Embrace Your Dark Side: Pathfinder – Wrath of Thune Imminent


Paizo’s next chapter in the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Pack is only days away… Sometimes it’s good to be BAD!

In this 6 part series players take the roles of evil characters in the diabolical empire of Cheliax! Part 2 is only days away:

Pathfinder Adventure Path #104: Wrath of Thrune

$24.99 Print Edition

$17.99 PDF (March 30th)


Hell Hath Fury

The knightly order known as the Glorious Reclamation continues its crusade against diabolic Cheliax, conquering the town of Kantaria, where the goddess Iomedae once ruled as a mortal. The villainous adventurers, now official agents of House Thrune, must retake the town, depriving the knights of a valuable holy site. Can the evil characters earn greater infamy and prestige by dealing the Glorious Reclamation a serious defeat in their most substantial territorial gain so far, or will the knights’ rebellion continue unchecked across Cheliax?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path and includes:

  • “Wrath of Thrune,” a Pathfinder adventure for 4th-level characters, by Thurston Hillman.
  • A gazetteer of Kantaria, the first Chelish town conquered by the Glorious Reclamation and sacred site to the faith of Iomedae, by Thurston Hillman.
  • A look at the history and inner workings of Cheliax’s most powerful noble family, the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, by Linda Zayas-Palmer.
  • Devious whispers and dire threats in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by Josh Vogt.
  • A bestiary of dangerous and exciting new monsters, by Thurston Hillman, Jason Keeley, and Kalervo Oikarinen.

Wrath of Thune is part 2 in the six part “Hell’s Vengeance” series coming in the first half of 2016.

Grab your party and get (evil) adventuring!


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