The Walking Dead: New Pledge Level Added


Mantic just opened up an even crazier pledge level for The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter.  Get in on the action and deals while you can!

The Mantic Kickstarter is off to a fantastic start.  It has 2 weeks left and have over $300K in support, so you know it is going to happen. Head on over and check out all the new pledge deals just opened up by Ronnie and gang. The latest deals have some awesome zombie-riffic terrain to really dress up your tabletop, bonus survivors, rules expansions, and even better deals for your hard-earned cash. Tell them BoLS sent ya!


The Walking Dead: All Out War

You can go and download the FREE playtest edition of The Walking Dead!

Go to Mantic Digital now to get your copy.


Take it away Mantic

The second week of The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter is drawing to a close and with two weeks remaining there is a new pledge level to help new players get started with the Walking Dead wargame – check it out now!


The March to War pledge is an easy entry level into The Walking Dead miniatures game. It includes a copy of the starter set giving you everything you need to start playing.

You’ll also receive booster survivors such as Shane, Andrea and Reggie and equipment cards to arm your figures with. Some are seriously hardcore, allowing you to tool up your group as it progresses – just one of the way you can put your own mark on your faction.

Plus there is 3D scenery (with abandoned cars to come!), a Roamer booster that adds 6 more walkers and new gameplay through unique event cards, and Kickstarter exclusives that includes the deadly Michonne!

All in all there’s a 50% saving over retail prices plus Kickstarter exclusive content. We’ve got just 1000 of these available (though if demand is high enough we may open up more later) so if you want one you need to grab it on the Kickstarter now.

Something to Fear (An INSANE Deal for $125)

For those who want to dive in with both feet then Something to Fear is the pledge level for you.Head over to the Kickstarter page to see everything you will get.


It gets you everything in the March to War pledge and for the extra $50 you will get $200 worth of extra miniatures, cards and content, including two complete expansions – The Greene Farm and Atlanta Camp, more Kickstarter exclusives and all of the wave 2 booster miniatures including Tyreese, Glenn and Maggie before the end of the campaign. And that’s not all – we’ll keep adding more to this pledge as Stretch Goals are broken during the campaign.

You can only get during the Kickstarter campaign, so don’t miss out!


the-walking-dead-something to fear

~The Kickstarter closes at midnight GMT 29th February. Pledge now!

  • Xodis


    Can we expect a Carl model with 1 eye as well?

    • euansmith

      Each new expansion adds some more characters for a later chapter of the story; so I’m guessing one handed Rick and one eyed Carl will become available. I, though, both of those are fairly easy conversions to do 😉 (That emoticon is one-eyed Carl smiling… like that is ever going to happen)

    • Elsajroos1

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    • Nogle

      down, the road, yes. The storyline for the kickstarter will go through the end of the Prison/Woodbury conflict. Then Mantic will keep raling new expansions annd boosters through retailers. Its planned to be supported for a long time.

      I`m thinking of getting a second pledge to do conversions, #1 of course if a pin vice to Carls face. also thinking of cutting off dales hat and putting it on andrea. plus there is at least one zombie in riot gear that has been teased use them to convert characters in riot gear.

  • Nogle

    Ive played a couple games using the playtest rules (availiable off of the kickstarter page)

    even did a battle report with a few pictures as a test to figure out how to blog