Outside the Box 02-05-16


Here we go again, welcome to a new issue of Outside the Box!

A new wave of releases is available:
12650879_10153534042108842_4421933983021370468_n 12645095_10153534041973842_3427591472707992023_n 12644857_10153534041678842_6977774577130584696_n 12651369_10153534041538842_349847536582788514_n 12647235_10153534041378842_8454324251234415582_n–> More Infinity News

Wyrd Miniatures
Malifaux gets new miniatures, too:
static1.squarespace.com asd WYR20426-Tuco–> More Wyrd Minaitures News

Skullduggery Press
Skullduggery Press presents the 15mm Death Guard Heavy Armor:

2211 –> More Skullduggery Press News

Spartan Games
This week we got a new preview of the Orion carrier for HALO:
12642887_1064022880334258_8774279509737959736_n–> More Spartan Games News

Mantic Games
New Goblins for Kings of War:
Ogre-Red-Goblin-Biggit--e1453917676584-595x600 sharpstickthrower-600x600–> More Mantic Games News

Zen Terrain
This Mead Hall is part of the new Norsgard terrain range:
–> More Zen Terrain News

Perry Miniatures
Perry miniatures offers their own limited edition miniature for Duel in the Sun and released new Napoleonics sets:
duel_in_the_desert_550333 22 –> More Perry Miniatures News

New Werewolf Strikers and close combat arms are now available:
565-2035-thickbox568-2040-thickbox–> More Puppetswar News

Hasslefree Miniatures
New previews of upcoming releases:
12687811_1729184433968001_4836333032308635105_n 12654693_1729900740563037_6102665730582254164_n–> More Hasslefree Miniatures News

A new Futurehab building is available:
fh3-01-500x500fh3-03-500x500–> More LaserCutCard News

Kromlech offers two new demons:
12647139_1119372868096745_1143487613358183667_n 12565340_1120626731304692_3535270364121313534_n–> More Kromlech News

Scibor Miniatures
Scibor Miniatures is working in more dwarfs:
–> More Scibor MIniatures News

GCT Studios
GCT Studios presents Naigubu for the Tengu Descension:
naigubu_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Anvil Industry
A new set of double-handed weapons is coming:
12631511_943482145733105_2927308983194729805_n–> More Anvil Industry News

Sarissa Precision
Sarissa Precision released a new Graveyard set:
1454146399561_g087_1–> More Sarissa Precision News

Warlord Games
Warlord Games announced reinforcements for the British in Bolt Action:

And modern plastic soldiers are coming in April (together with a new Zombie game):PJx–> More Warlord Games News

Rubicon Models
Rubicon Models published new pictures of their 2 1/2ton GMC truck:
12592192_1675694072683954_8279614620158583550_n–> More Rubicon Models News

And Microworld Games presents new 6mm SciFi Ratmen:
–> More Microworld Games News

And a couple of new Kickstarter campaigns:
IDW Games – Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boardgame
Mage Company – Aether Captains
Antenocitis Workshop – Game Box for Infinity
and of course
Mantic Games – The Walking Dead

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

Can Skullduggery Press please finally start to sell these miniatures???
  • BeneathALeadMountain

    Excellent stuff as always. Thank you TTfix.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    hmm, lol looks like they knew about wulfen way in advance! Otherwise coincidence as for a while now people were scooping em up on ebay!

    • georgelabour

      Yes..they somehow discovered the existence of the oh so super double chocolate chip secret, the Wulfen. A thing that GW has never once disclosed to the public or had as an option for in their games…

      It’s like, they read a book of future prophecies from way way back in the last millenia!


      • Severius_Tolluck

        No need for the lip sir 😛 I meant for the new releases as GW keeps things under a tight lid. There have been models before, but no new rules since the EoT campaign all those moons ago. However since it takes time to sculpt and develop, they must have gotten inside info that was accurate, or it was just a strange coincidence since the public wanted more wulfen!

        • georgelabour

          I’m going to say coincidence brought about by the fact the wulfen models are super popular on EBay, and that the previous codices have had options for them as well.

          There’s a couple other companies that have produced ‘wolf-man soldier’ heads in the past as well, and I think in this case they just took their own offerings and slapped more space-viking below its neck.

    • euansmith

      Zen Terrain’s Mead Hall could make a really nice centre piece for a Space Wolf themed table.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Yes it Can! I do love the look of that hall too! Wonder how much it would be to ship one my way.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        yes, would be easy enough to make it look like it was built from metal or ice, or ICE-METAL!!!!

        • euansmith


  • georgelabour

    Epic scale skaven? 0.0 Please make titan equivalents for these!

    Oh and…

    in the glitzy darkness of the cyber-opera-punk future there are still people swinging swords made from bones!

    • euansmith

      They could be really cool little details to add to the bases of 28mm Grim Dark models; the mutated rats that live behind the skirting board.

  • Erik Setzer

    Someone else throwing Wulfen (by another name) to market at the same time GW’s doing their new Wulfen is pretty amusing.

    I’m still not entirely on board with the ones here, but they look better than GW’s… which says more about how bad GW’s look.

    Also, there’s something about that one model under Hasslefree Miniatures… I feel like it reminds me of something, but I just can’t remember what. Guess I should just Let It Go…

    • euansmith

      “Do you wanna build a Wolfen?
      It doesn’t have ta be a Wolfen…”

  • euansmith

    Skullduggery’s 15mm Death Guard WIP is as amazing as ever. I would really like 28mm mini that looked like that.

    Warlord’s Modern Spec Ops look like really cool sprues. So many weapon options.

    Though they are not shown here, Wyrd have some really cool looking Chaos Spawn style dream monster things coming out.

    The star of the show, for me, though, is Hasselfree’s Ogre. What a lovely model.

  • Mike Tbone Green

    looking at the walking dead game. cant help but notice that Carl’s holster is for the left side and yet his gun is in his right hand. i hope they fix that

  • Arthfael

    Titan Forge released this cool count as for eldar armies: http://titan-forge.com/sci-fi_miniatures_ancient_spectres_void_cannon