Bird’s Eye Battle Reports Are Back – Wolves VS Nids!


Our birds eye in the mind of a tournament player video battle reports are BACK! Come see the Space Wolves take on the Tyranids!

The latest Long War battle report is here, and we’re back with our In The Mind of a Tournament Player series featuring Juice and his Tyranids!



You can see all the action!


Never miss a thing with our “Madden Style” commentary


Down the field level to see the close up action!

If you loved those in game shots, checkout all the exciting action in our newest battle report below!

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Are Space Wolves The Real Deal? – Long War Episode 42

  • TweetleBeetle

    Funny that Tyranids won, because the internet would tell you power creep and lists win games. If the internet were EVER right, this result wouldn’t have been possible.

    Before some idiot claims the Wolves player made a lot of mistakes: so did the Tyranids player.

    • Shiwan8

      Any match up can be balanced. The problem manifests itself when people start making cheese lists. So, essentially the problem is there whenever a normal game is played.

    • RauPow

      You are just listening to the wrong sources on the internet. There are plenty of people talking about player skill combined with list building win games. Which is why we consistently see top players getting top results.

      Also, the Nids player outplayed him in the game, controlling the tempo of the game, the engagements, and the board presence. That is why you have a victory for the Nids.

      • OldHat

        Juice has been playing his ‘Nids since…. forever. That definitely counts for a lot. Sure, the internet talks about cheese lists, but a list doesn’t win the game, a player does.