Review – Awaken Realms Terrain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe the chance to get my hands on some of Awaken Realm’s gaming terrain from their current Kickstarter – let’s have a look!

So far Awaken Realms was known for their The Edge range, blending Fantasy and mechanical elements into a unique mix. Recently, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for gaming terrain. This includes mainly smaller pieces like portals, totems and barricades.

My review material arrived in this beautiful and stylish metal box:


Inside were five pieces, all packed seperately in bubble wrap. The casting quality is top-notch, with very little flash and only minimal bubbles on the undersides where they don’t matter at all. The material is a bit on the softer side, which I prefer for terrain because it makes it more resilient.

The first one is the Tesla Steampunk objective marker, showing some pretty neat lightning effects:

Also from the Tesla Steampunk range is the Barricades Tower:

The other three pieces are from the Demonic Wastelands range. First, the very impressive Portal with creepy hands coming through:

Next, another Barricades Tower:
I really like the way the flames are sculpted on this range!

Last, but not least, the Demonic Wastelands Objective Marker:

So how big are these pieces? I took the smallest and largest one and put them next to a ruler:

And to better demonstrate the size, I took pictures of the same pieces with a Perry Miniature WW2 soldier, an Anvil Industry UC Marine and an Arena Rex Gladiator:

I am very pleased with these products. They have great character and will be a great addition to your battlefield and the styles suit a lot of games. The sets offered on Kickstarter are an excellent deal and will give you a decent amount of scatter terrain.

Beside the two styles presented here, there are now also three additional sets, Blood and Bones, Floating Crystals and SciFi.

If you are interested in this range you can visit their Kickstarter campaign or the Awaken Realms homepage to learn more!

  • Firemind


  • Mike Holmberg

    Normally a fan of their stuff and while I like the concepts of the terrain the sculpting looks very ammature in certain areas such as the fire and the portal itself.

    • Shawn Pero


      • Benderisgreat

        You know, the opposite of “mature”. Like how amoral is the opposite of moral?

    • Benderisgreat


  • Satyan Patel

    It would be nice if BOLS would throw a contest and give these away. I didn’t know the company even existed.