Warhammer: Total War – Dwarf Gameplay & the Book of Grudges!


Who’s always wanted to see the “Great Book of Grudges”? That’s right come see the latest from Total War: Warhammer!

Creative Assembly – the minds behind Total War – have put together demo video of the Dwarf campaign. Welcome to Dammoz Kron!

via Total War Youtube

Al Bickham talks us through this video, which provides a brief, work-in-progress look at a campaign played as the industrious but quarrelsome Dwarfs. The Campaign Walkthrough also includes a first look at the Dammaz Kron, or Great Book of Grudges, a brand new feature for Total War and one that is totally unique to these short but altogether vengeful warriors.


book of grudges

Yup, that’s the Great Book of Grudges right there!


And that campaign mode is gorgeous!

I LOVE the Book of Grudges.  If you lose to anyone, they get entered and you gain rewards when you settle the score – NICE! 

  • mikemc2

    This game looks incredible, I’m afraid to even look at the system requirements…

    • Haha you and me both

    • LordRao

      I saw them, and died a little inside…

    • eldarconvert .

      if your system will run Rome 2 then it should run this.

  • Mike Tbone Green

    do we have to buy them as well

  • benn grimm

    Looks awesome, can’t wait 🙂

  • DJ860

    Looks incredible, something to finally force me to install Windows on my Mac. Just a shame that Fantasy has been canned as I feel a little distant to the fluff. (I’m sure reading a book will help)

  • Hedwerx

    If it’s anything like Empire and M2TW I’ll wait a year or so for the bugs to get fixed and the modders to fix any other issues.

    • eldarconvert .

      Modding will be a little bit more difficult on this one as CA are not actively supporting mod’ers so there will be no mod workshop on this version.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        modders always find ways. The nature of PC gaming!

  • zeek203

    Very cool!