Khorne, Space Orks, Privateer, & RPG Weekend News



Catch up with a whole lot of industry info that broke this weekend on the Lost Patrol, Orks in Space, Khorne & more.




AoS: Grand Alliance Warscrolls – The Free Peoples

We get early word on exactly how Grand Alliance: Order factions consist of.  Which Free Peoples survived the End Times and made it into the Age of Sigmar?


Battfleet Gothic ARMADA: Meet the Ork Fleet

You’ve GOT TO SEE the new Ork Fleet that is coming to Bettlefleet Gothic Armada. Trust us! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!!!


GW: New Releases 3-26-2016 “Pricing & Links”

Catch up with all of GW’s weekly releases. Khorne approves!


GW: New Releases 3-26-2016 “First Looks”

Lost Patrol got put up by GW for pre-order 2 months early! Hop to it.


Lock & Load 2016 Registration, Open this Week

Lock & Load Registration Opens this week – Get ready.


D&D: Dice, Camera, Action! with Chris Perkins

Chris Perkins invites you to play through Curse of Strahd


40K Lore: Fate of the Primarchs

Say – what ever did happen to all the Primarchs?

~That should get you through your coffee break. Happy Monday!


  • Chris. K Cook

    In case you missed the frontpage you clicked through to this on?

  • DeadlyYellow

    I keep forgetting that all recent Battlefleet Gothic news is about a video game, and get soured every time I’m reminded of it.