 attack this formation offers as well as the tactical flexibilty to summon additional units or gain army wide FnP.

As for loadouts, again I am torn, part of me says Balls to the walls bloodletters, the more bodies you have the more you will benefit from the formations +1 attack and Loci benefits, plus I believe bloodletters are very strong for the points they cost and make a solid backbone to any khorne force….

On the other hand Flesh Hounds are very strong investment for their points, their sheer speed and ferocity is outstanding. I feel they will benefit from the objective capturing rules from the Daemonic Incursion will as they can jump on a backfield objective and then get stuck into combat fast.

One thing I am certain of… DO NOT USE BLOODCRUSHERS! lol. Not only do they provide the fewest bodies and thus make the worst use of the special rules but they also die to anything S8 So fast you will rage like the blood god himself!

~ So what are your thoughts in the newest of the Khorne Formations? What do you think of the Daemonic Incursion Detachnent? Lets get a conversation rolling in the comments below!

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Thanks for tuning in, Stay Bloody everyone!


  • LordKrungharr

    And I had to go and sell all my Khorne daemons a few months ago 💩

  • Majere613

    I did a blog on the book a while ago, and I’ll mention here what I did there- the Gorethunder Battery is an excellent complement to the Murderhorde. It lets three Skull Cannons fire together in an apocalyptic blast that is S8 AP3, Ignores Cover, but has a ‘tax’ of a Blood Throne, which is of little benefit to the Formation. If you’re running the Murderhorde, though, then you have a very good place to use the Throne.
    The note of caution is that we’re still talking about an AV12 chariot here, so you’re going to have to be pretty smart to keep the thing alive.

    • Moke

      Yes, and as soon as one chariot is popped the entire formation is useless.

      • Majere613

        Hardly. Pop the Throne, and the Skullcannons still work as normal and can still do the combined barrage. (The Throne just gets the 12″ bubble on the Locus which it has anyway from the Formation) Pop a Skullcannon, and the other two still have their standard shot and the Throne is still buffing the Murderhorde. If you were paying a point premium or taking tax units, there might be a problem, but I’ve found the Skullcannon to be a very handy model and if you’re running a Murderhorde and people are shooting at something else, that’s very much good news.

        • Djbz

          He meant one of the Skull cannons, which are chariots (sort of).One goes poof and the entire formation becomes pointless.
          Though I don’t really get the excitement about a St8 ap3 7″ blast anyway, Sure it’ll kill MEQs in cover but I’d rather just fire multiple ap5 5″ blasts for the dreadskull effect.

          And as far as I recall the Throne already causes a locus bubble…

          • Majere613

            That’s the point though. The Formation gives you four models you already have a use for, with a bonus ability that is entirely optional. You only need to have LOS with one Cannon to fire the combined shot, and since you’re going to want to keep the Murderhorde fairly tight anyway to gain maximum effect from the rules the things you’ll be charging will be close together.

            What I meant about the Throne is that all it gets from the Formation is the same “Harbinger of Khorne” rule as the Murderhorde’s Herald gets, which is a locus bubble and isn’t terribly useful since the Throne does it anyway. The one upside is that the Locus will still stack with another, but none of the Khorne loci are all that useful for Skull Cannons so you’re better off using it to buff the Murderhorde.

  • Tirelion

    Article was clearly written before the actual rules release. OP should edit since rules are out. “Skullcutter” (not the actual name) cannot be taken on a herald.

  • I have been always played 4 heralds, with rewards and AP2 weapons, along with some Fleshhounds for shield and Grimoire on them. Now you can play this along with Karanak, Auxiliary Formation, if i remember well, and you have 40 hounds(8×5 units) from the Murderhorde, Kairos and Karanak. It is pretty creepy when 40 hounds and some brutal Heralds coming to your opponent’s face !!!!!! 🙂

  • Majere613

    Oh, the Crown is an 8″ buff for DoK models, not units, I’m afraid.

  • ChubToad

    All I want, is just Khorne Flakes for breakfast. Is that too much to ask?