Kickstarter: World of Twilight Returns With The Casanii Tribes


The World of Twilight is adding a new faction to its ranks. Come check out the warriors and beasts of the Casanii!

I’ve always admired the creative 30mm miniatures in the World of Twilight skirmish game. In many ways they remind me of something you’d see in a Jim Henson movie, and don’t look quite like anything else on the market. The game has been to Kickstarter in the past to fund new factions, and now it’s back with a mini-campaign to help produce the Casanii tribes.

These tribes of skilled and agile hunters live to the south of the other major players in the Twilight world of Anyaral. The faction was hinted at in the last Kickstarter, but at the time the designer of Twilight didn’t have the capacity to properly create the wide range of beasts the faction uses as hunting companions and mounts. Now that the team has more experience with large, resin models, they are better equipped to bring the Casanii’s creatures to life.


The $50/£35 pledge gets you the brand new Casanii starter, comprised on four warriors, a scout, a chief, and two erillai riders. The $100/ £70 pledge is perfect for newcomers to the game, and includes the Casanii starter, a Devanu starter to fight against, the rulebook, a printed copy of the Casanii Traveller lore book, and all the combat stones, dice, and counters required to play.

World of Twilight Casanii Kickstarter



Any Twilight players around here? What do you newcomers think of the game’s miniatures?

  • Seb

    Long been a fan of the World of Anyaral so I am biased; mainly because they completely do away with basic fantasy themes with unique factions, creatures and combat stone system. Seriously check it out, the Twilight team have been cranking out great miniatures of late and the previous kickstarter injected capital to expand rulebooks, art and more.

  • Denoobie

    What the hell is this this horseshi……..oh, never mind, for a minute there I thought some lunatic had taken the Team Edward/Team Jacob conflict and made it into a wargame. As you were.