Tabletop Spotlight: Blightbringer


The Tabletop Spotlight is on: The Blightbringer!

Hello again BoLS Readers – Our buddies from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over the AMAZING new Legion of Everblight Gargantuan – The Blightbringer! Now, I already did our own unboxing of this beast but this time I get another set of eyes in on the gig and get their opinion on the model. Besides – the Tabletop Spotlight is all about stuff you can find in stores right now on top of showing off boardgames and other systems you might not know about.

My opinion on his model hasn’t changed – it’s awesome and if you’re a Legion player it’s probably one of the best models to have in your arsenal. It’s an amazing well done kit and will make an excellent hobby challenge for anyone to build & paint.

Blightbringer $124.99



via Privateer Press

Shrouded by a cloud of blighted ash, the Blightbringer burns with an inner fire like that of the dragons themselves. Hails of gunfire disappear in the billowing haze, and the dragonspawn’s overwhelming emissions smother the talents of enemy spellcasters. So hot are the fires burning within that the very blood pumping through its veins remains at a perpetual boil. The Blightbringer is the flame around which the legion gathers, while the empires of men and dragons tremble at their approach.


The Blightbringer – You could fit a whole pDenny in there!

  • Edouard Decaen

    As i said in a previous comment i am interested in other table top games than GW’s ones. It seems to me that Hordes and WM are great games even thought i think it s stupid to have made to different games… The minis are very expensive thought.

    • Chardun

      Though Warmachine and Hordes are two different games, they’re interchangeable and can be played against each other. Also, the rules are now free online.

      • TweetleBeetle

        But, it is more expensive, mini for mini, than anything from GW. Also, a lot of them are awfully goofy, and hybrid kits featuring metal and their awful (but improving) resin. They are some of the most nightmarish kits to assemble.

        In a tournament setting, you will play Cryx, or some seasonally broken caster from another faction. That’s it. Well, that or you can just lose.

        • Crevab


        • JN7


        • Chardun

          Mini for mini, yes. But not by much, and you don’t need half as much as you do for GW. And again, you save lots of money by freely available rules.

          As for your comment about the tournament meta, it isn’t like you paint it. Nor is it as bad as 40K, where Eldar went from a strong codex to an even stronger one while other factions languished.

        • Captain Raptor

          I hope GW pays you well Tweedle. Only you could defend $60 for 5 miniature Wulfen in one thread while simultaneously bashing a much cheaper game in this one. I can assume you didn’t read the article earlier today detailing just how well balanced the Warmahordes tournament scene is.

          • V10_Rob

            Some of the recent releases, particularly warcasters, have made me do a double take. Hard to reconcile a 3 figure caster unit at double or triple the price of another PP blister with 2 to 4 minis in it.

            Think maybe they’ve been stealing too much from GW’s playbook.

          • Gridloc

            I feel that GW’s pricing opened the door for many of these companies. Mantic, warlord games and a few others still have low prices, but WM/H is pretty big and as such think they are capitalizing on the markup that GW has been using for years. I hope it doesn’t hurt PP in the end, but as i’m not a marketing expert I can’t say. All i can do is vote with my wallet, so if its too much i’ll look for it on ebay or other online 2nd hand sellers.

        • nurglitch

          If you want to encourage 40k-positive discussion then you need to encourage positive discussion about all games. Be polite and supportive even if the game people are talking about isn’t your cup of tea. It’s something I need to do more of too.

        • zeno666

          Show me here on this doll where the naughty cryx-player touched you?

        • Gridloc

          Hahaha, he just said he is leaving GW games. So instead of insightful other solutions (we can tell you don’t like WM/H) you just put down WM/H which is shallow approach. If you want people to listen to you and not sound like a GW brat, suggest other games or understand that some people don’t want to play 40k/Aos anymore.

          Edouard Decaen , WM/H is very fun, the models are a bit more to work with than GW, that part is true, but they are some beautiful models. The game is very tactical and no matter the faction you pick you will be able to play competitive (if you like that) or even fun fluffy games with a little worry about being outmatched. This isn’t to say there aren’t bad match ups, but even those can be won by clever planning.

        • ZeeLobby

          Most nightmare kit is easily the SM drop pod. Or anything from FW you have to spend hours bending and sanding to fit. Never had to do any of that with PP models so far.

        • Derail another Warmachine/Hordes thread into a GW vs Privateer argument and I’ll suspend your account indefinitely.

    • JN7

      You don’t have to have the big pieces in order to play, or even to compete. Most of PP minis are priced similarly to other miniature games and you don’t need as many models to play.

      • V10_Rob

        Local consensus is that to compete somewhat seriously (ie. attending a tourny outside your regular FLGS circle), the price approaches 40k. YMMV.

        Cost of entry into the game is much friendlier, though. And very few things you buy will be rendered useless by new shinies.

    • Captain Raptor

      It’s a good game, far more balanced than anything GW offers. That being said it does have a more advanced learning curve than most games. The models are only more expensive if you pay retail. There are many online sellers that will sell at 30-40% off consistently. You won’t need a ton of stuff to play either.

    • Trasvi

      Keep in mind that WMH requires significantly less models than GW. So while this guy is $125, he makes up 30-40% of your overall points cost – and the Gargantuans are probably the worst $ to points ratio you can get. Compared to a GW-equivalent Stormsurge for $150 still only making up 20% of your overall force. Or 3 drop pods for 8% of your force…

      Also Warmachine and Hordes are the same game. In fact a Warmachine faction probably has more in common with a Hordes faction than Tyranids have with Necrons. There are abilities on warmachine models that only affect hordes models, and vice-verse. IIRC the reason they’re marketed as different games is for some legal/licensing reason, not any desire to keep them separate.

    • petrow84

      Hordes and WM share about 80% of the basic rules, that makes the game wholly compatible with each other.
      The last 20% differs significantly, making a resource-management game out of Warmachine (thanks to the constantly replenishing FOCUS, as a resource to be spared), and a risk-management game out of Hordes (usually your warbeasts produce you FURY to burn, but too much will get them frenzied, and too low will stops you from properly carry out your battleplans).

      Minis are expensive indeed, especially units. However, most of them can be used in your force only in limited numbers. Not to mention their longevity; very few units became useless since the starting of Mk2 (Mercenary warjacks come into my mind).
      Also, a unit might function completely differently under the command of certain leaders. If you want to compare with 40k, regard each caster’s list, as a new codex.
      On an army level it is not more expensive, as 40k.

  • petrow84

    That’s one sexy Hydralisk… Alien Queen… Sharklien… whatever. I want it.

    • zeno666

      Yeah me too, I love it!
      And I don’t play Legion…. yet 😉

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Oh I am suffering the same thing. I bought my wife the two player starter so she can have the circle in it, and of course that left legion to sell away, So now I am like more legion you say… The beasts of Legion are so appealing. Not so much the infantry. However

        • WildWingZero

          Good news, Legion is the beast faction.

    • Gridloc

      This model alone has me eye’n the All-in-one army of legion sitting at my FLGS

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Those all in ones are such good deals! I did the math and it is good. Usually about 70+ off retail in most cases, and if you get those at flgs with a discount or online, my god the savings!