BoLS Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Tyranids 2k

Jurassic Pack Nids

An Ancient Foe Stirs – It’s the Ultramarines vs Tyranids at 2000 – Jurassic Park Style!

It’s a BoLS Battle Report! The Ultramarines face off against the Tyranids in this Jurassic Park Themed Battle at 2000 Points!

If you want to give this game a shot at home or your FLGS give it a try:

Mission: Get to the FENCES!

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Objectives: 5 – placed along the center-line of the Vanguard Deployment (they should be diagonal, at least 12″ away from both sides deployment zones).

Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, First Blood.

Special Rules: Turn the gate On/Off – One side is attempting to activate all the fences, the other wants to turn them off – at the end of a game round, if one side controls an objective, they have flipped the switch to their side. They now “own” the objective. The scoring unit can now move off the objective and it still counts as “owned” by the player. It can be flipped by the opposing player if they can control the objective at end of a game round.

Who ever owns the most objectives by the end of the game wins. In case of a tie check secondary objectives.


It’s a modified version of what we played initially. We talked about it after the fact and we think that this lets players get units back into the action vs having to sit at the sideline hoping for the enemy to come to them. Feel free to add in tactical objectives or make modifications – it’s your game!

We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. And the weak make for mighty tasty Nom-Nom-Noms!

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