DUST Gets New Brand Name at GAMA (Updated)


Paulo Parente has some big news about DUST – back for 2016 with a new name unveiled at GAMA:



Here’s the press release from DUST:

Dust Studio is attending the GAMA trade show 2016, from Monday 14th to Friday 18th, March 2016.

It is the occasion for the Studio to properly introduce our products to the distributors and retailers attending this convention. New products, new books, new accessories will be previewed there for the first time under the brand “Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947”.

This new brand allows Dust Studio to start fresh after a couple rocky years through which the community of gamers and retailers have supported us faithfully, knowing we are thriving to produce the best miniatures along with the most flexible play strategy game available to suit a variety of ages and experiences.

We are excited to see you there !



You can follow all the recent DUST news here:

If you recall, DUST had a partnership several years back with FFG. The company moved onto work with New Zealand based Battlefront, and had a somewhat rocky couple of years.  Now they are reemerging with a new brand name.  We have always been impressed with the characterful miniatures and the “wierd world 2” setting of DUST, perhaps the best incarnation of the genre.  The above pictures give you a good idea of the quality and creativeness of the miniatures themselves – all sold in both primed and fully pre-painted versions.

~What do you think of DUST’s past, present and potential future?

 (Article has been updated)

  • euansmith

    Hopefully this goes better than it did when they teamed up with Battlefront. I’m still waiting for my Wave 3 stuff from the kickstarter.

    • Cergorach

      Stop complaining! I’m still waiting on Wave 2 of the Robotech KS, they are currently 2.25 years late with that. That’s something Ninja Division did with Palladium…

      Ninja has done a LOT of good things since, but there is still stuff that they still haven’t delivered on. Luckily this is not a KS, only a distribution deal…

      Ninja Division + Dust needs to stay away from KS for a long time… At least until all the Waves from all the previous projects have been delivered.

      • Drathmere

        Damn straight!

    • Azhrarn

      Kingdom Death: Monster was approximately 3 years late, but backers are currently getting their stuff (received mine ~10 days ago). 🙂 Very nice though.

      • euansmith

        The DUST/Battlefront thing was different to campaigns that suffer production delays; this was over a contract fight that should have been settled before the campaign began 😀 That Kingdom Death stuff looks very nice.

      • Cergorach

        Erm, no, they are also 2.25 years late (nov 2013 for delivery). And not everything is delivered in this wave. Not to mention all the issues with this wave (missing products, mixed up sprues, etc.). They made beautiful stuff, on a different level then the Robotech and the Dust KS…

  • CMAngelos

    I’ll care when this is more than claims and pretty pictures.

    • euansmith

      I’m trying to get my enthusiasm back 😉 The minis are great and the premium stuff is well painted, but the horrible mess of the Dust Warfare campaign really put me off the entire project.

      • CMAngelos

        Definitely can’t fault you for that. Dust looked great and was drawing my attention as a “to try” game, which for me is saying something. Then it just imploded and I haven’t wanted to go near it. So I’m cautious about it so far.

        • euansmith

          I’ve not seen which rules they are going with this time.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yeah I have been so very confused. As not only was it a board game first, it became a wargame, which then there was two seperate rule sets and the dice mechanic flip flopped as many times as it did owners! This game keeps bouncing around like a hot potato. Many people met the designer and they tell me they do not care for the guy or his practices very much and place most of hte blame on him. Again, not my opinion, just everything i hear. I kinda avoided the game due to so much confusion around it.

          • derekkinsman

            It would have to be new rules. Battlefront is technically considered the rights holders for Warfare (the last set of rules). ND/Dust could in theory license them, or buy the IP outright.

            I believe FFG are the rights holders for the old Tactics rules and they’d be in the same position of buying/licensing from them.

            Going forward I imagine they will use ND to write the rules for this version and ND will probably be the rights holder to the new rules. Otherwise I don’t know why they would make such a big deal about having a new distributor. Really they should just hire someone to write a ruleset for them, then they can control the property quite a bit more. Especially when they leave ND.

          • euansmith

            I hope they include rules for my Ninja All-Stars minis in this new games. They are excellent.

          • derekkinsman

            Maybe they’ll do a cross over with Super Dungeon Explore. Super Dust Explore. 😎

          • euansmith

            That would get my money 😀

          • Ravn

            Paolo Parente owns the Rights and IP for Dust. All FFG and BF have been where distributors. They did not own any rights to the IP or rules at all. Paolo split from FFG because he saw the game was growing and they split on good mutual terms. but for BF, that was just very bad blood and won’t go into that issue. I have high hope for the future of Dust and can’t wait to play the new 3.0

          • derekkinsman

            BF were quite a bit more than distributors. They wrote the rule set, did all the layout production, and handled all the marketing. That’s different from what a distributor does.

            I didn’t say anyone owned the rights to Dust. I was under the impression that the rule set was created by BF and owned by BF. And I bring that up because at one point there were rumours that Dust was going to a different production shop and was planning on taking all the work that BF did. BF even wrote a massive open letter about it.

            That’s why I mention it. I’m not taking sides between the fight. I don’t care about it. I don’t play games or buy product from the companies involved.

          • Roskov

            I think your a little lost. It’s normal with all the changes but you got it all wrong. FFG was the right holder of Warfare and Dust Studios the right holder of Dust Tactics v1. When FFG/Dust studios end their
            relationship. FFG give Warfare right back to Dust Studios who give it to Gregory Withrow. Dust
            Battlefield/Tactics V.2 is a common creation of Dust and Battlefront.
            Battlefront was publishing the rules under license of Dust Studios. From what we learn the final deal between BF/DS give back all right to Dust Studios For Tactics/Battlefield v.2. They decide to create a new set of rules Dust 1947 and 1947 (3D) to replace Battlefield and Tactics V.2.

          • derekkinsman

            Yeah that’s what I meant. I knew the split from FFG was friendly and that the split from BF was not. I was also aware of the fact that Battlefront is credited as the creators of that rule set. I was unaware that it was under license to Dust Studios.

            Btw, I’m not on any sides. I don’t play Dust or Flames of War. I was under the impression that BF owned the rules and that Dust owned the fluff.

          • Manwiththedogs

            From the way he handled the Battlefront debacle he struck me as incredibly unprofessional.

          • Kynewulf MacGowan

            I’ll try to shed a bit of light in order to dispel some of
            that confusion.

            Dust Tactics was (and still is) a board game. However, while Dust Studios (hereafter,
            “DS”) was still with Fantasy Flight Games (hereafter, “FFG”), a wargame using
            the same miniatures (Dust Warfare) was released. However, from what I’ve read,
            the Dust Tactics creators weren’t overly happy with Dust Warfare because it was
            an entirely separate game using different rules and different game stats than
            Dust Tactics—making it difficult for players to easily transition back and
            forth between the two.

            When DS parted ways with FFG and joined with Battlefront (hereafter, “BF”), a
            newer, arguably more complex, revision (that uses different dice) of the Dust
            Tactics rules was released. To address the perceived failings of Dust Warfare,
            these new rules included a wargame rules expansion (called Dust Battlefield)
            that used the Dust Tactics rules as a basis, and adjusted it to be a full
            wargame. This allowed DS to effectively abandon Dust Warfare (actually, they
            gave a 3rd party a license to update it and sustain it, given that it was
            popular with some of the Dust fanbase), and support Dust Battlefield that was
            much closer to what they had originally intended.

            With DS parting ways with BF, a new version of the Dust
            Tactics rules will be released next month (rebranded under the name “Dust 1947”).
            The new rules (which can be previewed in the newer starter sets) seems to be an
            upgraded version of the ruleset released under BF. It seems that the “Dust
            Battlefield” nomenclature is going the way of the dodo, but the rules will still
            contain the Battlefield-style wargame rules (which are pretty popular).

          • Kynewulf MacGowan

            The new rules can be previewed in the new starter sets (and also downloaded from dustgame.com). They look to be a slight modification of the existing rules that were released through BF.

          • euansmith

            Thanks. I’ll check them out. It is just a bit galling having a nice new shiny rulebook for DUST Battlefield that is going to waste because of a lack of communication between the principles in a business deal. First World Problems, eh?

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        its always been so damned expensive in the UK too compared to the US pricing. Killed it before it could really get any following

      • Dave

        And Miniature Mart was selling off their stock soooooo cheap. I love the look of those walkers, tey were like 5$ – 10$ toward the end.

        • euansmith

          I bought about a city blocks worth of tenements plus a couple of packs of Nissen Huts for around $100 – unfortunately import duty to the UK just about doubled that 😀 Still it was a bargain.

    • Kynewulf MacGowan

      Dust Studious have been releasing new product at a steady clip since they severed ties with Battleforce—in fact, many of the products pictured above have already been released.

  • skamage

    Great article. Just needs one correction, all the models aren’t sold in primed versions. For example, the bottom picture is of Red Star and Red Ace which are only sold in premium. I wish they sold it in a primed version because I will not pay the extra for someone else to paint my miniatures.

  • Desmond Burke

    I traded my DUST collection for a 10 foot pole.

  • Max Knickerbocker

    I have HUGE armies for every faction in the Dust game. It plays easy is fun and bloody as anything I have ever played. Glad that Paolo and team are alive and well.

  • Spiderpope

    Lets see how they can rip this distributor off.

  • Michael Zabkar

    Ninja Division is not a distributor.

    Dust Studios clarified that they were only sharing booth space, nothing more.

  • Manwiththedogs

    I love Dust minis, was almost about to grab some until the whole Battlefront thing went down. Totally soured my opinion of Dust studios. Won’t touch their stuff now. Don’t trust ’em.
    Paolo Parente seems full of himself, now confirmed by including his name in the title of the game.

  • There was a misunderstanding based on language used in the initial press release – which stated “Dust Studio is attending the GAMA trade show 2016 with our fantastic partners, Ninja Division…”

    BoLS staff all read “partner” in a business sense. It was meant to indicate that the two companies are sharing a booth at GAMA. The post has been updated to reflect the clarification.

    • V10_Rob

      I’m sure Ninja Division backhanded them behind the curtains and told them in no uncertain terms to not even think about trying to hang any kind of implied legal responsibility on them.

    • Spiderpope

      And apparently why you decides to censor the comments section. Just when you think BolS cant sink any lower with their standards.

  • OldHat

    Avoid at all costs. I was an avid supporter of Warfare, but I will say, after months of getting burned by BF and Paolo, followed by the Kickstarter fiasco (still unresolved!), plus the abandonment of Warfare pretty much wholesale (a fan? No thanks), I would say you are better putting your money just about anywhere else.

    • Kynewulf MacGowan

      Actually, the Kickstarter fiasco has been resolved (since december), the shipments should all be fulfilled by the end of Spring.

      Given that Warfare has been licensed out, it’s not abandoned wholesale. Also, why are you prejudiced about the licensee being a fan? Judge the quality of the new Warfare stuff on its own merits.

      • OldHat

        A fan making rules is bad for players. It allows bias to seep in and honestly, without real backing, why play it? Official support counts for a lot with games and lacking that security of a company investing in the rules you play makes me wary. Plus, I was in on Warfare from the day it released and watched the community turn toxic, Warfare get shunned by Paolo, and the franchise crumble under mismanagement. So yea, avoid the game.

        Also, judging by how many people posted about having yet to get their stuff elsewhere, I would say the debacle has not been resolved. Even if it had, it was a travesty and helped really undermine faith in the franchise.

  • Nuno Castilho

    Paolo Parente’s DUST 1947?! Yeah, that should do it… please…