40K SHOWCASE: Adepticon 2016 Charity Raffle Army

The 2016 Adepticon charity raffle army is ready to roll out to one lucky winner! Take a look at what they will go home with.

Reminder to win the army, one needs to attend Adepticon and purchase raffle tickets.  All proceeds this year are split between two great causes, Disabled American Veterans and W.D. Boyce Council of Illinois.
I am very happy with my decision this year to skip the personal display and focus all of my time and energy in the charity army.  All the fun I usually have this time of year and a little extra goodness in being able to help a good cause.  As I stated in the WIP posts, this will be my ninth year at Adepticon and it was an honor to make an Adepticon themed display for my favorite Con that will be a sort of mascot for this and future charity raffle armies.
Not only that but it allowed me to work more closely with Alex Landing of Ironheart Artisans.  Usually go these things alone, so it was nice to have his input and work in what proved to be a very great team.  The merging of laser design, modelling and painting and working that line of blending them together, making the best of both and better than the sum of each half’s parts was a new and successful effort that was very rewarding.  I see a lot in store in the future for the both of us working together, and this is certainly just the tip of the iceberg in big and over the top displays.  Thank you Alex.
The painting of the army went very smooth, and in keeping with “Adepticon” it is Admech in red.  A brighter red, weathering and character went a long way to make an army full of life. When time is put into the basics, bells and whistles aren’t required and make for a classy and traditional army.
Thank you to everyone involved – Greg Sparks, Hank Edley, the rest of the Adepticon team, Chaos Mail Order, Alex Landing, and Games Workshop themselves for donating the Forge World items.
Now go buy tickets!

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Thanks, and until next time!


Give it up for Brandon! DAMN!  We will have more on this army in the days ahead.

  • wibbling

    Having just built a Thanatar, I can guarantee the leg pistons won’t match up.

    It’s a beautiful kit, but a pain in the nose to build.

    The display is staggering. Truly beautiful. It rather makes you think of building such as a gaming table. With laser cut terrain and not just being able to buy it but to buy the equipment to make it it’s a great time to be a gamer.

    • Making them dynamically posed was pretty hard but lining up the pistons is possible with some hot water nearby and a bit of ingenuity. Couple of rods got lengthened and I had to plan the upper body pose AFTER the lower half was solid so nothing would knock into each other when finally putting it together as a whole.

      Its not an easy kit since the back of the legs have a lot of fiddly parts that just glue together flat surface to flat surface, swinging in the breeze.

      And thank you very much! Love building huge stuff.

  • Great job Brandon !!!

  • TweetleBeetle

    Lovely army!

    I will be at Adepticon picking up some raffle tickets for sure!