Tabletop Spotlight: Nexus of Power

Nexus of Power

The Tabletop Spotlight returns with the latest for Star Wars Force & Destiny: Nexus of Power!

Hey again BoLS Readers! Michael from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy stopped by and brought the new Force & Destiny Book Nexus of Power for the Star Wars RPG. We got a chance to sit down and chat – this book is a must buy for any aspiring Jedi’s out there:

This book from Fantasy Flight Games is pack with all sorts of background for the Force Users in the galaxy. There are over 60 pages of background about different planets that you could call “Force Focal Points” through out Star Wars Universe. Some of these planets you might have heard of (like Dagobah or Coruscant) – others are a bit more mysterious like Mortis. But that’s not the only thing this book is offering. There are new playable races like the Gungans & More. Plus a ton of new gear and vehicles to spice up your Force & Destiny game.

For Game Masters there are also a handful for modular adventures you can use how you see fit. Maybe you just want to run a one-shot based on Lothal or have a quick encounter with the Force. Or maybe you want to interweave some of these one-shots into something larger. This book has a tool box full of goodies to play with and is an excellent addition to your gaming library. So go check it out: Star Wars Force & Destiny: Nexus of Power – In stores NOW!


Nexus of Power $39.95


At certain places throughout the galaxy, known as vergences, the Force is extraordinarily strong. The most renowned Jedi temples rest atop these sites. Many have been quarantined by the Empire in their quest to suppress all knowledge about the Force. Some planets are also unusually strong with the Force, such as Ilum, Dagobah, and legendary Ossus. Such planets were once centers of Jedi learning and mysticism. Now, they may conceal Force sensitive exiles, ruined temples, or caches of precious and powerful artifacts.

Nexus of Power2

Nexus of Power, a supplement for the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, opens up for your exploration numerous vergences, Jedi temples, and worlds strong with the Force. Within its 144 pages, players and Game Masters will find in-depth descriptions of iconic locations such as the Jedi temple on Coruscant, the Outer Rim planet of Lothal, and the mysterious, dreamlike world of Mortis. Nexus of Power also introduces four new playable species, along with vehicles and gear specially suited to Force users, and features eight modular encounters which can be played as single-session adventures or used as launching points for full campaigns.


Yep…Definitely going to be a Gungan Genocide. I can feel it in the Force already.

  • Tim Kennedy

    A gungan force user… thats a plan for a light hearted run through if i ever heard one