Kickstarter: Polyversal: Near Future Combat In 6mm!


Collins Epic Wargames has partnered with several miniature manufacturers to bring Polyversal to Kickstarter.

Hopefully you 6mm wargamers didn’t blow all your money on the recent Age of Tyrants Kickstarter, because Collins Epic Wargames is looking to crowdfund the Polyversal mass combat game system. And even if you are broke then you still have plenty of time because this campaign will be going on until the end of March. Unlike many miniature games that come to Kickstarter, this campaign actually isn’t about making minis; Polyversal is merely a game system. To emphasis this, Collins Epic Wargames has partnered with Hawk Wargames, Dark Realms Miniatures, Brigade Models, Microworld Games, Plasmablast Games, and The Phalanx Consortium as examples of companies that create suitable 6mm miniatures for this near-future sci-fi mass combat game.

Polyversal’s mechanics are based around hexagonal tiles that double as both stat cards and a chain of command system. You’ll create battlegroups under the command of one unit by arranging your hexagonal tiles around their commander’s tile. Once you learn the game’s basics then all you’ll really need are these tiles, since pretty much all relevant data is printed on them. Dice rolls are handled with a single roll of three polyhedral dice, with this one roll determining hits, saves, and damage. Collins also promises an extensive unit creation system that allows you to make your own stat tiles if you want to include specific 6mm miniatures from your collection. If you want to test the current rules then you can find some print-and-play files on the Kickstarter page.


A copy of the rulebook will cost you $35, which is all you’ll need if you have existing 6mm collections from games like Dropzone Commander. If you are still a newbie to the 6mm sci-fi world, there is a $125 boxed set that includes a ton of miniatures from Collins’ partners in addition to the rulebook. There’s some nice futuristic buildings on offer too if you want to add some more terrain to your 6mm urban battlefields.

Polyversal Kickstarter

Polyversal3 PolyversalTerrain

Anyone here play any 6mm wargames? Do you plan on grabbing Polyversal?

  • ZeeLobby

    I’m just not sure why anyone would play something like this that’s not dropzone commander. I mean maybe a re-release of epic, but I feel like an already small niche of the market is already filled.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Rarg why do people play games I don’t like?

      • ZeeLobby

        I don’t play either. But it’s just business. The few 8mm games I’ve seen have been either old school epic or DZC. It’s an extremely niche market to begin with, I’m just not sure why someone would think it’s a smart market to enter.

        • Cergorach

          It wouldn’t be a bad idea if the price was right, making this KS just about a rulebook/countersheet would be a completely different animal. Adding minis from half a dozen different manufacturers doesn’t help either. If this had original minis in plastic for example, it would be a whole different proposition.

          But even a pdf of the rules is priced at $20-$25, for that price you buy the Gruntz rulebook in pdf AND printed in color (POD). And it’s not kickstarted…

          I don’t see this succeeding…

    • georgelabour

      Battletech is also 6mm.

      • ZeeLobby

        Ahm true. See! I wonder how much market segment is left for futuristic 6mm. Honestly a fantasy option would be cool.

        • georgelabour

          It’s surprisingly diverse in a manner similar to historical wargaming.

          A lot of people just aren’t aware of it because it’s also advertised through word of mouth in the same way as a lot of pre-20th century historical wargaming is.

          For example those Dark Horizon minis shown in this article have been around for over a decade and have been used as proxy Epic40k miniatures and Battletech stand ins for a long time.

          • Cergorach

            Sure, there are a ton of 6mm manufacturers, but the pie for 6mm gaming isn’t getting any bigger, it’s getting smaller due to popularity of 10-12mm gaming with Dropzone Commander, Planetfall and even CAV (Bones KS)…

            A lot of 6mm is aimed at either Epic 40k (and all it’s versions) or Battletech, there are some more generic 6mm sci-fi games and some setting specific ones that are quite dead (like RL Centurion)…

  • The factions are weird, being from a couple of different manufacturers has them lacking an overall cohesive style.
    I’m not sure about that.

    • euansmith

      I guess you could explain it away by saying that both forces employ more than one corporation to make their equipment.

      • True. It’s maybe just a bit unfamiliar.
        Thinking of it, BattleTech armies usually are very … colorful in their designs as well.

  • petrow84

    Time to reinstall Total Annihilation.