Retribution:House Vyre Electromancers 1st Impressions

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House Vyre Electromancers – We stole from Cygnar!

Initial Impressions

Oh wow I can disrupt a colossal… oh wait. When I first read energy leak one of the three attack types they have on their Hand cannonish guns I thought these guys would terrorize all the big stompies out there but I read like 2 more words later and was disappointed. I have actually never used energy leak in a game yet but where I think it could be useful is to hit a bunch of jacks rather than one three times. Or to throw off the math of a heavy on heavy or heavy on colossal trade by lowering the opponents jack allocation by one.


Lightning Generator is where these guys shine, we have a few very good Cygnar players in our meta and they have touched me in some bad ways with electro leaps. Having it done to me so many times has rubbed off so I am a natural expert. Shooting your jack in his butt for example can be a great way to clear the charge lane for him by leaping off and not doing significant damage to him although at pow 12 you will scratch off some paint. But in every army either in yours or your opponents there always seems to be a few low defense guys hanging out next to some juicer target.


I have used pulse fire only once, but to great effect on a knocked down stalker, and I feel that I go to live the dream with that. If you can find an arm 18 or less multiwound target you’re in business. I can imagine them being effective on the non-shield wall medium based infantry as well. As I am reading this I always forget the Cortex damage rule on the gun, although as I mentioned I rarely actually target jacks with them so far that extra point in the cortex could knock it out one of those days with just one well-placed and lucky roll…



On the Field:

The Electromancers victim stat always concerns me but so far has not been an issue. They work as offensive support models which I know makes no sense, but I have found that since most the time I am using their electro leap option I can usually engineer the leap off of my own models or get just in range of their front line and sandpaper the first layer off. Because of the random d3 this unit sometimes does more than I needed it to or misses by one or two, the latter is extremely frustrating. I do wonder as I inflict more devastation with them if they will start to become a primary target for opponents if they will stay on the board.

Over all they are an extremely fun unit that has a great design that I hope to see Privateer Press do more often.

What do you think of Cygn…Retributions new Electromancers?  Please share in your comments below.

  • Noridaii

    Great to hear. I was very interested to see how they would go and whether I should get them for my Ret army.

  • mikethefish

    They were unjustifiably maligned when their stats were first released

  • WaarrggBobo

    Cough. Cygnar. Cough. PP has become creatively and thematically bankrupt. Cough. (Still great gameplay though)

  • Richard Mitchell

    Knocking down models leaves more focus to boost those damage rolls.