Star Trek Attack Wing: “I.K.S. Amar” Teased


It’s time to take on V’GER! Take a look at the I.K.S. Amar!

Star Trek Attack Wing via Star 

Amar IKS Star Trek 1

Let’s scan the ships basics:


The I.K.S. Amar is a Klingon K’t’inga-class battle cruiser that encountered and attempted to destroy the powerful entity called V’ger by firing torpedoes into the entity’s massive energy cloud. The torpedoes had no effect, which forced the Amar to retreat.


The I.K.S. Amar has one extra shield and one extra Crew Upgrade slot compared to a generic K’t’inga class starship. The special ability on the Amar allows you to place an Evade Token next to you ship if you attack, but you do not hit your target. With this special ability, if you can’t damage your opponent, at least you can help ensure you will be around next turn to try again. As the Captain of the I.K.S. Amar, Barak allows you to discard your Photon Torpedo Upgrade to gain +1 attack die when attacking with Photon Torpedoes.

The I.K.S. Amar Expansion Pack comes with three Crew Upgrades, any two of which may be equipped to the I.K.S. Amar. Klingon Helmsman is an Action that allows you to immediately perform an additional 1 Come About or 2 Come About Maneuver as a red maneuver. However, you must also discard the card after performing this action, and it cannot be deployed to a ship unless it has a Come About Maneuver on its dial. Klingon Helmsman brings a new dimension to the game by allowing your ship to take its normal movement (bank, turn, etc) and then perform a surprise Come About Maneuver. Expect this card to change the way you think about maneuvering on the battlefield in a major way. Klingon Navigator, on the other hand, is just the kind of thing you will need if your opponent performs an unexpected maneuver. During the Activation Phase, before you move, you may discard Klingon Navigator to perform any maneuver on your maneuver dial with a speed of 3 or less, treated as a red maneuver.  The last Crew Upgrade, Klingon Tactical Officer, focuses on dealing damage. When attacking with your primary weapon, you may disable Klingon Tactical Officer and spend your Evade Token to convert 1 of your Battle Stations results into a Hit result.

And of course it wouldn’t be a teaser with a look at the new cards:

Inset11 Inset21 Inset31



Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 23 coming from Wizkids early 2016!

  • AX

    Bother anyone else that the picture for the Helmsmen, Navigator and Tactical Officer are the same Klingon, from *slightly* different angles? Come on WizKids, Hire some artists

  • durendin

    I could get into Star Trek Attack Wing – however, the models are clown-shoes and totally out of proportion to each other. They look like something out of a Christmas Cracker or a key-fob.

    • Michael Virks

      THIS so much. I would be all over this instead of X-Wing if the models were moulded and painted to the same standard. Such a missed opportunity…