Age of Sigmar- Skaven Battletome & Army Box SPOTTED


skaven6 Checkout the new Skaven battletome, and army box,headed for your Age of Sigmar tabletop!

We get another Age of Sigmar Battletome this weekend. This time the nefarious Ratmen return, digging their way into the 8 realms from below.  the Battletome has that new $33 budget pricetag we have seen of late from Age of Sigmar releases.

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battletone-pestilens-1-228x472 battletone-pestilens-2-246x472




And the new Super Starter Army for the Skaven:

virulent horde

The Virulent Horde $175


  • Skaven Screaming Bell
  • Verminlord
  • Skaven Pestilens (20 Plague Monks, Plagueclaw, & Plague Furnace)
  • Plague Censer Bearers
  • Plague Priest w/Censer

Age of Sigmar Skaven Roundup

~What is that gnawing sound I keep hearing…


  • Westdraygon

    Dammit I was hoping they wouldn’t split them up again.

    Oh well, time to wait for clan Skryre.

    • Erik Setzer

      The Chaos GA book at least has a “mega-formation” for Skryre (nothing for other clans, and this explains why). If you’ve got enough redundancy in your Skryre stuff, you can put together an army of mechanical nightmares. (Though most of the sub-formations do require 1-3 units of Stormfiends.)

  • Something on my mind though…Can ya have an army of Pestilens with Nurgle daemons?

    • Dave Scammell

      It’s Age of Sigmar. You can have an army Skaven with Gnoblars and Grail Knights if you want, so yeah go for it! That’ll be proper thematic!

    • Axis Mundi

      I’m currently painting Nurgle daemons for exactly that purpose. As they share the Nurgle keyword, there are some synergies, and the daemons obviously bring some much needed resilience and bravery – very much lacking in the Plague monks!

    • RippedOffFace

      It fits thematically with the grand congregation of Nurgle from the Ghal Maraz book. Nurgle Deamons are a great defensive balance to the aggressive nature of clan pestilens.


      absolutely, would look great and be fitting. im enjoying merging my brettonian and undead into a mousillon themed army right now- as well as wood elves having spiteswarms and haunted wood elements (undead spirit hosts!)

  • wibbling

    These are astonishingly good value. The mortarch model is amazing, but I’m very tempted by the Skaven warmachines.

  • Erik Setzer

    That is not a “Super Starter Army.” It’s 29 models. For SKAVEN. Skaven have always been a horde army. Now it’s all about packaging the biggest models. Your “army” will basically be ignoring the infantry (basically using them to hold people off from getting to the big targets) and just shoving your three big models at the enemy. It just doesn’t feel like Skaven at all.

    The Getting Started box isn’t bad, though, at least as a core. You’ve got 20 Plague Monks, an artillery piece, and a hero-carrying “chariot” that buffs the Monks.

    Then the “super army” only adds five infantry, a character, and a monster? How is that a “super” army? It’s only going from 22 to 29 models, which is insanely small for a Skaven “army.”

    Sure, it’ll present a savings for people who want all the big models at once, but come on, guys, don’t call it a “super army.”

    • standardleft

      Its almost like things change.

      • Erik Setzer

        Well, first of all, 29 models will never be a “super army.”

        Secondly, if they “change” things so that every “army” is a small number of large, expensive models, without a unique feel to certain armies, that would be another unnecessary change to make a bland experience.

        • Axis Mundi

          Actually, that’s 13 points (how appropriate!) of a tournament army, so you are just seven short. It’s similar to the list I’ve been running – just add some a box of Stormvermin, a box of Stormfiends and a warlord and you are done – or just the Nurgle Start Collecting box to stay themed. Skaven are quite a nasty elite army now.

          • Erik Setzer

            Unofficial “points” for a tournament setting. Hmm.

            I stand by Skaven being a “horde” army that should feel like one, not being shifted with everything else to focus on bigger, more expensive models.

          • Axis Mundi

            Oh come on – its a points system developed by the UK tournament scene that’s had more play testing than any GW ever came up with. As GW haven’t released a points system, and clearly have no intention of ever doing so, it’s the best we have – and personally I’m much happier with a balancing system created by people that have a genuine passion for competitive Warhammer.

            I also suspect that if GW do release “competition rules”, they’ll be based on one of these systems – it would be cunning to let the tournament scene develop it for them after all….

    • bobrunnicles

      Since I already own a Vermin Lord model the ‘Getting Started’ box is right up my alley – will definitely be picking that up.

    • Chaoschrist

      We are talking about AoS here, so… 29 models, so the arbitrary number of what consitutes an army does fall flat on it’s face regardless.

      Even 500 models wouldn’t be a horde in AoS if someone brought an equal amount of… oh, I don’t know, Grail knights.

      In a sense I feel that horde armies are defined by a certain pointscost. To fill up 1500 points you need about 200 figures for army X… hence it’s a horde army. Now you can go triple or quadruple digits and still be outclassed by someone who brings more than you.

  • Adam Upson

    AOS players, how is everything shaping up now more armies getting the “official” release.

    Do you find there are issues with the lack of points and finding games?


      personally, not a problem at all with lack of points. but then again im lucky that the vast majority of my local community arent at all competitive gamers so dont need points etc. themed armies and friendly balance(and disbalance, for some scenarios!) have been the way to go for the group im in- sometimes a framework force org is used like the schools comp pack , or the mordhiem aos rules, but mostly we all happily pick up and play here. games in store every day and weekly at the local independent club- and im lucky to have a full table set up, can get daily games here if the stores full for open gaming.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      not at all, it booms in my area. Just finished up a tourney this weekend and another is coming this sunday. And I ran skaven with great success.

    • Axis Mundi

      It’s starting to feel much more “solid” – if we want points, then the tournament systems are easy to use and seem well balanced. But for most pick-up games we’ll just put out what we want to run, and then if we want to we can check it against a points system – I don’t think I’ve ever been out by more than 5 or 10%, which isn’t a big margin.

    • Gunther Clone C

      I play both AoS and 40k, and I actually prefer the lack of points, because it makes set-up that much faster. Trying to hammer out a “cost effective” list always has me second guessing myself, but with AoS I just bring what I want and my opponent does the same until we both reach an agreement of what we think may be fair. It’s really quick.

  • JL

    Might have to pick up some extra square bases.

  • bobrunnicles

    It makes me sad to see the elimination of named characters, though – I see that Lord Skrolk has basically been reduced to ‘Plague Priest w/Censer” 🙁

    • Gunther Clone C

      True, thought he’s not listed in the Grand Alliance book, as long as you have the compendium pdf GW hosts online, you can always use him as Lord Skrolk, that’s what I’m doing. I’m keeping the stat profiles of all the named characters because Deathmaster Snikch is WAY better than the assassin he’s been renamed to now.

  • DeadlyYellow

    Where is there a Screaming Bell listed in that?

    • JL

      The Plague Furnace/Screaming Bell box gives the option to build either model. This could be the case here.

      • Erik Setzer

        Yeah, it’s just the kit tossed in there, so you can build a Screaming Bell instead of Plague Furnace, and similarly a Warp Lightning Cannon instead of Plagueclaw Catapult.

        • DeadlyYellow

          Yes, but they have it listed as an additional model.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Title was misleading. Was hoping for an ALL Skaven battletome…ah well…I’ll pick it up I guess… :-S Clan Eshin Battletome will be rather pathetic…only what…four models/units two of which are in desperate need of a re-sculpt?

  • Dan Wilson

    It’s saying something that the Skaven Pestilens book alone is twice as expensive as the Grand Alliance of Undead… sigh… This one better be rammed full of battlescroll formations.

    • Dan Wilson

      Just seen… four warscrolls… is ok… I guess… depending on what they are…