SHOWCASE: 40K Adepticon Charity Army – Iron Giants


It’s Thanatar time!  I love these models so much, had to give them their own post.

Big surface area for fun paint, surprisingly posable, and a look that makes me unsure if I want to hug them or run from them.. Nah I would just run.  Fast.


A big thanks to Games Workshop themselves for donating these and the other Forge World items to the raffle!  They really add to the army and were a pleasure to paint up along with the rest of the force.

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Thanks, and until next time!






  • TweetleBeetle

    Totally entering the raffle for this.

    And because I like giving to charity, but you know… an AdMech army!!!

  • Richard McKey

    Brandon, the army is stunning, very excited to see it at Adepitcon! You outdid yourself, it is fantastic.
    SHAMELESS PLUG: The charity army also comes with this awesome portrait of the Dominus, painted by Eagle Ordinary’s illustrator, Sarah Kaiser. Gaudy frame highly recommended.

    • Yeah thanks for posting that! Going to look great next to the display.

  • Liberame

    I found Waldo in the first picture

    • BT

      Yeah, the blue leg really sticks out. Still, I didn’t see it till you pointed it out. To bad you can’t see him better.

    • Shiwan8

      This might be the best thing 40k/30k has given to the community this year.

      • Waldo is my “for scale” model since everything I make is so big, sort of like a mascot.

        People eventually figure out hes in most everything and have fun looking for him. Sometimes its obvious (when for scale) sometimes its not 🙂

        • Shiwan8

          What ever makes the hobby fun… 🙂

    • : )