Geekery: X-Men – Apocalypse New Trailer and Revelations

xmen apoc posters

Get a full look at the new cast and some fun easter eggs buried in the new trailer!

Director Brian Singer has given himself a lot of freedom with this, his last X-Men movie. He’s taking chances, and expanding battlefields from stadiums to ones that require nuclear rockets to handle. This movie may have the largest mutant battles on screen to date! Let’s take a look…

Thanks to Days of Future Past changing the timeline a lot is up in the air – only a handful of characters are safe in terms of making it out alive, and based on the trailer it looks like Xavier’s school isn’t one of them.

That opening line… we’ve heard that somewhere before, haven’t we?

A few questions, ideas, and mentions:

• Are we getting Celestials?

• What’s going on with the reluctance/fear from Magneto?

• I approve of Quicksilver’s t-shirt choices. Nicely done.

• New Blackbird!

• Are those spiffy X-Men uniforms I spy?

I’ve wanted to see this one since the first trailer dropped – mainly due to Singer’s involvement and the cast that has stayed on since First Class. I’m sold.

I know some folks had reservations with Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Apocalypse. I get that the design isn’t perfect without the jaw and lip outline, and he’s a bit on the slight side of builds. That said not everything that works on the page works on the screen. Thor doesn’t wear a silver helmet; Wolverine doesn’t wear yellow and black spandex; Jessica Jones made a joke of her costume last season; and I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing Mike Colter wearing the original rendition of Power Man’s outfit this fall on Netflix…


You can’t get everything you want, but you can get a good deal. Isaac can definitely handle this evil face…



Any opinions changed with this new trailer? 

  • JP

    GASP. Psylock in her actual costume?! First Deadpool, now another. Progress! Well, actually Magneto too is pretty close.

  • Chris. K Cook

    Punisher wasn’t in his original derpy costume either.

  • Shawn

    I would have preferred the actual x-men take on Apocolypse, I don’t care for Mystique and I don’t care for the actress, who portrays her. Mystique has never been an X-men, unless Marvel has gone Looney Tunes again, and recently made her a member. Bryan singer just chose a bunch of characters he likes and ripped them out of their own stories just so he could use them. Jubiliee has no place in the movie, nor does psylock. Storm was never one of Apoclyspes’ Horsemen, but Wolverine was. I understand the directors and movie producers never follow the comics, all of them believing they can tell a better story, but I think Singer did too much. I think Days of Future Past, was one of the better movies in the series, and First Class was great except for Mystique. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Taikishi

      Storm is one of the Horsemen in both What If Legion Had
      Killed Xavier And Magneto? and the
      animated series X-Men: Evolution.

      Psylocke was one of
      the Horsemen in their fourth incarnation, transformed by Archangel through the
      Death Seed to become the Horseman of Death.

      Mystique was a probationary
      member of the X-Men back in 2005, after M-Day, before betraying them.

      • Shawn

        Thanks for filling me in. I never saw that What If and I didn’t watch X-Men Evolution. The cartoons have a tendenc to mishmash or ignore comic cannon as well. And What If can be taken as a peek into an alternate dimension, so there is a precedent for Storm as a Horseman at least.

        I haven’t bought any comics in like forever. My other hobbies have taken over, and I’m kind of tired of the summer event “That Will Change the Marvel Universe Forever.” And other issues with Marvel’s writing at the moment.

  • Beyond Boredom

    Does Jubilee get killed off early? She’s barely in this trailer.

    • Wondering if they’re doing that because she’s not a familiar face to the non comic book reading masses – and she’s not a villain. It’s kinda like the blip of Black Panther we get in the Civil War trailer vs the big deal they made of Spiderman being in it.

      Or… you’re right, and she’s dying after saying 2 lines.

      There will be at least one more trailer before the release in late May. We might see some more in that one.