SHOWCASE: 29 Imperial Knights – Alternate House Terryn


The last set of three in this coverage of 29 Imperial Knights. House Terryn strides to battle!


Last but not least, three more Knights to bookend these 8 articles with House Terryn.  For this set the client and I agreed to try something different with the heraldry.  The rich white when repainted looks great over the blue.  So we went for a more eagle heavy heraldry as he also plays Ultramarines.

That wraps up this series on 29 Imperial Knights.  It was a wild ride painting and assembling all of them, and a little bit bittersweet it is over.  No rest for the wicked, off to the next project!

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– Enjoy, and see you next time for more!

mc4 mc5 mc2 mc7 mc8 mc11 mc12 mc15
mc17 mc21 mc22 mc23 mc24 mc26 mc28

Give it up for Brnadon!  Amazing work and dedication there.  Just thinking about painting 29 Knights makes me tired…

  • Shawn

    Fantastic paint job on all those knights!