Ten Spoilers From Curse of the Wulfen You Need To Know

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Some lucky hobbyists have the Curse of the Wulfen book and are dishing on the what happening to the Space Wolves and why they are under attack!

++++++ Caution Spoilers +++++++



 You have been warned…

10. The Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and Ulrik become trapped in a cave while fighting Nurgle Daemons.

9. Bjorn Dispatches Krom Dragongaze to the Wolf Moon on Fenris to advert a Thousand Son trap.

8. The Alpha Legion is attempting to turn the Fenris system into a new Warp Rift, but are they acting, alone….?

grey-knights-wulfen - Copy

7. Warp Storms across the Galaxy form the symbol of Vengeance when mapped out, that were last seen on Prospero during the razing of the Thousands Sons Chapter.

6. Bjorn can now fight on the astral plane as well as the physical.

5. The Grey Knights did not know about the Wulfen, until now.

4. The “Oversized” Ceremonial Weapons that were placed around the Fang are really the weapons left behind of the Wulfen.

3. Harad Deathwolf discovers the lost 13th company.


2. The Changling has infiltrated the bridge of the Dark Angels Chapter Monastery of the Rock.

1.  Over one dozen chapters of Space Marines have joined the Crusade fleet that has arrived to bring the Wolves to heel.

CLIFFHANGER!!! (read below)


Who wants to bet they’ll be a book two for Warzone Fenris?

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  • Brett Thompson

    Based on these revelations, there is almost a 100% chance of the Thousand Sons appearing in a future book and getting rules too. I’m eagerly looking forward to this.

    • georgelabour

      And then the people who whined about there being no thousands sons can return to their original complaint about there being Thousand Sons!

      The cycle of the angryhammer whinging shall then come full circle and form an ouroboros of impotent nerdrage. Just as Tzeenth planned.

  • nurglitch

    So essentially the Space Wolves are being brought to heel for violating Imperial Edicts against Witchcraft and Mutation? Quelle surprise!

    • Zack Seiders

      I am more surprised about the sudden changeling in a place of important to the dark angels. Knowing the changelings record of being a big time troll what is about to happen is going to be big.

      • Or something GW has teased for years is true: the dark angels have been infiltrated by chaos worshippers for far longer than thought. maybe some of the fallen are even in the right when they say Johnson, and not Luther, was the traitor. You could see the unrelenting hunt by Dark Angels against the fallen as a clever way to cover their tracks. that and maybe the oldest warrior of the imperium knows something. something dangerous enough for them to want to shut him up definitely.

        • Richard Mitchell

          Vote for Luther. He has skills.

          • Jonathan B.

            Luther for President!

        • euansmith

          “Thou art the whisper in the gloom,
          The hinting tone, the haunting laugh:
          Thou art the adorner of my tomb,
          The minstrel of mine epitaph.”

          From “The Dark Angel” by Lionel Johnson

          It was Tzeench all along 😉

        • Azrell

          or you could have read any of the Dark Angel books, like the last one that more or less explained whats going on with Cypher.

          • Tesq

            you mean codex or pubblication cos i have lost this new cypher stuff seems !
            Could you tell me the source please?

          • I’m not made of money, and there are much better SF reading than GW’s hundreds of overpriced novels. At this point can’t they publish something like an encyclopedia of 40K ? because i’d buy that in a heartbeat.

          • Terminus

            Which one? And please don’t say anything by Gav Thorpe. 🙁

      • latro990

        Its the watchers in the dark, never trusted those lil fellas, chaos familiars in wait the entire time XD

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          I thought they were Ewoks in fancy dress.

          • georgelabour

            ewoks are to awesome and dangerous for the 40k universe to hold them.

            Even Ghagzhkull would bow to their status as alpha predators, and he’s physically incapable of actually bending over that far.

      • Mr_Pickles

        it would be funny to see the Dark Angels (and their helpers) considered rogues for the attack on the space wolves. Wiping out a Space Marine Chapter, and a First Founding one at that, has no small consequences. I’m sure the High Lords of Terra are going to be throwing some “WTF?” comments towards the Dark Angels.

    • Secundum

      I’d put money on the Wolves winning actually. They’re a very large ‘chapter’, have the 2nd most defended world in the Imperium (only Terra bating it), and were specifically created to kill other Space Marines. The inquisition already tried to wipe them out once, and it crippled the Grey Knights.

      • Terminus

        They weren’t specifically created to kill other Space Marines. The “Executioners” title was self-appointed to show that they would never turn any order down, but the rest of the Legions ignored it (like Angron when he bootstomped Russ).

        • Secundum

          It’s flat-out stated in Prospero Burns.

          • Terminus

            And flat out stated otherwise in every single book since, including straight from the mouth of Leman Russ in Wolf King.

    • Bayne MacGregor

      They are also big-time tech heretics keeping designs from the Mechanicus, using unsanctioned technology including xenos tech ‘alien ice!’. Sounds like the Mechanicus aren’t in on bringing them to heel though, which is a shame, it’d be a natural addition.

      • georgelabour

        Source of the canon information on the mechanicus having these opinions?

        • Bayne MacGregor

          Like ALL of the lore on the Mechanicus? All tech belongs to them as per the treaty of Olympus Mons that formed the Imperium (amongst other sources the novel Death Of Integrity), Xenos tech is Heresy (BFG Explorator Fleet background specifically number 9 of the 16 Universal Laws “The alien mechanism is a perversion of the true path”) they have a monopoly on technology and all rediscovered stuff is theirs, all xenos tech is theirs to study.

          The Blood Angels are bad for keeping their tech, Marneus’s gauntlets are heretical being repurposed alien tech, all that frost stuff of the wolves are heresy let alone thy actually have a Chaos weapon used by a character (the axe Morkai!!)

          The Mechanicus risked war with Terra when they siezed the Culexus Temple (yep! took the temple!) and got the Golden Cog artefact whatever it does (Skitarii Codex timeline entry War of the Golden Cog) and open war was only stopped when a Vindicare took down the then Fabricator General.

          Fighting the wolves? They’d totally be in on that.

          • Tesq

            also remaind of kalgor draigo sword….

          • georgelabour

            So then there is in fact nothing canon from the producers of the game that the mechanicus is in fact upset to the point of religious war.

            Instead we have actual canon showing that the people who produce the Wolves’ weapons, ships, provide tech support, and train their Iron Priests (who bear the rank of Adept in the Mechanicus) are in fact not doing much of anything.

            I’m afraid unless you have concrete references then just saying how you wish things were is insufficient to alter what we’re actually presented with by the people who provide the relevant material.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            The 16 universal laws are canon. Number 9, first of the Warnings of the Omnissiah is The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path.

            That makes several Astartes chapters tech-heretics. Using chaos weapons is also heresy, radical inquisitors approve and others kill the radicals for using them (Inquisitor rulebook and tons of novels and background). The Axe Morkai is a reforged chaos weapon. That’s heresy. The gauntlets of Ultramar are alien so that’s heresy. Just like an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor wielding an eldar shuriken catapult it’s heresy, heresy radicals are willing to commit to protect the Imperium but it’s heresy nonetheless.

            Techmarines are trained on Mars but even those have a complication of duty, it’s been there since early editions that techmarines like librarians are often viewed with suspicion in many chapters because of their conflict of loyalty (long before the Mechanicus tried to make their own Astartes Chapters like the Steel Confessors chapter), and we have quite a few examples of tech-heresy from techmarines so we have examples where they break the laws of Mars because their Chapter says to.

            Baal Predators for example, the overcharged engine. Not sharing several STCs with everyone other than successor chapters, new invented un-sanctioned alteration to sTC designs, those are Blood Angel tech-heresies.

            That’s before we mention the heresy of some chapters keeping some geneseed irregularities secret.

            The Grey Knights are also tech-heretics, look at the dreadknight for example. Their little mini forgeworld is full of things not shared with Mars despite the treaty that the double-headed aquila represents, they are heretics, radicals.

            Look at the Jokearo (i love they brought those back) they are Xenos, extreme tech-heretics their every creation a blasphemy to the Omnissiah, fighting alongside one? That’s heresy the xenos are to be purged their technology to be studied but not used. Jokaero? That’s a radical’s action, heresy.

            Space Marine Battles: The Death of Integrity shows that the Mechanicus are willing to risk armed conflict to get possible STCs from a Space Hulk a chapter was just going to bombard, and willing to pull jurisdiction to order two chapters to obey and board that hulk.

            The Skitarii Codex shows that the Mechanicus are willing to go to war with Terra over the tech kept hidden in the Culexus Temple!

            The Skitarii codex, Cult Mechanicus codex, novels Skitarius, Techpriest, Knights of the Imperium and the Of Mars trilogy show that the Mechanicus will go to extraordinary lengths for scraps of old technology including sacrificing whole worlds, risking destroying Knight Houses, stirring up Ork Waaaghs, risking splintering the entire Imperium (seriously the war of the golden cog is a pretty darn serious thing! Taking possession of the Culexus temple and almost causing a war between Mars and Terra? That’s way bigger than fighting a marine chapter!). There is also of course the conflict with the Soul Drinkers chapter (Soul Drinkers novels), successor chapter of the Imperial Fists, over the Soulspear weapon which led to the destruction of the Mechanicus Star Fort Lakonia and the excommunication of the Soul Drinkers. So it’s hardly the first time Mechanicus and Astartes end up in conflict or near conflict over technology.

            The Space Wolves use of ‘alien ice’? Blatant tech-heresy. Keeping those flyers and frost guns to themselves? Blatant and major Tech-Heresy. The Blood Angels STC hoarding? Tech-Heresy. Gauntlets of Ultramar? Tech-Heresy.

            Now perhaps the Mechanicum will come in in the next campaign book, or maybe they’ll miss out on the whole thing being told too late to bring the tech-heretics to the Omnissiah’s justice but it remains the Wolves are tech-heretics and they have technology the Mechanicus has right to under the Imperial law, and the Mechanicus will go to war to assert their right to technology, to STCs especially.

          • georgelabour

            Again you are just reposting your opinion on the situation over and over.

            Unless you can cite an actual canon reference that says that the Mechanicum is.

            a) Not responsible for the manufacture, maintenance, and security of these proprietary patterns. This would include the involvement of the tech-marines as those are also members of the mechanicum, and thus ordained to operate in the omnissiah’s name.

            b) has reached a consensus that reaches up to the highest levels of their byzantine organizations and ended in a declaration of tech heresy.

            Then please stop confusing your personal interpretation with the facts as presented in the relevant materials.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            Show where they are built by those without divided loyalties!

            Early 40k lore said The Fang was filled with ancient technology the Mechanicus wanted to get their hands on just like Knight Worlds. The Imperial Knight Codex and Imperial Knight Companion show that despite the Mechanicus training of Sacristans and attempt to control the technology of the Knights many Knight worlds still have technological secrets the mechanicus do not have their hands on thanks to the independent status of Knight worlds. The Serfs in the Fang are sworn to the Wolves, the Iron Priests are sworn to the Wolves. Old lore had them having held on to a lot of technological secrets themselves.

            Does the Wolves and Blood Angels and Dark Angels codices specify that they have deals with specific Forgeworlds to build those chapter-specific designs exclusively and not pass those on? Where does it say they are built by the Mechanicus elsewhere and not in the manufactora of the Astartes by the chapter-sworn Techpriests?

            We know from multiple canon sources that Chapters build many things themselves, some chapters are especially famed for it (Salamanders et al). We know that where techmarines loyalty is torn between the Mechanicus and their Chapter that many will choose the Chapter (actually i can’t think of one where they did the opposite).

            So where is the evidence that it is not thus?

            We have two plausible hypotheses, that they have an exclusive deal with Mechanicus of sufficient authority to get away with not sharing it with other chapters (Which potentially might make a Fabricator General of a Forgeworld a Heretic for not passing the STC on to Mars and might still not let the Chapter off the hook unless we have a Canon source showing that the Fabricator General of Mars has ok’d such an arrangement) or that they keep it to themselves by not sharing it with the Mechanicus and build it themselves using their own Manufactora.

            Two competing hypotheses, where’s your canon references to support yours?

            The Universal Laws are canon and so show the Wolves (and less so the Ultramarines) are guilty of tech-heresy so that’s unavoidable Q.E.D. right there. Whether CAUGHT or not the law is listed, the crime is listed, the guilt is certain.
            The question is only whether the STC hoarding of the Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels are also acts of Tech-Heresy as is likely.

          • georgelabour

            That we have no canon statement saying the mechanicus has declared these devices, and their users, as heretekical is evidence enough to show that at least a relevant portion of the organization supports their useage in some way.

            Further we have canon evidence of the mechanicum itself employing ‘xenos-tech’ items in their own use. E.G: Uncreator Gauntlet( Codex Cult Mechanicus), certain Jokaero devices.

            We also have many many items that are limited to a specific astrographic region or even faction. E.G: Acatran pattern gear such as the Tauros, and weapons used by the Elysians are not available in the wider Imperium. Vanquisher, and Executioner Leman russes, Shadowsword Super heavys. Neither are robots. Teleport capable titans are another large example as even Mars is not shown to deploy those.

            We have evidence that due to imperial decree certain items are only permitted to specific organizations even though they could be provided to the imperium at large. E.G: Land Raiders, specific types of interstellar transports and space craft such as Lightning Interceptors, and Astartes battle barges.

            The Storm Raven is an example of a limited production pattern originaly tested by the Grey Knights and Blood Angels only to later be distributed to the wider imperium after 1,000 years of tests. This is confirmed in various codices and the Deathwatch RPG from FFG.

            Nor is there anything stating they are uninvolved in their construction,
            and maintenance. That the tech-mariness are both adepts AND stated as being involved in operating and construction lends more weight
            to this stance. In fact the Stormwolf’s pilot is an Iron priest, and the sprues for many marine vehicles including Baal predators include tech marine shoulderpads.

            We also have evidence that the mechanicus CAN withdraw its patronage, and thus doom a chapter to the status of renegades. E.G: The Marines Malevolent from the Salamanders Trilogy, and The Mantis Warriors from Warrior Brood.

            With all that incidental information , and the lack of canon stating otherwise, there is no credible evidence that the mechanicum as an organizations cares enough, or even desires to, make war over the use of the chapter specific patterns employed by any of the first founding legions. If anything they are complicit in its useage.

            As the request was to provide material backing a statement that the Wolve’s are indeed hereteks I have to once again say that without such a reference then the original proclamation is false.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            Absence of a formal declaration that use of a SPECIFIC piece of xenos tech is heretical? You think that’s a valid argument when ALL Xenos tech use is declared Heretical? Come on that’s serious straw-clutching.

            Yes we have canon evidence of Radical Heresy actions in the Mechanicus just like every area of the Imperium, we have bound daemonhosts in use by the Inquisition too, and we have Inquisitors executing Inquisitors for being Radical Heretics for using them (Inquisitor game et al). Another fine example is in the Imperial Knight Companion where a Magos Biologis was using controlled Tyranids, and was taken down by a Knight and Skitarii force for his heresies. (A good canon source for players wanting to ally Tyranids and other factions in a fluff-valid way!). The Cult Mechanicus Codex also shows Radical Heresy actions in the attempts to repair the Golden Throne. That doesn’t make it non-heresy to break the 9th of the 16 Universal Laws it just means there are Heretics amongst the Mechanicus just like the Inquisition and the Astartes.

            Yes some tech is Forgeworld specific, some the ability to manufacture is gone entirely, some the ability to manufacture elsewhere doesn’t exist because the manufacture tech is lost so only pre-existing munufactora can build those pattern STCs and some is based on having an existing local STC which is used instead because of pride (building Mars-pattern on Mars because it is Mars-pattern etc). And yes a lot of weaponry and machinery is Astartes-specific, some are physically only able to be used by them, some was designed for their use (with the Emperor/Omnissiah’s personal blessing of course), some were decreed so by the Emperor/Omnissiah. That’s different to chapters keeping things to and for themselves though.

            As for ‘cares enough’ we are specifically told that Mechanicus armies are sent to war based on the personal ambitions and political position of Magi/Arch-Magi/Fabricator-Generals. It may well be easier to get a force together for an Explorator expedition than to sanction an Astartes chapter but were the Fabricator General of Mars willing well i already repeatedly cited the War of the Golden Cog where the Culexus Temple was seized by Mars risking war with Terra and conflict that would potentially leave the Moraie Schism looking minor with the result that a single artifact ended up in Skitarii hands (GW really need to give us more on that one!). Now if the Wolves are ALREADY being declared Hereticus for their embracing their mutant Wulfen then that’s a massive opportunity for every Mechanicus force nearby to get hold of invaluable Archeotech just for a start hence justifying their involvement.

            The breaking of the 9th Universal Law is Heresy, a fine excuse to justify descending on Fenris like vultures.

          • georgelabour

            No matter how many times you state your personal opinion on the matter you have not yet provided any of the information requested. Your attempt to drag the topic onto a tangent is also irrelevant.

            Therefore it is safe to assume you do not in fact have any way of substantiating your original claims.

            Have a pleasant day.

          • Haighus

            Hmm, you cite Space Marines innovating designs, presumably such as new Land Raider variants. This is a privilege that is bestowed on Space Marine forges due to the unique role of the Space Marines however, as shown by the fact that many such field modifications have been accepted as machine canon by the Mechanicus. Innovation is also shown not to be tech-heresy by this, within certain bounds. Basically, if a new design is created by kit-bashing different aspects of STC designs together, it seems to be fair game, and is considered to have been fine all along. This is probably due to the Mechanicus recognising the inherently modular nature of many STC templates.

            The Mechanicus is also (usually) not stupid, and has adopted many designs which are ‘STC’ due to their effectiveness, especially during the time of the Great Crusade. Usually after much debate between staunch traditionalists and more practical Magi.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            Mechanicus lore shows innovation is sometimes allowed, following a few centuries of investigation and debate first to show that it was divinely inspired by the Machine God.

          • Haighus

            Actually, whilst the Axe Morkai was wielded by a Chaos champion, reconsecrating artefacts recovered from Chaos forces is a process supported in the background in other places. It is likely to be a very slow process involving repeated blessing of the artefact though. Rare vehicles and wargear, up to and including titans and ships, are fair game if the taint does not run so deep as to be irremovable.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            Ah well see back in 2nd ed the statline of that weapon made it pretty clear it was still suss. But you do bring up good points re Titans and Ships so i concede that, not that it helps Calgar.

  • Jonathan B.

    Is this the Wolftime, then?

    • am1t


  • latro990

    This all seems very reminiscent of another game a little while ago eek…

    Its actually quite exciting though.

    • Jonathan B.

      Yes on Russ appearing (I’d love to see the GK and DA cowering before a primarch), no on the being a DP.

      • Muninwing

        … until a better, bigger, more awesome primarch comes and cold-cocks him. again.

        • An_Enemy

          I think you meant autistic and traitorous.

          • Muninwing

            you’re traitorous.

            and i’m not going to make fun of people with autism.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Why am I not surprised by neurotypical Abelist rot from that guy?

  • ChubToad

    Does anyone know if the Curse of the Wolfen book has some GK formations? Or DA formations as well?

    • Fenrisian

      Nope. Might be in part 2 of this campaign.

  • JN7

    Trapped in a cave? Really? A man that could literally chew his way through a bulkhead is trapped in a cave…

    • georgelabour

      It’s more like they collapsed an entire continent on him while the company was fighting off four armies worth of Daemons, and high ranked princes.

      • Muninwing

        go big or go home, right?

        • georgelabour

          How about go big, punch your way out of it, and then go home to punch all the things?

    • DeadlyYellow

      Rocks fall, everyone dies.

    • Azrell

      the same guy that insists on riding a broken longship into a gun fight? He probably just does not understand that you can turn around and walk out the way he came in.

      • JN7

        I actually find that reasoning more palatable.

  • latro990

    Also if the DA have been infiltrated by chaos again… gotta slap this one on the campaign play list 😀


    • benn grimm
      • latro990

        well a lot of people say 30k is better XD

        • benn grimm

          Indeed and right they be. But the unforgiven 2 is still cheesy as all heck 😛

  • SacTownBrian

    Wolves are now heretical. Well nothing like moving another story thread forward. Guess Wolves are the new chaos marines dex everyone always wanted.

    • Spacewolflars

      they’ve always been at odds with the Inquisition

    • euansmith

      It was there in plain sight all along! Goatboy was just taunting us with his Goatwolves!

    • Chaosrex

      Finally can do my Khorne Wolves army

    • Terminus

      Space Wolves have been the go to dex for Chaos since 5th edition. All the stupid crap actually makes sense when it’s because Chaos.

  • Jamie Garrett

    Sweet. Gives me another reason for my imperial fists to pound some space puppy

    • Spacefrisian

      Meanwhile we see Greyknights showering in blood….so erm what was this anti puppy thing again?

  • benn grimm

    Wow, the great wolf, stuck in a cave, real juicy cliffhanger there. Will he burrow out or explode his way out, tune in same wolf-time, same wolf channel next month to find out…

    • Itll be like the A Team. They will find an old rhino, put a bunch of guns and armor on it and jump it thru the mouth of a valcano. Land. Exit the vehicle, spark a cigar and great wolf will say “I love it when a plan comes together”
      Boom. Pay me gdub. I will take payment in the form of Forgeworld.

      • benn grimm

        Lol and Ulrik’ll be all like; ‘I aint gettin on no Thunderhawk sucka!’ 😉

        • Luckily puppies even space puppies, like milk. Shoyld be easy to drug him 😉

        • pad_uk

          I actually lolled at that. Good job. 🙂

      • georgelabour

        I keep saying that the Mastodon needs to be painted in A-team colors…

        This is the perfect excuse.

        • You must post pictures lol

          • georgelabour

            Sadly the forge world knights have my heart, and my wallet until as such time as I have a Porphyrion.

            Or three.

  • latro990

    ooo its like Thor and Loki all over again

  • Captain Raptor

    40k Space marine civil war? Yes please! I’m Thinking of running this campaign and making my own Dark Angels army to battle my friend’s Space Wolves.

    Moving the story forward is a much needed breath of fresh air for 40k. I hope the future brings 40k versions of Russ and Johnson so they can settle their differences once and for all.

    • amaximus167

      Now, if only they keep the story advancement and don’t tie everything up with a, ‘oh, we were all duped by Chaos, lets band together and forget the whole thing!”

      • Bayne MacGregor

        The duping can be discovered and still have plenty of fall-out and consequence. I could see one or more chapters having to do a penitential crusade to make amends for a start.

    • Bayne MacGregor

      Once and for all? See trouble with that is it’s a story Ending, not a story progressing.

  • Muninwing

    ah, proofreading…

    • frank

      was thinking that as well did they really advert a trap?

      • Muninwing

        that sentence doesn’t even make sense with “avert”

        it reads like 40% good war story, 40% mediocre comic book, 20% middle school fanfiction. i hope the quality of the actual book is better.

        then again, Kauyon was similarly cheezed up. “ghostly laughter” and all that…

        • Azrell

          its not.

          • Muninwing

            sad panda…

  • Nuno Castilho

    Welcome to the End Times for 40k – prepare to be Sigmared!

    • ChubToad

      You’ll be with us all along, so enjoy it too!

      • Nuno Castilho

        Happily, I play 40k with Epic Armageddon rules 😉

    • am1t

      40K getting ‘Sigmared’ – LOL! Except this time around GW will say all 40K minis will now be modelled on square/rectangular bases …

  • Aaron Dunn

    what is this Changeling?

    • Jonathan B.

      A daemon of Tzentch who amongst other things likes to play practical jokes like putting a nurgling on the Throne of Skulls just before Khorne sits down on it.

      • Zack Seiders

        Also known to be a complete troll even by tzeentch standards. A tale of a rouge governor should explain EVERYTHING you need to know about this daemon. Changeling disguised himself as a keeper of secrets and offer the governor a deal, his daughters in exchange for a device that will end the siege. Device was a homing beacon that called in dark angel terminators to the governors location. The siege did end at that point.

        • wibbling

          Err, do you mean rogue?

  • Christie Bryden

    Well done GW… Well done, now if you can bring out a codex with legions rules all will be well.

  • Coltcabunny

    “9. Bjorn Dispatches Krom Dragongaze to the Wolf Moon on Fenris to advert a Thousand Son trap.”

    Oh BoLS, was there ever a more appropriate malapropism…?

    • DeadlyYellow

      “It was the best trap yet created by the Thousand Sons.”
      – Krom Dragongaze

      • euansmith


  • An_Enemy

    I think it’s great that they’ve been riding the “First Founding Legions would never fight one another” for decades and suddenly “yeah, but some dudes saw werewolves…”

    • Azrell

      Im surprised they didn’t just go “all in” thinking teens like twilight right? lets do BA vs SW!

    • georgelabour

      Yes they’ve totally been doing that…if you leave out all the times it’s actually happened…

      There’s even a space wolves novel where they fight some dark angels over who gets to kill a rebel governor.

      And I’ve heard rumors about them fleshing out the early days of the imperium. Apparently they’ve written a book or something about that.

      • An_Enemy

        Space Wolves and Dark Angels fighting in a black library book over who kills some rando totally matches up with bombarding their home planet you prat.

        As opposed to the explicitly stated fluff in multiple codices that the Wolves have mostly been left alone because the other Legions wouldn’t stand for an attack on them being made.

        Azrael sees werewolves and just presses a red button. Not weak storytelling at all.

        Not to mention that the Wolves are single handedly keeping the Emperor’s peace in their sector. Short of openly declaring war on the Imperium no one in their right mind would try to remove them and risk a power vacuum. The only reason the Inquisition tried it is because they defend their authority like you defend GW.

        • georgelabour

          Sooooo… rather than defend your original claim that GW has not had legions (or did you mean Loyalist chapters) fight each other for decades you instead….

          Chose to write all of that, and continue with your tradition of ineffective insults.

          • An_Enemy

            Or you could have just used common sense and come to the conclusion that I was referring to the Loyalist Legions and not the Traitors…

            Hence the insults. Because you’re an idiot and a troll.

          • georgelabour

            Your original attempt at finding something to complain about is still inaccurate. There are canon examples of loyalist legions, and their descendant chapters, coming to conflict with each other.

            That you personally declare those examples as inconvenient or upsetting to you does not change the fact of their existence.

  • am1t

    I have heard Supreme Commander Azrael giggles like a school girl when the Changeling tickles his Sword of Secrets in his Inner Circle …

  • mysterex

    Read the novel, actually at approx 140 pages novella really, and thought it was a bit “cartoony” with emphasis on combat rather than actual story.

    That said, this seems to be the case with Black Library releases designed to tie in with specific releases.

    • georgelabour

      It definitely wasn’t as good as Tech-Priest or KNights of The Imperium were.

      But then they had to fit an awful lot of content into those pages.

  • Jim Collins

    This reads like… advancing the plot.

    I so want to know who’s behind the sword. It doesn’t look like Drachnyen(sp). Leman was a fan of big swords.

  • am1t

    OK … so as a SW fanboy I have just finished reading the fluff in Age of Sigmar: Curse of the Wulfen. While the stories were the usual ‘good guys vs bad guys, save the puppies, all seems lost, good guys win’ formula … the cliffhanger was awesome …

    Now, it seems the Imperium led by the Dark Angels are about to seriously censure the Wolves … and were not talking dog-whistles and rolled up newspaper here! Looking forward to the next installment already!

    Finally, food for thought. That picture of the giant spaceship is the Rock (not Dwayne Johnson) – the Fortress Monastery of the Dark Angels!!! WOW! … Now your probably thinking why is it so phallic-shaped? Well it just confirms what we have all known, now verified in full colour … The Lion wasn’t waiting to see which side won … the Dark Angels are just D*cks!

  • Chris. K Cook

    “9. Bjorn Dispatches Krom Dragongaze to the Wolf Moon on Fenris to advert a Thousand Son trap.”

    Called it. TS will be in book 2.